[New Chapter Posted!] Burnt Out

I’m going to keep it 100% real with you all – while I did manage to finish a chapter recently, I also have been feeling completely burnt out all week from all of the work I have been doing. So, given my condition and the fact that I already did a blog this week, if […]

Video Games pt. 2

The more eagled-eyed of you all who happened to read Mutual Benefits Chapter 6 last week and this week may have noticed a change, one that may seem completely trivial on its face. In the GameStop scene, Quinn had a completely pointless argument with his coworker James about Pok√©mon (specifically about Flareon and its inability […]

[New Piece Posted!] The Scumbag

Alongside my ‘normal’ voted-upon stories, I’ll also be working on other projects, usually from one of two areas: either commissions or experimental pieces I write when I’m hit particularly hard with inspiration. And Ophelia Blinked is an experimental piece I thought up last year, and I’ve chipped away at writing it whenever I felt the […]

Video Games

Around a week or so before posting the latest chapter, in a tweet I mentioned that I once got a good piece of feedback that I didn’t really delve into a character’s hobbies as much as I could, and another one pointing out that I don’t mention my characters playing video games enough, and I […]

[New Chapter Posted!] Author Surrogate

Chapter Six of Mutual Benefits is now posted! It takes some new directions but all in all, I hope you all enjoy it. A bit ago, I got a comment from a reader saying that my protagonists are never really the cocky arrogant “I never question what I’m doing” type, which I think was the […]