Tears and Truths

A couple of weeks ago, I addressed how the longer a story goes, the more potential for buildup there is, and the more ability I have to veer off into the world of Weird Shit. In retrospect, I shouldn’t have written about it as if it’s this universal constant – not only can stories have […]

The Screwup

I’m not fishing for compliments, I’m not being humble, and I’m not trying to make myself look good here – I genuinely thought Mutual Benefits was bad and no one was going to like it. I figured this would be a possibly year-long affair of me writing a book that no one liked, and my […]

Pandemics and Procrastination

I’ve been getting into a half-decent groove with making sure chapters come out every month lately. As well, Mutual Benefits, for whatever reason, is a decent hit on other websites despite its scarcity of sex scenes relative to other stories. It would appear that 2021 is off to a solid start for me, from an […]