[New Chapter Posted!] Mist

Chapter Two of Worlds Apart has been posted! I actually had it done for a few days now (since before I finished Chapter One of Consequences) but I wanted to remain in contact with the person who commissions it. It is entirely possible that the chapter will change depending on their feedback, so if you […]

[New Chapter Posted!] On the Record

In hindsight, I’d like to apologize for the way I framed last week’s blog post. In my mind I had wanted to lay to rest a tense question left unanswered, but instead I can’t help but feel I just fed a troll and made internet drama. I saw the comment and felt the emotions it […]

For The Record

Every so often, I have to contend with why I write certain themes. Grief, taboo, hatred, awkwardness, or even violation. Most of the time, my brain will make me contend with them, but sometimes, an outside source will do it for me. This past week, I got a comment on Being More Social that, while […]

Mutual Benefits Q&A Part 2

I’m trying to the best of my ability to finish Worlds Apart Chapter 2 before I work on Consequences. My goal is to have both of them done this month, and my extra goal on top of that is to finish Mutual Benefits’ edited version (.pdf and ePub) for my $5 Patreon followers. The positive […]