[New Chapter Posted!] Initiation

Tada! The latest chapter of Mutual Benefits is now posted! I hope you all enjoy it.

From this point forward I’m going to be talking about the chapter, which includes spoilers. Go read it before reading the rest of this blog, this is your only warning!

So, in this chapter specifically, there was a bit of a tipping point. Chapter one was basically the introduction, chapter two was the tease, but chapter three actually introduced an actual sexual activity between them, as well as Taylor doing anything sexual that clearly had an eagerness or enjoyment factor to it. Maybe she enjoyed sending the picture, maybe she just saw it as a favor. In chapter three, the element of ‘doing something together’ was introduced, and that means it needs to be suggested.

Initiation is kind of hard to write, mainly because my style of doing it is very unconventional. In my real life, I’m very blunt and to-the-point, and will communicate openly my sexual desires with people (in context, I don’t just walk up to my friends going, “Hey, I’m horny, wanna help me with that?”). Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been in a multitude of different situations where sexuality was brought up, but the fact that that’s my default is something that can’t be overlooked.

In a lot of my heterosexual/straight stories (since all but one have been heterosexual so far), I’ve noticed I kept up a pattern of girls coming on to boys. In Being More Social, I believe all three of Adam’s love interests came onto him, including the shy reclusive Megan. In the latter half of The Good, the Bad and the Molly, same thing. The ending of Amy’s Fantasy, Panopticon, When in Toronto… It’s clear I have a pattern.

I don’t know what that pattern serves. Maybe it’s something I personally find hot in my subconscious, or maybe it’s because I care so much about consent in particular that I always want to make it crystal clear the girl wants it and it’s not just a male power fantasy. Either way, I really wanted to avoid the trope of “confident sexy girl clearly comes on to nerdy stuttering guy” because, if nothing else, that’s just Being More Social’s demographic.

The result is what you read in chapter three. Both of them clumsily talk it by each other, and Taylor is just as hesitant as Quinn, but goes for it only because she knows he won’t be that bold twice. I didn’t want any one person to dominate the other – I wanted to focus on a sort of equal wanting. An exchange of mutual – well, yeah, you get what I mean.

At any rate, the new poll will go up tomorrow for patrons. Somehow, I have a feeling that MB chapter 4 will be what people vote for, but who knows. I hope you enjoyed the chapter, and I’ll talk to you all next week.

7 thoughts on “[New Chapter Posted!] Initiation

  1. Liked the chapter, especially the punctuality of the chapter! 😁😁😂

    “And hey, it wasn’t like anything was happening that I wasn’t prepared for. Sure, there were curveballs, but it was clear I could take whatever this weird situation was throwing at me.”

    Of course shit is gonna hit the fan in the next chapter. 😂😂😂😂

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  2. One bit puzzled the copy editor in me:

    ” It looks like you wouldn’t want to drink with Morgan and me and talk about sex anyway.”

    Morgan and I. “Yeah, good point,” I admitted.

    Is Quinn mentally correcting Taylor’s grammar? In which case he goes down several rungs in my estimation since ‘with Morgan and me’ is a prepositional phrase where the pronouns take the accusative. But it’s not your style to make that kind of error (give or take the occasional it’s for its) so perhaps Quinn is visualising Morgan and himself … in which case we would need a lot more context to make sense of it.

    P.S. if you ever find it hard to remember whether it’s’ Morgan and me’ or ‘Morgan and I’ the simple test is to drop the other person so the sentence would be “you wouldn’t want to drink with … me” (I know no one, even today, who would prefer “you wouldn’t want to drink with I”

    Lesson over, and sorry.

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    1. Quinn is trying to correct her, yes. I’m aware that the correction isn’t itself correct, but I’m writing the story from a high schooler’s perspective, and high schoolers that like feeling smart (especially former gifted kids) will love to do the “Person and I” correction regardless if it’s true or not. The moment is trying to be more about his character than grammar.

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      1. Thanks for responding. I suppose I just couldn’t conceive of a nerd like Quinn getting it so wrong – but you’ve lived the environment, I haven’t (for the last 50 years anyway) so it’s clearly a matter for authorial judgement.

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      2. Zero worries! I was writing in several levels of thought process. I do not blame you in the slightest, and appreciate you commenting to help me improve my writing process. There was no way you could have known what I was thinking, and comments like yours only help me improve my writing.


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