The Biggest Update Ever

Clickbait-y title, right? Please do me a favor and read this.

Right now it’s coming on 6am. That’ll mean I’ve been awake for 22 hours. If my blog seems at all jumbled or weird, that’s why. The good news is, Chapter 18 is finished! I’m definitely happy with this. I know I should be selling my work and all, but truth be told, I felt like with the last few chapters, even though I was happy with them as individual chapters, the story itself was on life support. Chapter 18 gives the story the jolt of life it needs for me to finish the story. Imagine that – come April, the first story I ever did will be done. It only took me three frigging years. There are some parts that were decidedly hard to write emotionally and hopefully that came across in that way. I’ll be uploading the chapter right after this blog post and then a week later, I’ll upload it to my other outlets.

Just as importantly, the Patreon I’ve been talking about forever just launched. At the mere mention of a Patreon, a few of you are cocking your eyebrows in doubt, given I just delivered a chapter 4 whole days late. How can you trust me with a Patreon?

Don’t worry. This won’t be a monthly billing where I don’t deliver – instead, you get billed every ‘productive month.’ This means that every month I don’t deliver, you don’t get billed for your pledge. And even more awesomely, you still get the perks! Hopefully I’ll keep to the monthly schedule, which’ll mean more content for you, and the perks are pretty neato if I do say so myself.

Check out the Patreon here:

Good news: None of the perks include secret stories or access to stories before others. My stories were never meant to exist behind a paywall. They’re still free for all of you. This might give you incentive not to support me but number one, like I said, the perks are neato, and number two… There’s no real way to say this without guilt tripping, but writing 10, 000 words a month is very difficult, especially since I’m forcing myself when it used to be ‘when I feel like it.’ Knowing I’m making a living (or at least making money) from my work would be great incentive and could help me churn out more content and better content, especially if I don’t have to worry where I’m getting my next paycheck. It’s not a requirement for my fans to support me, but if they do, please know that you will be what makes my stories possible. I hate to say this but I can’t see myself being efficient at writing erotica if I’m doing it for the sheer joy of doing it. Joy doesn’t pay bills and it doesn’t guarantee I won’t struggle later in life, as much as I wish it did. That’s ultimately why I agreed to start this Patreon – I hope it can take my passion for writing and turn it into something so I don’t have to work minimum wage jobs until the end of my days. That would be nice.

So yeah, chapter 18 is here, as is the Patreon. Over the course of this month I’ll be making a few small changes to the website as well, hopefully making it more enjoyable for you all. Feel free to let me know here or on Twitter or via email what you thought of Chapter 18, I always like hearing from you all. And if you want to and more importantly if you can spare the money, please think about becoming a patron. It would help things a lot. If you can’t, though, that’s most okay. I still appreciate you for sticking around and enjoying my works. You all are the best.

3 thoughts on “The Biggest Update Ever

  1. AAAAH! Fuck that fucker right up the ass! T.T fucking roller coaster man. Damn. Amazing chapter. Really really wanting Adam to lose it on that asshole 😀

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    1. Hats off for commenting on the chapter and simultaneously not spoiling anything for any readers who haven’t read it yet, good move.


  2. In my opinion, when Nicole…never mind.

    Great read. Adam is going to have so many people pissed at him. The fireworks are being loaded into the launching tubes as we speak.

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