Did you ever have an idea for a Bashful Scribe story? Now’s your chance! Support your local smut writer and get your very own story!


5000+ word piece

10,000~ word piece

>10,000 word piece
Subject to negotiation, price will be decided based on desired length

Exclusive (for your eyes only, I won’t post the story anywhere online)

(for reference, lengths look like this:
5000+: An average chapter of The Good, The Bad and the Molly
10,000~: An average chapter of Being More Social
Teacher’s Threat: 26,000
Only If You Want: 37,000
And Ophelia Blinked: 7,000
Chasing Faith: 6,500

Bigger doesn’t always mean better! A simple plot can have more punch in a shorter story. It all depends on what you want from the story.)

My Rules

It can never be as simple as “I give you money, you write whatever,” sadly. I have a few rules for commissions.

  • All prices listed are in USD.
  • Payments are made over Paypal exclusively.
  • Half of the payment is given upfront when negotiations begin. Negotiations will include a set due date and any parameters given to the author for the story. The client is given up to two revision requests (telling the author to change X Y and Z) before a final version is made and final payment demanded. The text is not downloadable until full payment is given.
  • I reserve the right to refuse to be commissioned at any time, for any reason. I may close commissions if I am too busy, for example.
  • As a rule of thumb, I will not accept commissions for stories with certain themes. They can be sexual fetishes I refuse to write (incest, bestiality, scat, underage participants beyond consenting high school students) or themes I don’t feel comfortable attaching my name towards (discrimination, promoting/glorifying rape, political themes that I do not support).
  • I have plans for basically all of the characters I’ve made. Don’t get your hopes up about commissioning a story featuring characters I’ve created – I’ll likely say no.
  • Claiming you created work you commissioned from me is not tolerable and will be dealt with swiftly.
  • Most people won’t care about this but I’ll say it anyway – while my stories have some kind of lore, virtually every commission story will likely not factor in to the canon of my stories.

If You Want To Commission, Be Ready!

Try to think of the following before you commission me:

  • Plot: What happens in this story? What kind of acts (sexual & non-sexual) does it contain? Is there a moral or theme?
  • Characters: Who is in this story? What are these people like? Do you have specific names in mind? (Be tasteful – no real-world names unless they’re yours please!) Is this a story about characters meeting or do they already know each other?
  • Sex: I may write story-based smut but it’s still smut. Do you have particular fetishes in mind? Does a particular body part or even a way of describing someone get you going?
  • Style: Do you like a lot of dialogue? Maybe little, or even no dialogue? Is this narrated by the main character or is it told in third-person?
  • These aren’t all required! If you only have an idea for a plot or some characters and wanted me to do the rest, that’s perfectly okay too!

Are you sure you only want to charge me this much? This seems too good to be true!

-My first commission customer

Are you convinced? Have any questions? Then please email me at with the word “commission” in the subject line, and let’s get started!