[New Piece Posted!] A Critique of Fantasy


So, surprise, I finished a new piece this week. Almost 30,000 words. You can find it under Short Stories, it’s called ‘Teacher’s Threat.’ As always with the blog post after a new piece, there are spoilers ahead, so if you want to read it and haven’t yet, I recommend you do so before reading this blog.

This piece was… difficult to rationalize making. I could picture it so vividly in my mind, but its subject matter made it difficult to be okay with writing. It’s the story of a girl who falls for her teacher, and their sexual adventures. There’s a power dynamic. There’s an age dynamic. If these events were to happen in the real world, the teacher would be thrown in jail. It’s kind of funny – I wrote this story myself, and yet, I wouldn’t have a problem with someone actually having done these things being put in jail. Neither would most, if not all, of the people who read and enjoy this story.

I guess this isn’t all that crazy in theory – it’s not like every murder mystery writer would kill someone if given the chance. However, in a sex story, the sex scenes are something to be desired – the reader is meant to wish and want for that same scenario to happen to them, or even reminisce about similar situations happening to them. It’s a huge reason why I’m so cautious about rape stories, and make no mistake, statutory rape is a real crime that should not be done. So why did I write about it?

On some level I have no freaking clue. My imagination came up with a story, I jotted it down, the world keeps on spinning. On another level, I think I like writing about these kinds of stories because people will always write them and they’ll write them poorly, making the situations look totally okay and yet also imply this is how the real world operates. It is not only bad storytelling but also dangerous to do that. I can excuse bad writing, although bad understanding of sex should be a hurdle if you write about… sex, just a thought… but writing a story about a minor getting it on with their teacher should be written, no matter the outcome, as both a cautionary tale and also noticeably removed from reality.

Also, since I brought it up, let’s give a quick run-down of bad sex tropes I see too often in sex stories, ones that don’t really help the fantasy…

1. Hymens are not a wall inside the vagina that break upon something entering it for the first time. It’s a membrane which partially covers a vagina’s opening. Even with well-endowed men it’s possible to have sex with someone who has a hymen and it doesn’t break (which is both covered in better sex ed curriculae and something I personally can attest to). More often than not, hymens break due to forcefulness than an “every time” situation. There are types of hymens like the ‘imperforate hymen’ which does cover the whole vagina but 1. erotica writers don’t write going “Aha! She has an imperforate hymen!” They just don’t know how hymens work, and 2. This causes complications with women when periods begin and they usually have to get surgery if their hymens are like this. If hymens sealed a vagina, where do you think their period blood goes? Speaking of which…

2. Periods last for about 5 days in an average ~28 day cycle. If your period happens more often than 21 days or less often than 35 days, your period is irregular. Also, this ranges from person to person, but there are points in a cycle when cis women want to fuck more, and want to fuck less. If your story features a woman who fucks every day for more than a month in a row, and doesn’t mention her period, she’s either already pregnant or the author has never taken a sex ed class in their life. 

3. A new favorite of mine – load sizes. The average male shoots out about 5-10ml when they ejaculate. When a sex story talks about an Adonis alpha male protagonist shooting out “enough to fill a whole coke can” in their load, it reads like a guy having an 18 inch penis – either clearly exaggerating or in a childlike mindset of ‘bigger = hotter.’ Also, fun fact, the bigger the load size beyond 10ml, the more likely the man has something wrong with his reproductive system and he likely can’t impregnate a woman. As well, having sex more often than once a day severely lessens the likelihood of impregnation. So, yeah, that story of the alpha male having sex with multiple women a day, shooting massive loads and impregnating all of them? It may as well come with dragons and vampires because it’s not a story about the real world.

Okay, I’m done preaching. Anyway, fantasy stories can be good for getting out of our heads and enjoying a world that isn’t ours, because we ultimately read to escape the reality of our existences. It can also be fun to write stories with fantasy components realistically because then we can imagine those stories being our reality and what that would mean for us. The downside is, sometimes we can forget that these stories don’t represent our reality.

