Reading is Reading

A few of my readers will openly admit that erotica is the only real story-based writing they read anymore. Some people email me to thank me, and no doubt other erotica writers, for “getting them back into reading.” I know that a good number of people don’t consider erotica real literature, and the combination of […]

Playing to Opposites

Pretend that the above graphic is telling you that I’m working on Mutual Benefits Chapter 18. I’m having issues with the image uploading system and my tech guy isn’t around this week. When I first posted Panopticon, a reader gave me some helpful feedback, even if it wasn’t their intention. I remember them being angry […]

[New Chapter Posted!] Toyboxes and Promises

~Spoilers Below~ For a few weeks now I’ve been talking about the difference between what an author knows is coming and what a reader can’t possibly been expected to know. This week, I took full advantage of knowing this is a book that’ll be finished, and included conversations that don’t really make sense on their […]

[New Piece Posted!] It’s a Miracle

New Story Posted: A Miraculous Affair I want every story I write to have something different about it than the others. That’s been my conscious goal for about a year now, but realistically, it’s probably been my goal since I released Panopticon. Even though this piece I just posted was a commission and I had […]


A difficulty of processing feedback for an ongoing series is that there are revelations about the story that, at time of writing, only exist in my head. Shortly after producing the last blog post and publishing Chapter 16 to Literotica, I got this passionate feedback: You have been successfully making this story worse and worse […]