[New Chapter Posted!] Longer

Consequences Chapter Four has now been posted! You can read it by clicking on the hyperlink. So far, chapter four has been my favorite chapter to write. I know I’ve already written 30,000 words of the story – arguably already a whole book to writers more concise and frankly good than I am – but […]

What I Won’t Write

I’m not particularly too well connected with pop culture, and every time I get re-acquainted with it, I feel this bizarre combination of eyes-open wonder and a hesitancy to go further into the pop culture world. It’s as if every time I see what TV shows are the most popular, I think both “fascinating, this […]

Becoming Quinn Shen

This week has been another busy one for me, so to give my brain a break, I’m editing instead of writing. Mutual Benefits is the third multi-chapter book I’ve finished, and while it’s a lot lower-stakes, it’s still high-emotions, so I wanted to make sure I understood Quinn as best as I could. So, despite […]

[New Piece Posted!] Closure

This week I finished a new commission piece, called The Views of May! It’s designed to work both as a standalone piece and as a character piece on a particular character my stories left behind. I’d recommend you read the piece before reading the rest of this blog. Closure is a difficult thing. There are […]