More Demands More

If you want to get started in writing but want to churn out something formulaic and copy-paste without much criticism, erotica is a great place to start. I mean that both as a dig and a genuine comment – online erotica can be a great starting ground if you don’t have a lot of writing […]

The Final Being More Social Q&A – Part 1

280,000 words later, Being More Social has now been fully edited, by myself. I hope to God I fixed all of the spelling and grammar mistakes (there were, embarrassingly, a lot of them) and I can call the edit ‘definitive’ and wash my hands of it. For those who care about the lore of my […]

Intentional Imperfections

Shortly after posting Mutual Benefits Chapter 11, I got a few really good insightful pieces of criticism from Literotica readers specifically. Normally when I receive anything a cynic might interpret as “negative,” it’s usually people who say my chapters come out too infrequently – not too much to be done on that front until the […]


Sorry to my patrons for forgetting to post the writing poll a week late. It completely slipped my mind. It’s up now, so go vote for what you want to see me write for this month! I’ll spend the free time working on my edit of Being More Social as well as another commission piece […]