Mutual Benefits – Chapter 4

“What do you want from Taylor?”

It wasn’t a question I was expecting. I stared at Crystal for a second before sighing. “Look, Morgan already gave me the whole spiel, so I’d appreciate it if we could-”

“Oh, I know,” Crystal replied firmly, folding her arms in front of her chest. “She told me when she did. But now if I ever bring you up even in passing, she just looks at the floor and says nothing.”

That was a lot to process. “How many times is your friend group bringing me up…?” I began.

Crystal rolled her eyes. “Well, considering Taylor is starting to see you more than she sees us…”

I shrugged. “I’m at her disposal here. She tells me, ‘we’re gonna go study,’ and we go study.”

“Meanwhile you get nothing from the deal.” Crystal was looking less convinced by the second.

“She’s paying me, isn’t she? Or did she not mention that?”

“You have a job, don’t you? Even with minimum, your job would pay you better for your time than she would.”

“Then take it up with Mrs. Li! She’s the one that asked me to tutor her in the first place,” I replied, defensively yet lamely.

“I just don’t see why you’d keep doing this unless you were trying to get something from her,” Crystal replied, looking down to face Lexi.

Lexi was sitting on the pavement, eating her sandwich. She looked up at Crystal as if she only now noticed she was here. “Don’t look at me, I don’t have an opinion,” she replied with a mouth full of sandwich.

I decided to cut in. “Is this really about Taylor, or do you all just not trust me? It’s getting really old feeling like I have to prove myself to each and every one of you.”

Crystal mock-laughed at me. “Do you think I believe Morgan trusts you now? For all I know you beat her up.”

This was ridiculous. “How?!”

“I dunno, karate or something.”

My turn to roll my eyes. “For the hundredth time, I don’t know any martial arts!”

Crystal looked at me, weirded out. “What does art have to do with this?”

“Martial art is stuff like karate and kung fu. That’s the name,” Lexi lazily told her with her mouth full. 

“Crystal, look at me. Do I look like I could beat Morgan up? What would I even gain from that?” I interrupted.

“Look, just saying, Morgan has literally never shut up about a person the way she’s shut up about you. She always has an opinion.”

“We’re not saying you did anything,” Lexi clarified. “Or at least I’m not. I think she’s just weirded out by you or something.”

I looked up to the heavens and sighed. “Tell you what, if I tell you the truth, will you get off my back?”

Crystal looked at me as if I was stupid. “Wasn’t that the point from the beginning, dumbass? You’re acting like you just had a big brain moment here.”

Completely charming, the whole group. I sighed again. “So…” I began. “Morgan came along with Taylor to her house during one of our studying sessions. I hope to God you already know this about her, but… she drinks…” I pushed for their reactions.

Crystal was looking at me with half-closed eyes. “Dude, we’ve been doing it since grade nine. How sheltered are you?”

“Okay, so… she was drinking, and she decided to talk in… really graphic detail about… sex, a sexual episode she had with… some guy.”

“Which guy?” Lexi gasped.

“You’re surprised she had sex but not that she drinks?” I asked, surprised.

Lexi waved my point away. “Of course I know she fucks. But she never tells me who. Spill the beans!”

“Yeah, I’m not doing that. Anyway… I wasn’t comfortable so I let her know, and she called me a virgin,” I continued.

Crystal gave me a look. “Which… you are,” she clarified.

“I am aware of that,” I replied annoyedly.

“That’ doesn’t sound s-”

Then…” I interrupted emphatically. “Taylor was realizing Morgan was making me uncomfortable, and tr-”

“No, hold on, wait, I still don’t get why you were uncomfortable,” Crystal interrupted.

I squeezed my eyes shut and rubbed my forehead for a bit. “Okay, Crystal, just live in my world for a second, okay? I’ve barely had friends growing up, let alone romantic or sexual partners. So this is like an alien world to me, and I get easily overwhelmed. Imagine suddenly finding yourself in a new world, surrounded by people that speak a different language than you. To a smaller exte-”

“What language?”

“I don’t care, Crystal, it’s a comparison,” I replied back annoyedly. 

“Well if I wanna imagine it, I gotta know the l-”

“Fine, Mandarin.”

“The hell is Mandarin?!” she asked ludicrously, looking around.

“It’s another word for Chinese,” Lexi clarified.

“Oh. Well then, you could come with me, you would be able to speak Mandarin, right?”

“Yes, I do, biǎo zi,” I replied, losing my patience. 

Crystal looked at me, impressed. “Woah, it sounds like you have a totally different voice when you say that!”

“Do me next!” Lexi interjected.

“So if you suddenly found yourself surrounded by Chinese people, without me to guide you, you’d get pretty overwhelmed. Not just by the language, but the new customs, the different way people act, how things you think are important are so casual, how casual things to you are so important…”

“So… you’re overwhelmed around us Americans?” Crystal asked.

“Wha- no! The language thing is just a metaph-ugggh.” I raked my eyes across my face. “I’m saying that you guys have been in sexual situations a lot. I have not,”

“Because you’re a virgin,” Crystal added.

“Yes, because I’m that,” I agreed. “So sex has a certain… taboo nature to it. It’s heavy stuff. It’s controversial. It makes me bashful when people bring it up because I don’t know what I’m doing in sex and the mere thought of it makes me nervous. Tell me that I’m getting through to you, Crystal, because if you say no, I’m grabbing the closest lethal object and I’m killing myself.”

