Don’t you wish you could read good erotica? Can’t seem to find any good works? Tired of Bashful Scribe’s ten billion word chapters with about four words of sex to each chapter? I’m with you, friend. Here’s a list of other noteworthy authors in my circle of friends who are above worthy of your time.

(Side note: if links don’t work, open them as new tabs.)

Jashley13 – I couldn’t make a list like this without listing this guy. If my time at was my ‘adolescence’ in erotica writing, this guy was my next-door neighbor. He was the first friend I made on the site and someone who helped me with a lot of issues, stories and otherwise. His writing style is similar to mine – somewhat realistic, dramatic, and looooong. (Seriously, he makes my works look like precis writing, but the stories are worth it.)

Joe Long – Another friend I met from my early years, a writer who balances a technical understanding of writing and a healthy dose of emotion. As well, he’s an eagle-eyed editor – an uncredited volunteer editor for some of my chapters, he catches some stuff that evade all others.

MojaveJoe420 – This is a writer who knows how to capitalize on using voice for characters. His protagonists threaten to pop off of the page. Kind and always seeking to improve, his stories are definitely worth a read.

Tweed – NOT AN EROTICA WRITER (he insisted I add that). The guy who set up this website (and taught me how to maintain it), as well as provided some graphics for my site and set up the Patreon that you should all check out. He’s a YouTube gamer and appears aloof and salty, but he has a good heart. I lived with him and I worked with him, and there’s a good chance I wouldn’t be doing what I do if it weren’t for him.