First Impressions

The ad seemed simple enough. “Help wanted. Full-time work in a professional atmosphere. Duties include but are not limited to…” All that corporate jazz. I wasn’t in love with the work life, but my mom sure wanted me out of the house and working again, so I wore my best suit ready and made an appointment.

I wasn’t really thrilled with the suit. I was more of a dress girl myself, but hey, ‘dress for the job you want.’ And I wanted the job. Living rent-free with my mom sounded great in theory, but the lack of freedom was… restricting. She cooked the meals for the two of us, which was definitely kind, but… I kind of missed having autonomy over my own meals. If I skipped a meal, like a good mom, she’d ask why. Then I’d tell her I had a fast food meal with my friends, and even though she likely didn’t care… some part of me just felt guilty.

Staying out late wasn’t something she forbade, but she was a light sleeper and I was kind of clumsy. I’m sure if I asked, I could bring a boyfriend or something over, but… yeah. If you know, you know. There was no way in hell I was doing that while I still lived with her.

I wanted my own place, living in the city by my own means. And she wanted me to make good use of my business degree. So, here I was, at Parallax Systems, with precisely zero previous work in the office industry, looking up at the several-stories-tall building, doing my best not to get cold feet. 

Like all office buildings, the place was a maze, though luckily a helpful worker at the front of the building gave me the directions where to go. It was one of those buildings that had several corporations in it, so I had to go through several hallways and two elevators just to find my way.

At the end of the last hallway, I saw a window into another room with the blinds down. The window read, “Parallax Systems: The Optimal Solution.” God knows your business would fail if your tagline actually included what you sell. Giving a sharp exhale and clearing my throat, I opened the door to find a waiting room of sorts, with some kind of secretary typing away.

Like me, she was wearing a grey suit, but unlike me, it complimented her black skin beautifully. I was always a little embarrassed of my paleness – it seemed like no matter how hard I tried to tan, I’d either remain painfully white or get badly burned. She had a kind of stern face when she typed, but the rest of her was hidden behind her computer and desk. Upon seeing me, her stern face disappeared, revealing instead a dazzling smile that almost made me think she was in the wrong industry.

“Hello there! I assume you’re Rachel?”

I smiled. “Yes, I am!”

“Hi, I’m Jennifer. Welcome to Parallax! Mr. Laurent is just finishing up a meeting right now, but he’ll buzz me as soon as he’s done. Would you care to take a seat?”

“Oh,” was all I said in response. I could get flustered easily, and it was clear this poor woman had to do a lot of PR work given her professional voice. I walked over to the chairs on the other side of the room and sat down, playing with my thumbs. 

I think I just wanted to be distracted by anything rather than thinking about the upcoming interview, but Jennifer was distractingly attractive. God knows I wasn’t thinking about it for any reason other than jealousy – I didn’t swing that way – but she was the type of person who was definitely a headturner. 

I know everyone goes crazy for blue eyes, and call me a self-hater, but I wasn’t crazy about my own blue eyes. Blue eyes just didn’t do it for me. Jennifer’s were a beautiful light brown, the rare kind of eyes you only see once a year or something, the kind that make you stop in your tracks and say, “Woah.” My own blond hair was done up hastily in a kind of ponytail, but Jennifer had these natural braids going on that drove me wild with envy. They looked so good on her that I began to feel as though I should have spent more time on my hair, in case this was a thing Mr. Laurent liked in his employees or something. 

I frowned and looked down. It probably was not helping my confidence to keep comparing myself to this woman, especially a woman already working for Mr. Laurent, and trying to look for differences. Something in the air was making me nervous. It was likely the impending doom of the interview coming up, but… if felt like there was something else going on.

Was it the temperature? No, it wasn’t too hot or anything. The place had that ‘corporate air conditioner’ vibe to it, where it was slightly colder than it probably should have been, but not cold enough to be bothersome. Well, if it wasn’t the temperature, what could it have bee-

“Oh, by the way, did you happen to bring a second copy of your resume with you?” Jennifer interrupted me out of nowhere.

I shifted in my seat. “Uh, no, should I have?”

“No, no, it’s okay. I was just thinking, perhaps to help you out, I could look over your resume before the interview began, just in case there’s something I know Mr. Laurent will point out or something.” She flashed me another smile. “Just looking out for you!”

