Separating Jerk From the Artist

If there’s one thing I particularly love about my readers, it’s that you all are amazing at keeping things in perspective. Whenever I have a character harbor a terrible belief or do something idiotic, my readers don’t flock to the comments expressing outrage that Bashful Scribe believes in these terrible things – at worst, they/you […]

[New Chapter Posted!] Girl Crazy

Consequences Chapter Nine has been published! You can read it here. The rest of the blog contains spoilers for the chapter. One of the driving forces of basically all erotica is desire. Erotica is based on feeling like you want to do something with someone, or if one’s in an unhealthy mindset, the desire to […]

[New Chapter Posted!] The List

Consequences Chapter 8 is here! Right at the last minute, as always… I sound like a broken record when I say that certain months are hard on me, but along with erotica, I work the equivalent of one and a half full time jobs (60 hours) per week, which is why I don’t really get […]

What Rudeness Can Teach Me About Writing

One of my biggest problems with my writing patterns, as is the case with a lot of writers, is that I am stuck in my own perspective. Every writer has their style, but oftentimes a writer’s style is just their own POV filtered through a character put in a slightly different position than them. Writers […]

[New Chapter Posted!] Cleanup

Note: If you read these blogs and have sent me an email recently, I will get to responding to it soon. My apologies; I just don’t want to say “I’ll do something” before knowing my own timetable. Double note: I wrote this blog post a few days ago, hit “save,” but never hit “publish.” Sorry […]