The Wrong Message

To nobody’s surprise, Mutual Benefits won the poll again. I imagine it’s going to keep doing that, but it’s polite to keep asking. Last week I wrote a charged post about Dan Avidan and the accusations levied at him. I also mentioned a tweet I made, and a reader replied back, pointing out that my […]

Killing Darlings

Chapter four of Mutual Benefits is over halfway done. My optimistic side says “expect it sometime next week,” but you know that I recommend against taking his word as gospel. All in all, as a writer, I’m insanely privileged. I don’t work with an editor or an agent, and basically have free reign to work […]

The Return of Anonymous Comments

To this day I have no clue if I have a thick skin or a thin one. I think I do better with specific criticism than broad statements. If someone tells me, “this character is a bit inconsistent, look at this line of dialogue and compare it to this other one,” I at least have […]

Too Much vs Too Little

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Mutual Benefits won the Patreon poll again, so for March, I’ll be writing its next chapter. I’m really glad I’m getting back into a consistent writing schedule, and hope it’ll last. It’s often dependent on a lot of things – how much real-life work I have to do, my mental […]