Short Stories


How do you write a porn story about the surveillance state?

Amy’s Fantasy

Even teases have their breaking point.

Only If You Want

When opposites attract, the strangest things can happen.


Mental health is my passion.

When in Toronto…


Chasing Faith

Who are you running from? Who are you running for?

Teacher’s Threat

Mina wasn’t a simple girl, and her first crush and how it played out was anything but simple.

And Ophelia Blinked

Everyone thinks they’re the protagonist of their own story.

First Impressions

A little professional advice turns into a lot more.

The Mystery of Lakeview Mall

What’s the harm in exploring an old abandoned building?

A Miraculous Affair

Even the school’s most notorious playboy wasn’t going to outsmart Jacqueline.

The Views of May

It’s tough when someone else finds your private spot of nature.