“Oh, that’s s-sweet,” I replied. What was wrong with me? “Are y-you sure? I don’t want to distract you from your work.”

“Oh, don’t worry about me!” she replied, smiling warmly. “I’m, uh, actually nearly finished my workload for the day.”

I looked at the clock, then back at her. “It’s not even lunch yet!”

She chuckled and gave me another dazzling smile. “What can I say? My hands know how to get the job done.”

The way she said it wasn’t suggestive or anything, just said factually, but I could feel myself blushing. I could be a little crowd-shy at times, but I never got this flustered usually. What was I on?

Something about the woman reminded me of something. I was sure that I was straight, but… almost every straight woman will tell you there’s a time in her life, when she was twelve or something, where she wondered, “what if.” I’ve heard a lot of boys go through it too. That period where you’re just finding yourself. In hindsight you can tell it was gradual, but in the moment, with the right person… it feels spontaneous.

When I was in junior high, I had my spontaneous moment. She wasn’t my best friend, but she was a close one. There was one time when she and I were hanging out, enjoying each other’s company, when I felt my face flash with heat. A heat I knew was wrong, or at least felt wrong. But like a good wrong. Taboo. I was a good little straight girl, never even had a boyfriend before, and yet, my first kiss was with my friend, a girl.

The girl looked nothing like this woman, hell, she moved states so I knew it couldn’t be her – and yet, everything about Jennifer reminded me of her in some way. Up until that moment, I had always thought the “what if” thought lived and died in that moment. We kissed, we talked about it, we resolved to spend the night mulling it over and return to the topic another time… and of course we never did.

At the time, I thought it was closure. It felt like closure. I was fine with it. I moved on. I got a boyfriend shortly after, I lived my high school life like the good little straight girl that I was, and I was happy. 

And yet.

I turned away to my tote bag, coming back to reality, hoping to hide my face from Jennifer until my blushing went away, and retrieved my résumé from my bag. “I just have the one, but if you want, we could go over it, if you want.”

She smiled at me, clearly used to flustered behavior from interviewees. “Sounds like a plan,” she laughed. “May I see it?”

I handed the paper to her, for some reason deciding to avoid looking her in the eye. I needed my iconic steely resolve that everyone totally knew me for, so I couldn’t spend it frivolously on anyone but my interviewer. 

She smiled and raised her eyebrows at me as she took the paper, accidentally touching one of my fingers in the process. For whatever reason, I retracted my hand and went quickly to sit back down, leaving her to look over my resume while I sat, waited, and moved my thighs together in my seat.

After a few seconds, she lifted her head to where she thought I was, then confusedly looked over to where I was. A confused expression still painted on her face, she half-chuckled at me. “Don’t you want to go over this together?” she asked me, a melodic tone to her voice. 

“Uh… oh,” I mumbled, getting up, squeezing my legs together subconsciously. “Yeah, of course.” I walked over to her, leaning against the desk and craning my neck so I could get a better view.

Of the resume. The resume. Don’t get me wrong, from my point of view, it would have been all too easy to get a look down her suit jacket if I wanted to, but this was a professional work environment, she might have been a future coworker, and plus, I wasn’t into girls anymore. It just wasn’t me. 

Jennifer started going over the resume with me, pointing out certain things on the paper and explaining to me which things I should emphasize and which things I should skip over, supplementing the advice wirth pointers about Mr. Laurent, the types of questions he sometimes asked, and what he’s looking for as answers. Eventually I had to put a hand down on the paper and stop her.

“Jennifer… if I can, uh, call you Jennifer…” I clumsily began. I was definitely blushing. I had no clue why though. 

She laughed puzzledly. “Feel free! I mean, that is my name…”

“I really appreciate this, but… why are you helping me out like this? Do you help out all of the people that come here looking for a job?”

Jennifer looked down and bit her lip, smirking. I felt my suit jacket get tighter across my breasts. I shifted in place. “Okay, fine, you got me,” she half-laughed. “Truth is, Mr. Laurent has a bit of a… standard around here. A few basic expectations. And along the way, I’ve gotten to understand a lot of those expectations, and make a couple of my own. So, I help those who…” She looked back up at me. “…I want to get the job. You know, my favorites.”

