[New Chapter Posted!] To Dominate and to Submit

One of my favorite things in writing is getting an unexpected rush of inspiration, like you suddenly realize where things are going and the exact things everyone is saying and doing. Sometimes writing can be a daunting process where you don’t really want to keep going because the inspiration well has run dry, but these […]

One Person’s Trash…

Last week, a friend at work recommended to me a review of Fifty Shades of Grey, the popular erotic series, for its brutal takedown of the books. Ever since Fifty Shades came out I’ve heard occasional whispers, most of them negative, about the story. I never read it myself, but that was mostly due to […]

So What

I’ve been burnt out for practically the entire month of December so far with no signs of slowing down. Alongside the usual holiday-related expectations one can expect during December, my hours at my work have also gone back up due to preparations needing to take place for my country’s response to the new COVID variant. […]