Legends & Mourning

There will come a point where I finish the last chapter or piece I ever write. I genuinely hope that I only stop writing because I physically can’t. Writing gives me too much joy and inspiration to ever want to stop. It saddens and slightly scares me to think of stopping writing, because to me, […]


A recent comment on one of my stories noticed that I don’t often have clear-cut antagonists, or “baddies,” as they put it. They happened to see it in a positive light, but depending on what you want out of a story, this point can go either way. Sometimes, having a clear-cut bad guy that every […]

Main Characters

Despite time never being on my side and aging always working against me, I still very much enjoy writing stories that take place in high school. I still have a lot of old assignments and even archived online conversations I like to pore over, and I really like exploring the flaws that can only come […]

[New Chapter Posted!] Longer

Consequences Chapter Four has now been posted! You can read it by clicking on the hyperlink. So far, chapter four has been my favorite chapter to write. I know I’ve already written 30,000 words of the story – arguably already a whole book to writers more concise and frankly good than I am – but […]