My breath was caught in my throat. I squeezed my thighs together again. Was I getting… wet? No. This had to be some kind of coincidence or something. I gave a nervous chuckle and looked back at her. “And I’m… one of your favorites?”

She gave me that brilliant smile. The one I was weak for. “You’re certainly impressing so far. I’m just doing what I can to help someone out. Us girls sticking together.”

I looked from the paper slowly back to her face. She said nothing, but smiled at me and looked back down at my resume. Her scent was so strong it practically clouded my vision. I couldn’t describe her scent – some kind of combination of perfume, something deep and fruity, mixed with… something else deep. It’s like, a smell you’ve smelled before once, but only once, and it’s the best thing on the planet. You just want to keep inhaling it forever. Forever.

“Did you hear me?” Jennifer’s voice brought me back to life. “Your mind seems… elsewhere.”

I gave my head a shake. “Uh, sorry. Nerves. Could you repeat that?”

Jennifer stared at me for a few seconds and finally cleared her throat. “Is something going on, Rachel?” she asked me.

“No, nothing,” I lied. Of course something was wrong, I could feel a heat growing between my legs, burning brighter by the second, to the extent where I wasn’t going to be able to stand for much longer. “Just nerves!”

“Because it seems like something is wrong,” Jennifer continued, standing up. “And if something is bothering you, we can’t have you seeing Mr. Laurent like that.” She was maybe a few inches from my face. “And as his secretary, it’s my duty to make sure the interview goes as smoothly as it can,” she continued, speaking just above a whisper.

I couldn’t ignore it anymore. No, fuck it, I couldn’t take it anymore. My poor pussy was practically pulsing in my pants. I didn’t know what was going on today, or what came over me, but I needed this woman, badly. I didn’t care how, but I did care when – right now.

I don’t know who made the first move, me or her. I didn’t care. Within a second, our open mouths were attacking each other, our bodies practically sealed by the lips, with our well-dressed bodies mashing and grinding up against each other, all attempts at subtlety and politeness gone. I melted, bringing my arms around Jennifer, and in response, she grabbed my body, still kissing me passionately, and slammed me against the wall, making a worryingly loud noise. Her tongue invaded my mouth as she ground her hips against me with a purpose and passion I had never felt before for any man. All I could do was attempt to keep up and take her tongue and submit to her, which I eagerly did. 

I have no clue how much time had passed before she finally retracted her mouth and loosened her grip on me. When she did, she smiled at me through mischievous, half-squinted eyes, like I was a conquest she had won or something. I had been with so many men that thought they came across like that, or that they were these alpha wolves that had me begging and subservient for them, but I never felt anything like what I felt for this woman right at this moment. Still looking at me, she made her way over to the front door, locking it, inspecting the blinds in front of the window afterwards. After she was satisfied that no one could peek in, she put a finger to her lips and picked up her phone, dialing one number and putting it to her ear.

“Hi, Mr. Laurent? …Yes, I’m with her now. …Actually, we were hoping to get a bit longer in the pre-interview… yes, that’s right, just a few things. You understand, right? …Wonderful! …Yes, we would, is it too much to ask the others to use the back entrance if they need to? …Fantastic, thank you so much.” She put down the phone and looked at me hungrily. “We have the room to ourselves.”

Even though I was wet and never wanted anyone more, the extremeness of the situation was starting to get to me. “C-can we know for sure that no one is going to just burst in on us? A-and the noise-”

Jennifer put her finger to my lips and donned her most innocent expression. “Good employees know how to say many things in few words,” she told me in a very serious, yet almost sickeningly sweet voice. “And as we all know, actions speak louder than words.”

With that, she launched on me again, pushing me back against the wall, aiming for my neck this time. All thoughts of nervousness and ‘what if’ left my brain as I could think about nothing but her hot lips on my neck, her hips pushing and grinding against mine, and the moans coming out of my mouth without my thinking, moans I had never even heard myself make before.

