Worlds Apart – Chapter 2

The Vassal was an incredible creature. She towered over me, even more than Kaendeer did, and looked like she could snap me like a twig. Her skin carried an interesting hue – some kind of greenish-purple, yet with no real blue. Most intimidatingly of all, it was clear she was the smartest in the settlement, and when the smartest person in the room has a hunch, it takes a lot for someone more stupid than her to convince her otherwise.

The room she asked me to go to was equally intimidating. It was completely pitch-black, to the extent where the only light came from cracks in the stonework and from under the door. It was a small room, with a crudely-built table and two crudely-built chairs being the only furniture. I took the chair facing the door and accepted that I couldn’t see a single thing until she entered.

My breath was taken away when the door opened. The Vassal didn’t open doors like a normal person; she opened them like she was going to kill whoever was inside. It took the space of a gasp for the door to go from closed to fully open, revealing her silhouette in the tavern’s light.

The Vassal clearly didn’t mind that the door was closing to a dark room. She calmly walked over to a corner of the room and did something that I couldn’t see. At once, a candle in the corner on the wall was lit. And, of course, it smelled as bad as the other candle.

She looked me over, like she was checking me out except more intimidatingly. “You chose the chair facing the door,” she noted. “I suppose you think I am going to kill you.”

“A-are you?” I asked.

She grinned cheekily. “I suppose you must think I would do you the honor of killing you in a secluded room,” she mused, walking over to the chair, sitting down, and leaning in. Even sitting down, she towered over me. “As much as The Hand puts a value on their rules, in Great Yield we have no such thing. We only have me. I would gleefully slit your throat in front of my patrons.” She continued smiling, as if she didn’t threaten to just kill me.

I gulped and just stared at her dumbly. She took the opportunity to continue. “The Huntress tells me that she had to give you a Loquiroot. What is your native language?”

“English, but clearly, some kind of different English than what’s spoken here…” I managed. 

“A different dialect. Do you come from the North or the East?” she pressured.

“Okay, so, if I’m telling you my origin story, I’m telling you all of it,” I replied. “It won’t make sense without every detail.”

“Proceed,” she encouraged, sitting back in her chair. 

She didn’t stop me at any point during my explanation. She didn’t ask any questions. At most, she scratched her face at one point, but she clearly took in every word I was saying.

“The future, but a future where The Herd dominates the world,” she murmured once I was finished. 

“That’s right. And they’re all called humans. And water is freely available, and giving your name is an act of courtesy even strangers can do. It doesn’t lead to…” I gulped. “Intercourse.”

“What interesting details,” she chuckled. “If this is a lie, your strategy of damning yourself with the most unlikely story was an unwise one. And yet…” She side-eyed me while turning her head to the wall. “Answer quickly. What is your favorite food?”

“Salmon. I don’t know if you have salmon here, but it’s a commo-”

“Cease,” she quickly ordered, holding an open hand in front of my face. “Answer only,” she added, retracting her hand. “Are you a landowner?” 


“Are you a serf or a free guardian?”

“We don’t use those terms in my time. I’m a ‘working class’ person.”

“So many words,” she replied, shaking her head. “But you work for your housing, yes?”

“I guess, yes. I rent.”

“Definitely a serf. Name the most powerful person in your world you know of.”

“Uh, Donald Trump?”

“Gibberish. A completely made up name,” she replied, rolling her catlike eyes. “What color is her hair?”

“Yellow. Not even blonde, yellow. There are memes about it and everything. But he’s a he, not a she.”

Her eyebrows shot up. “A world with a human as the most powerful person you know??” she asked incredulously. 

Human. So, male. “…Is that not common?”

“You must not know many people. Surely Donal Drump has guardians above him.”

“No, he’s the most powerful man in the world,” I answered.

The Vassal’s eyes darkened. “You attempt to tell me you are a serf, yet even in your lie, you have made a catastrophic error. You not only know the most powerful person in your world, but know for a fact that no person is more powerful. As connected to the Hands as this table to its very shape.”

The Vassal got up and began to reach for something on her belt. I had to say something fast. “In my world, every serf knows who the most powerful person in the world is. It’s like how everyone in Great Yield knows you.”

She didn’t stop, but at least she slowed down. “You mean to say your world is that miniscule?”

“We have this…” Here goes. “…magic in our world. It is called the Internet. Communication can be carried over any distance, instantly. The world works as a global village.”

She stopped. “Can you show me this magic?”

Oh fuck. My mind ran cartwheels trying to think of something to say. “I can if you have a computer,” I replied, my hilarious honesty lost on all parties except myself. “This magic cannot be performed by The Herd alone.”

“Very convenient,” she replied, losing her humor entirely.

“If you were brought a millennium into the past, how would you prove it?” I demanded fiercely. “If you’re going to say you should kill me or ban me unless I prove myself, you may as well just kill me now.” I didn’t mean it, I was terrified of death, and of The Vassal, but I hoped this would appeal to her fore forgiving nature.

She paused, and looked at me. She didn’t say anything for a while, chewing the inside of her cheek as she thought to herself. “The future?” she asked again.

