What Rudeness Can Teach Me About Writing

One of my biggest problems with my writing patterns, as is the case with a lot of writers, is that I am stuck in my own perspective. Every writer has their style, but oftentimes a writer’s style is just their own POV filtered through a character put in a slightly different position than them. Writers […]

[New Chapter Posted!] Cleanup

Note: If you read these blogs and have sent me an email recently, I will get to responding to it soon. My apologies; I just don’t want to say “I’ll do something” before knowing my own timetable. Double note: I wrote this blog post a few days ago, hit “save,” but never hit “publish.” Sorry […]

[New Chapter Posted] Behind Closed Doors

So, I suppose we should talk about a lot of stuff covered in this most recent chapter of Consequences, huh? Be warned, there are spoilers below. Read the chapter before reading this. I completed two commissions on top of my regular chapter this month. That’s over 30,000 words, on top of work. I should have […]

[New Piece Posted!] No Rush

Apologies for the radio silence this month. Every month I think I’m going to catch a break and then it doesn’t end up happening. However, I have good news for you – number one, a commissioned chapter for a new story, Final Answer, has been posted. You can find it under my stories or by […]

[New Chapter Posted!] Adam Can Be a Jerk

One of the most difficult narrative choices I’ve found for writing a POV character is how to balance how much of an aspirational figure they should be, and how flawed they’re allowed to be. One shouldn’t write to pander to the least perceptive of readers, since the very least perceptive of readers will need every […]