[New Chapter Posted!] Coming Across

At long last, chapter 8 is finished! The Patreon poll will be live shortly after this blog is up. Thank you for waiting for the chapter. Hopefully it gives you all joy. **As always, spoilers ahead beyond this point** I’m always nervous posting chapters that are a bit lighter on the sex. Whether it be […]

Wilder Interpretations

It is genuinely one of the coolest things ever when someone reads a story of mine and makes a completely different assumption about a character than I did. It’s wilder still when they assume this interpretation is obvious or objective or what I intended or something. At one point, a commenter wrote a comment under […]

My Retirement – An Announcement

Nah, just kidding. Nothing substantive happened this week, so I thought I’d bring up the weirdness of comment sections for slower erotica writers, like myself. This does not apply to the comment sections on this blog – you all are actually super civil and kind. The criticism I receive here is always constructive and well-worded, […]

Subtlety VS Confusion

Before Chapter Seven came out, I was peppered with comments and emails telling me that there were too many loose ends and different perspectives in Mutual Benefits to keep in mind, and that some clarification would have been helpful, since all of these vague bits of information were confusing for readers. First of all: yeah, […]