Lexi looked around. “What would be the closest…?” she trailed off.

“So Morgan talked about sex in front of you. Big deal. It just means she trusts you. She even drank in front of you.”

I shrugged. “That’s just where my comfort level is at. And I let her know that. And I guess she took it really personally. But there, that’s the truth, ask her if you don’t believe me.”

“Ask her? Who, Lexi?” Crystal asked.

“How would I know?” Lexi mumbled.

“No, ask Morgan,” I clarified.

“How can I ask her if every time I bring you up, she just looks at the floor?!” she demanded.

“Then I guess you’re going to have to trust me,” I replied. 

“I think you just need to get over your sexphobia, dude,” Crystal replied.

“Thank you for your opinion,” I told her, turning to leave. This group was one massive headache. Were groups like this why school had so much drama? I was so glad I was a shy nerd and never involved with drama.


“Hey, I heard that you’ve been making Taylor Wise upset,” came a booming voice from behind me as I gathered some stuff at my locker. Too scared to get annoyed, I turned around to see Bryce Foxen, the school’s biggest jock. ‘Built like a fridge’ wouldn’t do him justice, and despite still being in high school, he was probably 6’2 or higher, so of course, he towered over practically anyone, including me.

“No, I haven’t,” I replied feebly, half in fear, half in anguish. I was so upset by this whole situation I could cry.

“That’s not what I’ve been hearing, little man,” he warned me, leaning down to get close to my face. “We don’t want any problems between us, so why are Taylor’s friends coming to me telling me you’re making her upset?”

There was a crowd gathering around us. Eyes on me. Yeah, that’s what I needed right now. In the moment, I realized trying to intricately explain myself to a jock was going to confuse him, and confusion would lead to anger. Anger leads to the Dark Side, or something like that.

I took a breath. “Taylor’s friends are trying to start some shit because they don’t like that Taylor is choosing to hang around me more than them. Did you speak to Taylor or just her friends?”

A bunch of reactions splashed across Bryce’s face. He was clearly not expecting this. “I spoke to Crystal,” he told me. “You tryna tell me there’s some shit going on? Because I’ll put a fuckin’ dent in your head if you’re lying.” He gave me a serious look, not even a threatening one, as if we were rival capos discussing a turf deal or something.

I had to play the game though. “Hell yeah I’m saying that! Talk to Taylor. It’s not my word against Crystal’s, it’s ‘whatever Taylor says goes.’ Taylor and I are friends. Study buddies. Her friends are jealous.” I got close to Bryce’s ear. “You know how girls are.”

Bryce actually cracked a smile at that. “You’re a funny guy, you know that?”

I shrugged. “I got nothing else going for me, I may as well be.” I looked around. The tension was dissipating, so the crowd was thinning. Thank God. 

He still grabbed my shirt. “You’re not off my shit list,” he warned. “I’m gonna talk to Taylor right fuckin’ now and if she says anything – and I mean anything – about you, you’re gonna wish you never met her.”

“I help her do math homework,” I replied exasperatedly. I wanted to argue further, but I didn’t have the strength for it. Bryce seemed to be satisfied with me, and let my shirt go. He stomped his way down the hallway (although his body was so wide and built that stomping was likely the only way he could move) and that was the last I saw of him.

As soon as he left, I reverted back to my shy never-look-people-in-the-eyes self, and stayed that way until after school, when I was going back to my locker to drop some stuff off.


That was a familiar voice. Taylor. I turned around to see her approaching me, an apologetic look on her face.

“Quinn, I am so sorry for how Bryce talked to you today. Whatever he did, I’m so sorry. He sees me as his, like, younger sister and stuff, so he gets really protective over me.”

“Uh, yeah. I can tell,” I mumbled as I turned back to my locker. 

“I just wanted to let you know I explained everything and he’s totally cool with you now,” she reported to me.

I turned back from my locker. “So did I, but he still grabbed my shirt and yanked me up.” I grabbed my own shirt to demonstrate.

Taylor made a pained face. “Quinn, I’m so sorry. Some people just-”

“It’s not even Bryce I’m annoyed at,” I pointed out.

Taylor stopped mid-sentence and gave me a weird look. “Did any of the other guys grab you too?”

“No,” I clarified. “Bryce only approached me after Crystal dragged me outside and made me explain to her why Morgan was being silent about me. And she didn’t seem happy with my answer.”

Taylor looked away guiltily but didn’t say anything.

“And you and I know why Morgan probably isn’t my biggest fan right now,” I continued.

Taylor turned back and gave me a pitying smile. “Quinn, she feels bad. She doesn’t hate you.”

“Well that’s not what Crystal took from it, and it was either her or Lexi that blabbed to Bryce,” I explained. “Why did they even do that? How many times am I being brought up in your friend group that Crystal even notices?”

Taylor eyed the ground for a second and seemed to mull something over in her head. “Have you got work tonight?” she finally asked.

“Um, no…”

“Cool, pack your stuff up and we can go somewhere and talk about it,” Taylor smiled sweetly. “I don’t think here is, like, the best place.”

I almost didn’t want to, but on the one hand, I wanted this shit over and done with, and on another hand, to be frank… the most popular girl in school was asking me to hang out with her. Not even to go study, but to hang out. She even had an expectant smile on her cute little chipmunk face. There was no way in hell I was going to pass this up. 