I think I’ve mentioned in these blogs before that I started reading sex stories when I was very young and it definitely warped my view of sex, consent, and how people thought sexually for a long time. If it wasn’t for the people I grew up with and frankly, the mistakes I made along the way opening my eyes, I could have been a much different person and I could have done some real damage to people. Fantasies are good, but not when they overwrite reality. Sometimes that’s not even the writer’s fault, but when handling subject matter like, for instance, a story where a teacher and their minor student have sex, caution must be taken whether a fallout could be attributed to the writer or the reader.

So, for that reason, I attached the following disclaimer to the end of this story as well as any current/future stories that deal with this age gap:

This story contained a relationship between an adult and a minor. It can be fun to fantasize about different dynamics but that’s all this should remain – a fantasy. In the real world events like these can ruin someone, psychologically or in other ways, for the rest of their life. Understand that we write these stories to consciously deny the ramifications of the real world and we in no way endorse or want these events happening in anything other than fantasies. This notice is not here for legal reasons or anything other than my own desire to say it. Don’t ruin someone’s life just because of a fetish you found hot on a sex story website.

As mentioned, I’m not doing this to cover my own ass legally, I’m doing this because I believe it’s what erotica writers as a whole must do. I do not want someone to read my stories and think it’s okay to sexually harass a child because according to them, in their reality, the children are all horny and want it from anyone all the time. Even if I never intended to give that message, I don’t want it to even accidentally come across.

I’ve attached similar disclaimers to stories on other sites, and I’ve gotten the criticism before that I’m taking the “coward’s approach” by weaseling out of owning the situation for my character. Let me make this clear – if attaching this disclaimer means even one less instance of child rape in the world, and you still see me as cowardly as an artist for doing so, then call me fucking spineless.

We’re all here to fantasize, have a good time, and imagine what could have been, and that includes some more taboo and risky themes. I trust my audience to know the distinction between that and the consequences of reality, but it doesn’t hurt to include this disclaimer in case we have moments of less clarity or have been conditioned by too much erotica to think that something is true when it isn’t, from anything as innocent as load sizes to serious matters like the consent of a minor.

After this post I’m changing the timeslot of these blogs from Thursdays to Mondays, probably sometime in the early evening EST (Eastern timezone). I’m going to try to get back to writing these every week, my apologies for slipping on that. I’ll talk to you next week.

5 thoughts on “[New Piece Posted!] A Critique of Fantasy

  1. Ok, first the story was enthralling and long, just how I like them. I love the subtle references you made, like “Fuck teachers and their rules”. I’m glad with how it ended.

    The information you made here also made me feel lucky that I get email notifications from the blog. However, when you mentioned the woman who engages daily for a month, my first thought was, “On 5 days, she can engage with men who have a period blood fetish.

    Love your stories as always!

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  2. For me, possibly your ‘hottest’ (i.e. most purely erotic) story yet. Not the same as your best, of course, but it ‘does a job’ as you might say. There are a few typos/linguistic lapses but that’s more or less a requirement for this type of literature.

    Entirely take the point about the importance of separating fantasy from reality and it is probably sensible NOT to try to take any part of this story too seriously.

    On a very different point, have you had any more thoughts about a BMS2 or something on those lines? I do think there’s a lot more to explore with Adam, Nicole and the gang. But more importantly, enjoy writing, enjoy life – and remember that you’re giving a lot of enjoyment to a lot of people.

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    1. Yeah, I can imagine I made a lot of those. I’m actually not great at typing a lot of the time, it turns out.

      I have! I will be revisiting their story at some point, I just want to bang out a few more stories in the meantime.


  3. Teacher’s Threat sent me back down the rabbit hole of your writing. I had finished “Social” a while back and started on “Molly.” Then I lost track of it. Found “Threat” and was happy to see it was you.
    Personally, I loved Teacher’s Threat. So very few author’s ever address the real world ramifications of these types of stories. The fact that you did made everything feel so much more real. I particularly liked the fact that the MC had a growth moment at the end. She got angry, she got her heart broke, she began to understand that love isn’t always as pretty as we want it to be.
    Your willingness to write at that level, and discuss it, has led me here, via your patreon. I’m looking forward to interacting with you in the future.

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