Mutual Benefits Q&A Part 2

I’m trying to the best of my ability to finish Worlds Apart Chapter 2 before I work on Consequences. My goal is to have both of them done this month, and my extra goal on top of that is to finish Mutual Benefits’ edited version (.pdf and ePub) for my $5 Patreon followers. The positive […]

[New Chapter Posted!] Unlearning to Apologize

The first thoughts I had when I first finished Mutual Benefits Chapter 20 while looking it over were of all of the things I could have done. Could I have paced it better? Could I have included this one extra scene? Should I have padded this one scene? I’m trying to unlearn all that. I […]

Changes and Similarities

I got the greatest piece of critical feedback today from a person respectfully exiting their Patreon support. Along with their exit, they filled out an ‘exit survey’ explaining how the story used to be special to them and the current direction makes it not “special” anymore, even though they wouldn’t call it ‘bad’ per se, […]

A Whole Month

I can sometimes be a sensitive person, and in particular, when things in my “real life” get hard, a lot of my walls come down. I just want to say upfront that this week’s topic is largely a complaint that likely doesn’t mean all that much to me when I’m doing okay, but weighs on […]