“Sure, alright,” I replied awkwardly, turning around to gather my stuff. Taylor just waited patiently until I was finished, then gave me a smile with raised eyebrows as we walked off towards her car. 

On the way there, we passed several people, including Bryce. Given what Taylor said, I expected him to say something, or even give a kind of guilty smile and a wave. But all the while we walked down the hallway together, all he did was just stare me down. He didn’t even have a menacing face, just a… blank one.

Taylor and I got in the car and silently drove off. We were on the road for about a minute before she piped up.

“Bryce is a really sweet guy,” she began.

“Yeah, I can tell,” I bitterly replied.

“He just thought you were a creep or making me uncomfortable or something,” she defended him.

“And I wasn’t, so where does that leave me?” I asked exasperatedly. “The guy approached me at my own locker today, and he grabbed my shirt!”

Taylor laughed sympathetically. “Yeah, you told me,” she gingerly replied. 

“I just don’t get why your friend group can’t see why we can’t just be study buddies, nothing more. They think there’s something else going on, and then they start all this drama…”

“Well, I mean… Quinn… first of all, there is something else going on…” she pointed out.

I stared at her for a few seconds. “Well, yeah, but they don’t know that! They just think that because Morgan’s upset or whatever-”

“Actually, yeah, second of all, you upset Morgan,” Taylor interrupted, this time with some heat.

I gave her a weird look. “You were on my side when she got all… drunk and weird,” I defended myself. “I let her know my boundaries and she-”

“Yeah, sure, but I saw the text you sent her – that was just uncalled for,” Taylor replied.

I sighed. “Look, she approached me first and scolded me about not seeing things from other peoples’ perspectives, back before anything ever happened. She was being a hypocrite and I think I was justified in calling her out.”

Taylor shrugged. “Just saying. This whole thing happened because you sent her that text.”

“So what, I’m not allowed to stand up for myself, or show emotions, or be human?”

“No, you are! Like, you absolutely are!”

“Then…” I pressed.

With her free hand, she gestured outwards. “This is what happens when you do.”

I looked puzzled but said nothing. So… this was just high school drama? What I did was starting high school drama? It was this level of petty? And more importantly, I caused it? 

Before I knew it, Taylor had stopped. I looked up to see some kind of posh brick building. Starbucks. I looked at Taylor and grinned. “If you’re allowed to think I take kung fu, am I allowed to tease you about this stereotype?”

Sadly, Taylor didn’t see the humor. She just rolled her eyes and huffed, “I said that once. Don’t hold it over me forever.” She promptly got out of the car, and I followed.

Starbucks had an interesting atmosphere to it. I could see why some students liked going here and studying after school. It felt cozy, and clean. Though it was also unexpectedly expensive, so I was glad I never got used to this as the after-school experience. After we received our drinks, we found a table and sat down. For the first few seconds, we sipped our drinks in silence.

Taylor was the first to speak, finishing a sip and clearing her throat before looking intently at me. “When you get involved in a friend group, popular or not, stuff is going to shift,” she began. “Like, the way we talk to each other is going to change.”

“The dynamic will change?” I offered.

“Sure. And I may not care about it, but yeah, I’m popular. It’s not going to be like the movies, but if I am talking to someone that doesn’t talk to a lot of people… people are going to gossip, or, like, do stupid shit sometimes.” She shrugged. “It’s just what happens. And don’t make the mistake of thinking it only happens to you.”

I was taken aback. “That was really articulate, Taylor,” I replied, a little impressed at the last part.

She bitterly raised her eyebrows once in acknowledgement. “This isn’t the first time I’ve had to say this.”

I looked from side to side, and leaned in. “So… you’ve had unpopular study buddies you’ve done sexual stuff with before?”

Taylor laughed and slowly shook her head at me. “Oh my God, Quinn. No.” She laughed. “No, I haven’t. This is new to me too. But I’m just saying, this is what happens when you talk to more high schoolers. Sometimes stuff like this happens. It’s just the way it is.”

“I mean, in theory I get it,” I replied between sips. “We’re high schoolers. We’re clumsy and don’t know how to be perfect, so when we miscommunicate, it blows up.”


“It just seems so excessive. I’ve met with your friends in private three times now to talk about how I’m associating with you. And a dude came by my locker to threaten me. I mean, thank goodness it hasn’t gotten out we’ve done anything together, or I’d have to give daily updates to your friends about how I say hello to you or something.”

Taylor laughed. “Honestly, if they knew it might be easier for you,” she admitted. “Then they’d at least know your intentions are somewhat sexual. There’s a weird comfort in knowing a man is a horndog, rather than wondering if he is or isn’t or something.”

I blinked twice. “Wait, are you suggest-”

“No, no no nope, I am not,” she clarified immediately. “That will come with more gossip. You’ll be wishing you only had to go through this. Just thinking out loud.” She paused for a second. “Seriously, don’t tell anyone, especially my friends, about us.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know.” I took a sip. “We already covered this stuff. I just want the ‘checking in’ to end, you know?”

She shrugged. “I don’t know if it will. My friends can be… kind of jealous.”

I cocked my head. “What, like they want to sleep with you?”

“Ew, no!” She made a repulsed face. “I just mean, we have a thing. We don’t like people from outside our thing coming into our thing.”

“And the less popular the person, the more they hate people coming into your thing,” I added bitterly.

