Perspective & Hindsight

I don’t want to make a habit of addressing criticism and going, “No, that’s not true, I’m right, enh.” It’s a dangerous rabbit hole to go down. In this blog I’ll be doing it once more after last week I criticized the obsession with the necessity of stating every character’s full intent, but after that, […]

When to Tell

A few things have started to bother me about my writing style lately. I’ve always been someone who flirted with the concepts behind “show versus tell” – and I err on the side of telling being underrated. Telling is efficient, leaves less room for error, and when used correctly, is more emotionally effective. Personally, the […]

After the Fact

In Chapter 13 of Mutual Benefits, a very raw and spontaneous bit of emotion happens: Quinn reveals, possibly even to himself, that the way Taylor treated him in a consented sexual situation has upset him now that he knows more about himself. A few readers expressed confusion at him being upset and I can totally […]