I ground my hips back against her and felt the very welcome intrusion of her teeth in my neck, biting down hard, but not too hard. Enough to make me whimper and squirm. While I was busy being enveloped by the pleasure of her kisses and bites on my neck, Jennifer was busy working my suit jacket off, and once I had come back to the land of the living enough to realize what she was doing, I helped her work my jacket off, rewarding her with a view of my white undershirt. It was clear from her hungering glance that she wanted to see me with the shirt off too, but she was preoccupied with her own suit jacket first.

I gasped when it came off. Even through her work shirt, it was clear that Jennifer wasn’t wearing a bra! She noticed where I was staring and gave a low laugh. “Surprised?” she asked seductively, her voice like butter, as she undid her buttons one by one. “Ever played with a woman’s boobs before?” she asked knowingly, nearly all of the buttons undone.

I shook my head dumbly, staring at her chest.

“Mm, I thought not. Good, I like converting straight girls. Now come here and see what you’ve been missing,” she ordered, releasing her shirt with perfect timing. 

I was such a fool to think she had a perfect body with clothes on. Her boobs were absolutely perfect. They were the same shade of brown as the rest of her flawless skin, with the exception of course of her much darker nipples. She had such cute areolae, shaped with little polka-dots of blackness that came together, instead of my exact circles Jennifer would no doubt be seeing soon. Her nipples stood proud and erect, with her left one pierced; my pussy throbbed at the idea of sucking that one first. I came into this office thinking I wasn’t into girls, but now here I was, realizing her pierced nipple was one of my biggest fetishes ever. 

It wasn’t long before we were on the floor of the office, my back against the shag carpeting of her secretary office with her dangling her perfect fat tits in my face, telling me to suck them. I couldn’t control myself and greedily took the pierced one, taking it into my mouth and sucking hungrily.

Jennifer winced and lightly pulled back at the sudden pain. “Easy, baby!” she laughed with pain in her voice. “I know they’re irresistible but you gotta go slow. Run your tongue over them. Tease me before you dive into it. Build up to the pleasure, don’t just rush into it.”

I eagerly obeyed every order she gave me like a little puppy, eager to please her and be pleased in return. I would have done anything for her. She smiled so confidently as she mashed her body into mine from above, making me her little bitch. I loved the feeling of her body on top of mine. I could get so very used to this. I wanted to get this job so badly, just so I could walk into work to be greeted with this every day. 

She cooed as I got better at pleasing her and sucking on her beautiful wonderful boobs. She began to mash them into my face, getting more and more into it herself, her grinding on me becoming subconscious. She was losing control, and wanting it nearly as badly as I did.

She kept biting her bottom lip and smiling hungrily at me, knowing that she was corrupting me in every way she wanted to. I was becoming someone different than the woman who entered this building. I could practically feel my thoughts rewiring to only want her, to please her, to love her. And she was loving every second of it. Eventually, she began shuddering on top of me, and held up a hand to get my attention. “Alright, Rachel, that’s enough. You’ve done very well, and I think you deserve to know what it feels like yourself.”

I practically ripped my shirt off as soon as she got off of me, earning a soft chuckle from her. She helped me undo the last few buttons, smiling at me and stealing every kiss she could get from me along the way. Eventually, the shirt was off, but I, being a prude, still had to undo my bra. What was I thinking, bringing this silly thing with me here?

When my bra was off, Jennifer took some time to appreciate what was in front of her. She eyed me all over and, as always, bit her bottom lip in seduction. Her light brown eyes focused on mine. “You’re so beautiful, Rachel,” she told me in awe. Without another word, she inches forward, bringing her mouth to my chest, looking me in the eyes and nodding before continuing. I nodded back. 

She extended her tongue forward, and began slowly, opting to trail upwards to my nipples from the middle of my chest instead. She arrived at my right nipple and began kissing instead of licking, barely making contact with my nipple even once. I groaned in sexual frustration, and she looked up at me and grinned through the kisses as she continued. For the next few minutes, or at least what felt like it, she would avoid my nipples, kissing all over, but never on the spots I wanted her to hit. At the moment when I opened my mouth to object, she flicked her tongue across my nipple for the first time, and, weak as I was for this woman, I almost had an orgasm right then and there. I was so stimulated and pent up by this beautiful secretary, and she had me lying down in her office, my pussy throbbing, all just from licking across my nipple once.