“They just don’t know you. It’s not about popularity. It’s about what they know about you. And if you’re not popular and they never heard about you, you’re as good as, like, a stranger.”

I stared at her for a second or two. “I guess that makes sense,” I admitted. “But now they know me. I stood up for Crystal’s side during that whole… the first time we had lunch together.”

“Sure, but do they remember that? They probably just remembered that you argued and talked a lot. We don’t like people that talk a lot. They’re, like, know-it-alls.”

“Do you want someone who isn’t a know-it-all teaching you math?” I asked her.

“Being a know-it-all and being smart and humble is different. You were a huge know-it-all during our first few lessons, and I barely learned a thing,” Taylor challenged me.

I made a sour face. “Jeez. I got better.”

Taylor nodded. “But you get what I mean.”

I admitted defeat. “Yes, I get what you mean.”

“And they haven’t gotten to see that part of you. So all they know is, you talked too much at the lunch table, Morgan doesn’t like bringing you up, and you and I are spending a lot of time together,” Taylor concluded.

I sat in silence for a bit. “I don’t like this being all my fault, all I’m trying to do is help you,” I finally said. 

“I know, but this is what they see. It’s why they asked Bryce to-”

“Yeah, what’s with that?” I interrupted. “They think I talk too much so they send Bryce to imply that I’m making you uncomfortable? And then he grabs my-”

“Shirt, I know.” She shrugged. “They must have felt like they weren’t getting through to you, so they thought of something else to do.” She took a large gulp from her drink. “It’s problem solving. Not unlike what you’re teaching me.”

I stared at her for a bit. “You’ve got some good one-liners,” I softly admitted. “I feel like you’re toying with me sometimes. Like you’re going to reveal one day that you were this genius that hid it the whole time.”

Taylor chuckled in derision. “If only,” she mumbled. “Nah, I’m still an idiot.”

“Your grades are impr-”

“Not like that. Just… boys. People. I can tell other people what to do, but like, when it comes to me, everything just blows up in my face.”

“We seem to be doing alright.”

“We came here today to discuss all the drama that’s been surrounding us,” Taylor rebutted. “It’s like that story you hear about in grade two or whatever. The guy that… where everything he touched turned to gold.”

“King Midas?”

“Oh, who cares? You know what I’m talking about. Every time I make a friend or talk to someone or… y’know, fuck someone, it turns into this whole thing. Real talk? I thought the nicest part about you teaching me math was that this could be the one time I wouldn’t have to worry about drama. And not only am I worrying about it, I have to be the one to solve it.”

“Hey, hey. I’m not asking you to solve it,” I replied sympathetically. “It’s just hard for me too. This is my first time dealing with anything like this.”

We didn’t say anything for a bit. Eventually, I piped up again. “Do you regret the stuff that we did?”

I wanted her to immediately reply no. Instead, she sipped her drink slowly. “I’m not sure,” she finally admitted.

“Do… do you want us to stop?” I pressed on.

She stared at me for a bit. “Same answer,” she finally replied. “Nothing against you.”

I chuckled in defeat. “I know that I can’t give you what other guys can. I’m not going to take offense there. You know what you’re doing and I don’t.”

Taylor smiled and looked down at the floor. “I, uh, actually kinda like that part,” she admitted quietly, then bit her lip.


“I dunno. Most guys really like to play up the alpha guy thing, especially around me. They really try to be the guy they think I’ll fall for or something. But you’re kind of like a… puppy. In a good way. I can tell you’re actually being you, and it’s kind of cool to be the one with the experience around a guy. I get to tell you what I like, and I know you’ll listen instead of going all, ‘I already know what you like.’ Plus, you… you know stuff. You probably know what a clitoris is.”

I gave her another weird face. “Well, I mean, yeah, of course.”

“Congratulations, you’re already doing better than sixty percent of guys,” she joked with an annoyed tone. I joined her in chuckling. “I just wanted this to not be more drama and headaches. And I don’t know if it’s because I sent you that n-” She stopped abruptly and looked around. “…because I did that thing, or if it’s because this just always happens.”

I nodded along for a bit. “In the future, I’ll try to solve my problems with your friends myself and try not to get you involved,” I quietly told her.

She shook her head. “No, no, it’s fine. This is my friend group. We’ve been together through everything. I don’t mind doing this for them. I just hate that I’m always doing it, you know? And believe me, this is small. When the school was obsessed with Milo for like a week, that was hell. Every time one of us sleeps with a new guy or has our pictures leaked, that’s hell.”

“…Every time?” I had to ask.

She gave me a sad smile of acknowledgement but said nothing more. We sipped our drinks for a bit longer.

“Well, hey, uh…” I began clumsily. “Do you wanna… I dunno, get out of here and keep chatting? Like, to your place or…”

Taylor shook her head and smiled at me in her trademark, ‘Oh, Quinn’ way.

“No, not like that. I just meant, you keep looking around like you don’t want to talk in public, and I just wanted to show you that I do care about your company and all that too. I didn’t mean anything sexual. I mean you said you don’t know if you want to continue. So, you know, we wouldn’t do anything unless you wanted it. I just wanted to respect your comfort and show I care, and… I’m sorry.”

“Quinn, shut up,” Taylor said playfully. “I don’t know what you’d want to do, but sure, we can at least go to the car or something.”

“I guess just talking is fine. I mean, I’m just enjoying talking with you, and you seem to look around when you get close to saying anything personal. I guess I just don’t want you to be uncomfortable.”

