I Don’t Know What the Hell to Title This

I’ve written and thrown out this blog a few times now. It’s been very difficult to get all of my thoughts out on one post, but given I’m posting this one you’re reading, it finally broke through my shell of insecurity. My life has made things quite frustrating lately, and as a result, this isn’t […]

[New Chapter Posted!] Bloodborne

With 27 minutes to spare at the time of writing this post, Mutual Benefits Chapter 16 is now posted. I have gone through hell and back this past month and will likely expand on that in another blog post where I’m not so burnt out, but hey, I haven’t missed a month in a long […]

A Finger on the Pulse

I think my blog posts have been a tad unfair on the value of feedback in recent months. Even though I always have the caveat of being grateful and eager to hear feedback, I feel that my defensiveness and overthinking nature have undermined the sheer value that comments, including needlessly nitpicky or negative comments, can […]

[New Piece Posted] New Ground

I’m more nervous posting this week than in my working memory. Even when I start new stories, I can take comfort in knowing it’s my usual wheelhouse of “young adult slice of life” stories. That’s my genre, and that’s my comfort zone. It’s always good to break out from one’s comfort zone, but it still […]

[New Chapter Posted!] Shot, Chaser

So, weirdly, I managed to finish both a commission piece and a chapter this week, so I guess I’ll post the chapter this week, and post the commission piece the next. Look forward to that. Be warned, the piece is, within reason, a bit different from my other works, at least genre-wise. It still has […]