[New Chapter Posted!] Shot, Chaser

So, weirdly, I managed to finish both a commission piece and a chapter this week, so I guess I’ll post the chapter this week, and post the commission piece the next. Look forward to that. Be warned, the piece is, within reason, a bit different from my other works, at least genre-wise. It still has […]

Get Ready to be Disappointed

Seeing the comments on chapter 14 paints a very grim reminder of what I’m trying to accomplish: I want to create a nuanced and personalized story to Quinn, and every decision I make in that story will alienate someone in the quest to make the story as personalized to him as possible. While I’m not […]


After last week’s blog, a reader pointed out an error of mine – I was using the word ‘episodic’ to describe my writing but I was using it in error. Episodic writing release pieces periodically and will often run the same themes in released pieces but be self-contained, whereas serial writing, which is more along […]


Writing Mutual Benefits chapter 14 has presented me with an interesting challenge, and I’ll have to go into spoiler territory to really explore it, so, you’ve been warned. When one writes a book and releases it as a full product (which I notably don’t do), there’s a lot that can be done with foreshadowing and […]