Taylor gave me another smirk and slunk out of her chair, chipperly sauntering to the door. Meekly, I followed, and before long we were sitting in her car.

“If we’re going to get out of there, we may as well go to my place,” she said coolly. “It’s closer to your place anyway.”

“Hey, uh, if that’s what you want, sure,” I replied. For the rest of the ride, we talked about insignificant things – school, teachers, things decidedly unrelated to her friends – on the one hand, it was small talk, so it didn’t carry much weight, but on the other, it was nice to talk about stuff that wasn’t stressing me, and it was clear that it was stressing Taylor a lot more. Plus, whether I offended Morgan or not, I did tell her I’d make an effort to entertain Taylor’s conversations more.

“…And to be honest, I didn’t hate Mr. Graves,” she continued as we parked at her place. “Like, yeah, he could be a bit much at times, but, he was only brutal…”

“…If he thought you didn’t care,” I finished her.

“Exactly! And Mrs. Li is pretty nice. Like, I don’t think she’s the best teacher, but…”

“Did you have a tutor when you were in Graves’ class?” I asked.

“No, but like, it was also simpler math.” She turned the car off and got out of the car. I followed suit. “I dunno if I’d get it more if Graves was teaching data management.”

I nodded as we walked through her front door. “Yeah. I think I agree, Graves is more strict but I find I retain a lot more of what he teaches.”

We walked down to the basement and Taylor sat in a beanbag chair and exhaled loudly and slowly, keeping her eyes closed. I awkwardly stood there until she opened her eyes and laughed pityingly. “You can sit down if you want.”

“I guess I can,” I mumbled nervously as I sat in another chair.

“Is everything, like, alright?” she asked.

This basement had kind of a stigma for me at this point. It’s where I saw my first boob, it’s where Morgan sat drunk talking about what a virgin I was, not knowing what Taylor and I were doing, and it’s where I hung out with a friend, after school, for basically the first time in my high school history. “Yeah, I’m fine,” I replied, clearing my throat, realizing that my dumb brain was putting sex to the forefront, making me hard. I tried crossing my legs and playing it off like I was making myself comfortable. “Did you want to maybe look over data management stuff? Y’know, while we’re here.”

Taylor grimaced lightly. “Um, we could have done that, but I kinda left my data management book at school.”

“Oh, right,” I replied. “Yeah, I left mine there too. Wow, you legitimately wanted to hang out with me.”

Taylor chuckled. “Quinn, that’s what we said, wasn’t it? Even after all this time it’s hard to believe?”

“I mean, when we started we said it was going to be just study buddies, but then w- yeah.”

She raised an eyebrow. “So you’re thinking about that, huh?”

“No, no, Taylor, this is just friend stuff. Purely friend stuff. I’m not thinking about any of that.”

“Uncross your legs, Quinn.”

“…Okay, I didn’t want to be thinking about any of that, it just happened to pop up in my mind,” I admitted, defeated.

She smiled triumphantly. “Knew it. See? Like, everyone thinks about it, especially after it starts. Now think about if you were drunk, or tipsy, like Morgan was. You can’t blame her for that.”

“Yeah, but she’s had sex before. Like, full sexual intercourse. Presumably with several guys. I’ve only ever done some stuff, and it was with you, and it was for the purposes of education. It’s still kind of new and thrilling to me.”

Taylor’s smile got bigger by the second. “Thrilling, huh?”

“I mean…”

“No no, go on, this is kind of fascinating,” she admitted. “It’s like I get to rediscover my own, like, beginning of it all.”

“I just-”

“No, wait.” She smiled mischievously. “You can only go on if you uncross your legs.” Her smile turned a little devious.

I chuckled in discomfort. “…And if I don’t want to do that?”

“Then you don’t have to talk about it! But then I also forbid you from talking at all.”

“Forbid me fro-”

“Nah-ah-ah!” she interrupted, holding up a finger with an entirely serious expression. We stared at each other for a few seconds, while her devious smile returned slowly.

I said nothing. We stared into each other’s eyes for a few seconds, before I realized I was looking someone in the eye for that long. I turned away, blushing. The silence was getting louder. I turned back to Taylor and opened my eyes to say something, and she held up the finger again and resumed her serious expression. After a bit, a smile of defeat slowly crept across my face and, slowly at first, I uncrossed my legs.

Taylor’s finger lowered back to her side and her smile got bigger. Her eyes flashed down to my crotch, then back to my face. “You were saying?”

“This can not be the traditional way every guy my age has explored sex,” I quipped as I adjusted myself on the beanbag chair.

“Sex in high school. What even is tradition?” Taylor quipped back. “So, new and thrilling.”

I stared at her for a bit. She was really enjoying my hesitancy here. It’s like she was teasing me… or torturing me. A part of me was excited, but another part of me was getting uncomfortable, and maybe that was her plan. Normally I would have been too nervous to continue in the way that I ended up doing, but at this point I realized that if I didn’t shock her in some way, she would continue to have the upper hand.

“Yeah, new and thrilling,” I replied, out of breath from the nervousness of knowing what I was about to say, feeling adrenaline surge through me. “I mean, I knew I had urges and stuff before, but I’ve been looking at your picture like every night. I think about what you taught me and how I could use those lessons to really please you. Or someone like you, you know…” My cock pulsed achingly in my pants. My pants visibly moved ever so slightly every time it did. “…the stuff we already talked about.”