And she did much more than just that. Once the floodgates had been opened, Jennifer began kissing, sucking, licking, and even lightly biting my nipple, all while her hand played with my other. No one was even touching my pussy and yet I felt like I was in heaven. I squirmed and practically spasmed in place, feeling the heat of Jennifer on top of me, moaning and calling her name, all while she did way less than any of my previous boyfriends had done to me combined. So why was I feeling so much more for her than I did for any of them any time they tried to touch me?

I couldn’t wait any longer. “I w-want to eat you,” I could barely get out, while Jennifer still had her beautiful lips wrapped around my nipple. Once I said this, her eyebrows shot up and her mouth came off me with a light ‘pop.’ “Is that so?” she purred, standing up. “I admire your ambition.” Not waiting for me to stand up or even sit up, she began taking her pants off for me, not being shy in the slightest about being naked in her own office. 

With the way this naughty minx thought about bras, I was almost expecting her not to wear any panties either, but when her pants came off (having to almost peel them off of her delicious wide hips), they revealed a pretty black pair of panties that looked a little skimpy to be wearing underneath a suit. She started to take them off, but apparently had a better idea.

She motioned for me to sit up, then ordered me, “On your knees.” I did as she told, and she smiled at me. “So, have you ever seen a woman’s pussy in person?” I shook my head no nervously. “Good girl. Well, you’re going to get acquainted with it soon, so do us both a favor. Get your head in nice and close. Take a deep breath.”

I gasped at her request, but readily did what I was told. I leaned my head in, past the point of no return, until my nose was against the fabric of her panties, and breathed in.

Then again. Then another one. Then a hungry lick. This was the smell. This is what I wanted so badly, without even knowing it, from the moment I entered. I was licking her like a dumb slut over and over, losing control over myself as I breathed her in. Jennifer laughed and ground her hips against my face. “Yeah, I thought you’d like that, you little whore,” she told me in a husky voice. After a few seconds, she pried my face away and removed her panties, letting me see my first pussy in person.

It looked absolutely mouth-watering. I don’t know what I was expecting, but from the moment I first saw it, I was for some reason so glad she didn’t shave. Her pussy was covered in hair and pussy with her arousal, with her clit visible even through the hair, just waiting for me to learn how to make her cum. I looked up at Jennifer with puppylike submissive obedient little eyes, silently pleading to get closer again so I could learn to eat it. Smirking, Jennifer gave me the okay and I dove in.

Much like with her boobs, I had no clue what I was doing at first, though I was much more aware this time, partially due to Jennifer’s demonstration, that less is more. I began by experimentally licking her folds, and paying light attention to the clit, though I was super gentle with hers knowing that mine was incredibly sensitive. The more I played with it, the more Jennifer’s moans (and she definitely was a moaner) let me know what I was doing right. The mental image of a professional secretary office, with the secretary standing naked in the middle of the room, her dumb bitch on her knees eating her out right there where she stood, was so sexy to me. I really wanted to open my pants and masturbate as I was pleasing her, but something stopped me. I think it was because this was clearly all about Jennifer’s pleasure. She was like… my Mistress, and how dare I think about my own pleasure when I needed to focus all of my time and energy on my Mistress’ pleasure? Hers was more important than mine.

God, I was down bad. 

I kept licking and began using my fingers in tandem with my tongue, learning to use them together to achieve what one couldn’t have done on its own. Jennifer clearly appreciated my efforts, and moaned to the heavens while bringing both of her hands to the back of my head and making sure her good little girl kept licking and pleasing her. As if I would do anything other than that – my Mistress needed pleasing, and I don’t care how much I humiliated myself for her or who saw me, I lived and breathed for this woman and her pleasure. It was the most important thing in the world to me.

Between her moans, Jennifer kept giving me instructions on what she wanted me to do. God, it was so hot. Hearing her normally professional voice breaking down and giving in to her pleasure like I gave in to mine, and using such harsh language the closer she was to an orgasm. “Fuck yeah, fuck fuck fuck, you’re such a good little bitch, you’re my good little submissive whore, aren’t you? Fuck yeah you are…” Fuck yeah I was. I loved the way she degraded me as she fucked my mouth better than any man in my life did. No man ever earned the title of ‘Master’ for me. But Jennifer won me over almost embarrassingly quickly, and now, I would have eaten her out in public any time she asked me to. We could have been waiting for the bus, as girlfriend and girlfriend – I blushed at the thought, even as I was tongue-deep in her pussy – and she could snap her fingers and I’d be on my knees again for her in a second, sparing no thought for the other people around us as I humiliated myself, thrusting my face into her pussy like it was the best thing I ever tasted. Because it was. 

