The Boiling Point

It can get challenging writing an increasing amount of characters and constantly having to keep up with their own goals and motivations. I really enjoy the kinds of opportunities that can open up after a while of this, particularly the lies and half-truths – we often say what sounds best in the real world, instead […]

“That’s Not Me…”

Mutual Benefits Chapter Nine should be out in the coming week. So, let’s keep talking about representation. I’m one of those insecure jerks. If I got a hundred kind words and one note of criticism in a day, by nighttime the only thought swirling around my head would be the one criticism, festering and working […]

“That’s Me!”

We’re not supposed to admit this out loud, but when I was a kid, I ignored the “you must be 18+ to read this” warning on erotica websites and marched right in. I remember that for the first few years (without revealing too much, I was still in high school a couple years into reading […]

Looking For Reality

It may seem silly, but I find it incredibly difficult to write stroke stories. Stories like Mutual Benefits and Being More Social that have more than ten characters and keeping track of all of their feelings and what happens outside of the main character’s POV is weirdly easy to me, because for a brief time, […]