“Damn, Quinn,” Taylor replied. “You sure feel strongly about it. I, like, wasn’t expecting that.”

“I did say I was speechless when I first saw your picture. I guess I, uh, just found the words for it,” I shrugged, no longer looking her in the eye, trying to play it cool.

“Guess you did,” she nodded.

“Have you found a nice guy to please you yet?” I asked.

“Worried you’re going to lose to the competition?” she teased me.

“Competition? It’s not like we’re guaranteed to go all the way if you don’t find a guy,” I commented. “Plus I still have my picture. Though if you ended up in a relationship and asked me to delete it, I would. In front of you, so you know I deleted it, if you want.”

Taylor gave me one of her cutest smirks. It lit up the features on her cute face. “Oh, Quinn. Always such a gentleman,” she remarked.

“It’s not being a gentleman, it’s the respect people owe each other. If a guy doesn’t give you at least that, don’t sleep with him,” I reminded her.

She looked to the ground and bit her lip. “Yeah, but if I did that, knowing the guys at our school, maybe I’d have so few options that I’d, like, have to sleep with you.”

I exhaled sharply and suddenly. “You’re just trying to get me to, uh, shoot in my pants again,” I laughed with a small, windy voice. 

She joined in on the laughing. “It’s definitely interesting to watch,” she remarked in just as low a voice. “Did you, maybe, want to keep those lessons going? We don’t need a textbook for that.”

“Is that what you want?” I asked.

“Hey, I’m just the teacher here,” Taylor remarked innocently, flipping her hair behind her.

“And what would you want to teach me?” I inquired. “Unless we’d just be going over old lessons.”

“Well, I assume you would want to skip over the lesson on eating a girl out,” she laughed, as if it was ridiculous to assume a guy would even want to do that.

“Are you kidding?” I found the words leaving my mouth before they even registered to me.

Taylor paused, almost mid-word, and looked at me. The faintest beginnings of a smile reached her lips. “You’d, uh, want to learn how to eat a girl out?” she asked, in a voice barely above a whisper.

“Uh, yeah, I would,” I replied nervously, my own voice barely audible.

Her smile expanded, just a little, and I swear I saw the beginnings of her licking her lips. “Well then…” she replied, clearly as nervous as I was at that point. “M-maybe we could start with reviewing old material, and if you seem to know it all, we could move on to new stuff.”

I genuinely wanted to just hang out with her. I promised myself I wouldn’t try to shift the conversation to sexual when we hung out. I wanted to prove to her, and to myself, I could hang out with her without it turning sexual. All I had to do was tell her that.

“Sounds good to me.”

Taylor was wearing one of those shirts that revealed either one shoulder or the other. It actually looked insanely attractive on her, but I for one wasn’t complaining when she took it off. This time she removed her undershirt and bra like it was nothing, and soon her beautiful small brown nipples stared me in the face again. To cut the tension she cupped her boobs in both hands and did a motion like she was weighing them while teasing ask, “Did you miss them?”

“I assume I’m allowed to say ‘yes’ here,” I breathed.

“Quinn, for once, don’t focus on what you think others want to say. Say, like, the first thing that comes to your mind.”

“I really want to suck on them this time too,” I admitted breathily.

“Ooh,” Taylor cooed. “Bad boy. Remember, they’re sensitive.”

“Wait, seriously?! I can?” I asked, for some reason not able to believe it. 

“Hurry up, before I change my mind,” she practically sang.

I don’t think if my brain even processed the few seconds it took for me to approach her and kneel down in front of her. The few seconds afterwards, though, were like time was slowing down. I could practically feel my heartbeat, synched up with the jumping and twitching my dick was doing in my pants, as my lips hit her nipples for the first time ever.

I was expecting the taste to be kind of plain, just like a ‘skin’ flavor, but nipples (or at least her nipples) actually had a distinct flavor to them. It was kind of like sweat, but sweeter. More addictive. I loved how soft yet firm her nipples felt in my mouth, and I loved feeling the nuds move around as my lips, then my tongue, began to play with them. I knew I wanted to give a hard suck immediately, but I heeded Taylor’s advice and held back on sucking on them for the time being, until I knew what she liked.

Luckily it seemed I was flying on blind luck – within seconds Taylor was cooing and bringing her hands to the back of my head. “Oh, wow, Quinn, you’re a really fast learner,” she breathed, her breaths turning into slight moans. 

I honestly could have done just this for hours. This was like heaven. I knew guys liked sucking on boobs, but I would never have guessed why until I had one in my mouth. Before it was just curiosity, but now that I had a taste, I was hungry for more. 

I started experimenting with adding my tongue, listening for Taylor’s response as I learned by trial and error (though thankfully not much error) what she liked and how, as well as when, to use different things my mouth could do on her. Before long, she was guiding me to her other breast, and I found myself getting light-headed with horniness while using every technique I just learned.

I was making Taylor Wise wet. One of the most popular girls at my school, certainly the hottest. The girl every straight guy in my school wanted to fuck, and here I was, on my knees, her moaning for me as I sucked on her gorgeous little nipples.

It seemed she couldn’t handle her hormones any better than I could, because after a little while, she practically forced my mouth off of her nipples and made me face her. “I’m, uh, really horny, and I just… look, I just want your tongue inside of me, Quinn.”

“Okay,” I breathlessly replied, almost in fear. 