Jennifer’s pitch got more and more high pitched and breathier as she approached her orgasm. She also got a lot rougher with me, pulling my hair and slamming her hips into my face, and letting me know who I was to her.

“You’re just a fucking little whore! A dormant slut, not knowing your purpose in life until you met me! And now that you’ve met me, what are you going to do, bitch?!”

I took my mouth off of her pussy long enough to answer. “I’m going to eat you out every day, mistress.”

“Fuck right you are. You’re just a dumb little sex toy. You exist for me, and my pleasure! You’re going to get so fucking good at eating me out, and you’re going to get addicted to it, if you aren’t already! Fuck, fuck, fuuuuuck!!”

Jennifer practically sprayed in my face, and I loved every second of it. She was a huge squirter, and it turned me on so much, having her juices splash across my face, or at least the juices I couldn’t drink down. She had given me her mark, claimed me, made me hers. ‘Mistress’ was almost an insult. ‘Goddess’ was more like it. I hoped to God I would get the job and get to see that face, and eat that pussy, every single day. 

We remained like that for a bit until both of us, at the same time, remembered where we were. I would have liked to have had my pussy eaten, but there were more pressing matters at hand. I scrambled around, gathering my clothes and using a hand-mirror Jennifer kept in her desk to clean my face and organize my hair so it looked as presentable as possible, while Jennifer, still dressing, picked up the phone and pressed one number on the dial. 

“Hello, Mr. Laurent! …Yes, she’s ready for you now. I… less time than usual? Well, she had a pretty impressive resume! Yes sir, I have a good feeling about her! …Wonderful, I’ll send her right in.” She put the phone down and stared at me, re-buttoning her shirt but remaining bottomless. I don’t know if it was just a weird out-of-order thing for her or if she was shirking the pants as a personal choice. She put her shirt jacket on quickly afterwards but just chucked the pants away under the desk, answering my question, then sexily sauntered over to me and kissed me deeply.

“I’ll pull as many strings as I can to make this happen,” she whispered sexily into my ear. “Go in there and wow him. And afterwards, be sure to see me on the way out.” She gave me another peck on the cheek and winked at me, sitting down at her desk and going back to typing away as if I never entered. I couldn’t help but giggle at the absurdity of the situation, then gathered my resume back together and exhaled briefly one last time, steeling me for the interview.

After going through the door, I walked through a small open corridor to find Mr. Laurent’s room at the end. I couldn’t help but wonder, if the secretary was like this, what in the hell was the boss going to be like? Was he going to answer the door naked or something? I knocked on the door and it was promptly opened, revealing who I assumed to be Mr. Laurent. 

He was a good-looking tall middle-aged black man, in a dark blue suit that looked good on him. He had a very serious face, but upon seeing me, a warm smile broke out. “Welcome! I trust you’re Rachel? Please, come in, take a seat.” He closed the door behind me. “Jennifer talked to me about you. She said she had a good feeling about you, and she doesn’t say that about a lot of people!”

I took my seat and cleared my throat timidly. “I take it Jennifer is your secretary?”

Mr. Laurent took a seat at his desk in an overly casual way. “Ha! In a manner of speaking, I guess. See, that’s her title around here, but first and foremost, Jennifer is my daughter.”

I couldn’t help the look of alarm from spreading across my face as I realized only then just now what I was getting into. “Ah-ah-ah!” Mr. Laurent pre-emptively held up a finger to me. “I see that look, and I’ve gotten it before. But I assure you, Jennifer is one of the brightest, most qualified people I‘ve ever hired, if not the most. And she’s an amazing people person.” Yeah, you could say that again. “I assure you it’s not nepotism. And trust me, you’ll like her. If you get the position, you’ll likely be working with her just as much as I do on a daily basis. Anyway, are you ready to start the interview?”

I stared at him, mouth still slightly open, not sure how to answer.


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