She barely waited for my response. Within seconds, I had backed off and she had stood up to remove her pants. This was so surreal to me, so exciting. I had seen her boobs before in her picture so I was prepared for that, but I had never seen her pussy before, and she was asking me to eat it.

Taylor removed her pants and underwear in one fell swoop, immediately showing me her beautiful vagina. I found myself gasping in the sheer beauty of it all. I practically felt the brightness of my vision jump for a second.

Taylor just had this kind of quality to her where everything just worked perfectly. Her tits just looked like… Taylor’s. Like, yeah, of course the popular beautiful girl had really good-looking breasts. Her pussy was no exception. There was a little amount of hair around it, showing that she did regularly shave, just not recently, and her lips were just perfect – big and beautiful and practically inviting. She could have asked me to fuck her right there and despite myself, I would have.

She saw me staring and laughed nervously. “Sorry that it’s not shaven,” she mumbled. “I, uh, didn’t think this would be happening today.”

“Nothing to apologize for. I really like this. You don’t have to shave if you don’t want to,” I found myself mumbling, not taking my eyes off of the treasure put before me. 

Taylor seemed to take that as a good sign and smiled at me as she kicked off her pants. With both legs freed, she sat back down in the beanbag chair and scooted her hips forward.

I never took my eyes off of her. “So, is there a-”

“Just figure it out,” she practically whined. “I’m so horny, Quinn. Please.”

Who was I to turn down a challenge like that? Wordlessly I leaned in, gingerly stuck my tongue out, and tried to figure out what the heck I was doing.

Instantly her hands flung to the back of my head and pushed me in. Initially I pushed back, not wanting to suffocate, until I found a good angle to keep breathing and keep pleasing her.

It wasn’t a huge shock to find out that vagina didn’t taste like peaches and cream. I definitely preferred the taste of her nipples, but her folds didn’t taste bad, just different. At first my tongue practically vibrated around, hitting anything that made any kind of reaction from Taylor, but after a few explorations made and a couple breathy one-liners of instruction from Taylor, I was all set. I got right to work, using my tongue, exploring her slit and occasionally yet lightly teasing her clit with my tongue, as per Taylor’s instructions.

It was weird that there was this stereotype of guys not being able to find the clitoris. It was clear as day, even with my eyes closed and my tongue being the only means of exploration, that the clit was around the top of the slit. Once I had hit a sort of bump at the top and Taylor practically spasmed for a nanosecond, I knew I found it. Afterwards, it became really clear to me that this little sensitive bump at the top was the clitoris. 

And wow, did Taylor ever have a sensitive one. I had to be careful not to overstimulate her, and this was my first time, having very little clue what I was doing. Imagine doing this to Taylor every day and finding out what really made her squirm.

Imagine doing this to Taylor every day.

I really wanted to live that reality. Even though I was the one servicing her, it felt so undeniably sexy to do this to Taylor, to orally please her, and have her moaning out her appreciation and complete, utter horniness for me. I began trying more and more daring things with my tongue, and I could tell by the way her thighs gripped me and her hands went back and forth from playing with my hair to straight-up grabbing it that she was having a really great time releasing her pent-up energy. 

“Holy fuck, Quinn, holy -haaaa, haa, om my fuck, I’m so glad we’re doing this…” She was practically babbling as she ground her pelvis against my face. My face was angling and moving all around as my desperation to please her drove me deeper and deeper. Licking her folds, teasing her clit, diving my tongue in and out of her – anything to make her squeal and moan some more. 

I almost didn’t recognize what was coming when her grinding and moans became more urgent. I almost panicked, overthinking what I needed to do, realizing she was going to cum soon. Was I supposed to go faster or deeper? Was I supposed to stop?

Thankfully, she apparently read my mind. “I’m about to cum, Quinn. Keep doing exactly, haa, what you’re doing. And do not stop. I’ll, haaa, haaaaaa, tap both your shoulders when I… aaaaaaugh, aah…”

I’m glad she was able to clearly direct me in this state. I was glad to not let up, continuing to lick her and please her, her thighs practically trapping my head, her hands grabbing bunches of my hair, her breaths getting higher, her need to cum growing deeper.

I didn’t even know when her orgasm began. All I knew was there was this moment she practically froze in place, with me still doing what I was doing (after all, she told me not to stop). I could feel her body getting tenser and tenser while she was frozen, until it all evaporated at once in one content, satisfied sigh. I sensed that I didn’t need to lick her with such urgency, so I relaxed my tongue muscles until I felt her thighs relax and her reach slightly down to tap my shoulders.

“I guess your head would have made more sense…” she panted, practically dreamily.

“You were busy, I’m not going to blame you for being hasty,” I joked. “So, uh, did I do an okay job, or…”

I shifted up to see Taylor with these half-closed, unfocused, almost drunk eyes. “Quinn, if you were my boyfriend I’d fucking kiss you right now,” she replied slowly and quietly. “That was amazing. One of my best. Thank you so much.” She shifted herself forward and gave me a hug, which I awkwardly returned. “You’re definitely a fast learner.”

“I, uh, have a great teacher,” I awkwardly laughed as the hug broke off. “I’m just glad you enjoyed yourself, and I’ll, uh… try to use it… what I learned, well.” 

She smirked at me. “Are you shy now?” she asked teasingly.

“More of that overwhelming stuff I talked about,” I honestly answered. “But I’m getting better at it. Maybe I’ll be able to actually withstand your friends talking about sex in front of me now.”

Taylor laughed, putting her tongue between her teeth again. She looked so cute when she did that. Before long, a silence passed between us, and Taylor’s eyes wandered down to my still-hard cock. Honestly, it twitching probably made the most noise in the whole room.

“So, uh… I feel like you earned this, but… did you maybe want me to do something for you?” she bashfully piped up.

I followed her look down to my crotch. “Would it do anything for you? Would you-”

“Quinn… she sang. 

“No, this time I mean it. I think… unless you really want to… as weird as this sounds… I think I’d want to wait.”

She looked at me, shocked. “Really? After all, this, you don’t want me to… y’know…”

“It’s not that I don’t want you to,” I promised. “A part of me really wants it, and I really want it from you especially.” She smiled mischievously at that last part. “But I think I’m just a little overwhelmed. Maybe another time, if you’d want to do it at that point I mean.”

She shook her head at me. “You’re so strange, Quinn,” she remarked. “Okay. Well then, thanks. I definitely got out a lot of what I’ve been feeling recently.”

“Yeah, I, uh, felt it on my tongue,” I replied bashfully. She grinned at me as she picked up her pants and put them on, then sat back down on the beanbag chair.

The next few minutes were a little awkward at first, but after discussing sex for a bit longer, I managed to push the topic back to school and teachers and stuff. Those two topics seemed to be the only things we had in common for now, so I couldn’t exactly push for much else. Before long, it was starting to get dark outside, as the basement window was showing. 

Taylor paused from our discussion about Mrs. Jackson and casually looked out the window. “I guess I should drive you back, huh?” she asked.

“Probably for the best, yeah,” I admitted. “I’m glad I got to hang out with you. And not just for the sex stuff. It’s, uh, cool to just be around another person and talk about whatever.”

“I know it blows your mind, Quinn, but I’ve been doing this for years, with whoever,” Taylor laughed. “It’s a thing you can ask any of your friends to do.”

“Well, yeah, but you’re fucking beautiful,” I found myself speaking before thinking. I instantly blushed, opened my mouth and clamped my teeth back together, and looked away. 

Taylor, luckily, just laughed. “I hope I’m more than just that. Do you only talk to me because you think I’m beautiful?”

“No,” I admitted. “I’m sorry for phrasing it like that. I like that you don’t just go, ‘ohh, this teacher is strict, he sucks,’ and I like how pragmatic you are and how you look at your own future. It’s cool. You’re cool.”

“I’m cool, huh? I’m honored,” she quipped. “Well Quinn, you’re pretty cool too.” She and I both stood up and made off for the car. We barely said another word to each other as we drove back, opting instead to enjoy the sunset to the left of us. 

Before long, we were back at my place. “Well, here we are,” Taylor announced. “I’ll see you tomorrow, I guess?”

“Yeah, see you then. Thanks for doing all this,” I replied.

“It wasn’t a favor, Quinn, it was hanging out,” she pointed out.

“Then thank me too,” I laughed. 

She smiled. “Take care.” Those were the last words she exchanged before she drove off. I couldn’t stop myself from smiling as I walked back to my place, even as people passed me in the apartment hallways on my way.

When I got inside, Mother was in the kitchen, with her back turned to me. “Quinn?” she asked.

“Yes, Mother. Sorry I’m back late. I was seeing a friend.”

“Hmm,” she simply replied, still not turning around. “You missed supper. Don’t forget to sweep.”

I knew that tone. Knowing not to say anything else, I walked down the hallway into my room, where Kevin was there, doing some kind of homework at the desk.

“Mother is pissed,” he almost sang as I closed the door.

“Yup, got that, thanks,” I replied annoyedly, putting my stuff down.

“You could have at least called her. I even sent you a text. I tried bailing you out, but I can’t do shit if even I don’t know where you are,” Kevin continued. I pulled my phone out of my pocket to check – yup, three missed calls from Mother, one smug text from Kevin. 

“So, where were you actually? ‘Seeing a friend.’” He laughed.

“Taylor and I-” I stopped. Something about what Taylor said stuck with me. If Kevin was a blabbermouth, maybe it really was for the best he didn’t know. Not just about our sexual stuff, but about us even getting closer together. He already teased me enough as it was.

I cleared my throat nervously. “She has… a test coming up. Well, we both do. In the same class, duh. But I – I mean, she, felt nervous about it, so we did another emergency studying session.”

Kevin shrugged nonchalantly. “Makes sense. You know Mother though.”

I did. Even telling her “I got paid” or something wouldn’t save me from this – nothing excused me not telling her where I was, even if it was something she would normally be proud of. 

My phone, still in my hand, vibrated once as Kevin turned back around. A message, from Taylor. Making sure Kevin was fully turned around in case, I opened it to see she sent me another picture, with a caption.

Just thought u might want the full set ; )

I did my best to make my gasp as silent as possible. A zoomed-in picture of just Taylor’s pussy, spread by her two fingers. Her little clit, puffy and engorged, clearly aroused, was standing at full attention for me. I can only imagine how much my cock was aching for release as I felt it get fully hard again, although this time I knew I’d be cranking one out and practically painting the washroom wall as I stare at Taylor’s pussy later that evening. 

A smile crept across my face. Her friends could question me. Bryce could grab me. Mother could get angry at me. At the end of the day, this was all worth it.


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