I nodded eagerly. “And possibly a different timeline. I mean, definitely.”

“I would be a liar if I were to say I understand what you mean by a ‘timeline,’” she confessed. “All this being said, I shall choose to believe you.”

“Really?!” I practically breathed.

“You need to understand something, guardian from the future,” she said to me, sitting back down. “I do not know of which perfect future you came, but in our time, life can end for no reason. A few cuts, or a hole in your path, or even when it’s time for you to be taken to the Beyond.”

“The Beyond, as in, death?”

“A messenger of many names,” she said with a shrug. “Even a Hand knows how easily death can come about. Only an absolute idiot would accept death in this world, knowing how much there is yet to be done. I could end you right here and now, and no one, not even the Huntress, would see it as an oddity.”

“So saying ‘you should kill me right now’ demonstrated how I’m definitely not from your time?”

“It has demonstrated you are not a Hand. Even they are not so stupid,” she said, as if it were common knowledge. 

I blushed with embarrassment. “Oh. Uh, sorry.”

She saw my blushing and gave a curious little smile. “You’re blushing,” she noted, as if it were of importance. 

“…Um, so what does blushing mean in this world?” I asked, realizing I could be asking her for anal right now or something.

“In this world, it means embarrassment or lust or general shyness,” she replied. “A whole litany of emotions.”

“Oh.” Seemed like we were on the same page. “So why did you point it out? I thought I did a faux pas.”

“A false step?” she asked. “What does that mean?”

I really needed to unlearn French. “It’s a phrase from my world. It means I did something impolite without knowing.”

“I see. No, it was not a false step,” she replied, getting up. “It just suits you well.” She shot me a cheeky grin.

“What?” I asked. I was lost.

“I own a tavern, as well as this land,” she explained. “This is what a Vassal means – I have seen your blank looks.” My cheeks burned again. Her smile grew as she talked. “Most of the people I suddenly meet are travelers on their own pilgrimage. As such, they are very interested in their own imagery.”

I stared at her. “Meaning…?”

“It means she wants to look smart, and in particular, smarter than the guardian to whom she talks. There is a certain… vulnerability that exists in a guardian willing to wallow in her own stupidity.” Her eyes squinted a little as they talked. “I hope you understand.”

“…You enjoy when girls aren’t trying to one-up you?” I asked, hoping that it would translate well.

“An interesting way of phrasing things. I think I understand,” she replied. “You talk in riddles that take effort to decipher, and yet I just called you stupid and you do not correct me.” Her smile grew on her face. “I hope you stay a while.” She opened the door, gesturing for me to follow. 

I got up and exited the room, with her following, and walking back to her bar. She filled a tankard with the same nasty stuff she gave me earlier, then put it on a table in front of me. “It would be best to learn as soon as you can how to drink,” she replied. 

“And how do people drink around here?” I asked cautiously.

In response, she filled another tankard and drank it down in one gulp in front of me, looking at me afterwards as if to tell me, “See how easy it is?”

I looked at the ale on the table. “I don’t think I’m thirsty right now,” I admitted. I would have loved some water, but even if she didn’t want to kill me anymore for asking, I didn’t think I’d score any points with The Vassal for asking for it. 

“Yes you are. You just want water,” she replied tersely, seeing right through me. “For that, you shall wait. Water shall not be coming until tomorrow, if the Tower is to be believed.”

“Can I ask what the Tower is?” I asked, picking up my tankard and just holding it.

“The Tower is a tall hut that cuts into the very sky,” she explained. “You may have seen it on your way to this tavern. It’s the tallest structure in Great Yield.”

“Oh. I, uh, know what a tower is,” I replied dumbly, my cheeks burning. The Vassal was grinning. “I just don’t know how a tower can predict rain.”

“Ah, I see,” The Vassal replied. “One of The Herd lives in the Tower. She attempts to act as the speaker to the sky and tell us when rain is coming next.”

“Oh, okay,” I digested. “What’s her na- I mean… oops.”

The Vassal leaned her arms against the counter and chuckled. Hating her eyes on me, I put the tankard to my lips and sipped.

The Vassal shook her head. “What am I to do with your body once the people here eat you alive…” she mused.

My cheeks burned again. What am I to do with your body. I didn’t know if the perpetual tipsiness was helping, but those words etched into my mind and played over and over. I sipped again, then, with the expectant gaze of The Vassal guiding me, took a slight gulp. 

If The Vassal ever existed on Earth as I knew it, girls would be lining up just to call her Mommy. She was tall, ridiculously muscular, and oozed confidence. Her arms were built better than most mens’ arms I’d ever seen, and the way she cockily leaned then against the counter as she watched me was somewhere between intimidating and… hot. Like some kind of predatory “I own you” aura. 

“Why are you l-looking at me like that?” I finally managed, before taking another slight gulp.

“A question that could be asked to both parties,” she replied, getting up off her arms. “You seem to have taken an interest in my pectorals for some reason.”

If I thought I was blushing before, I was painted red now. “Oh. I-I’m sorry.”

“Is there something particular about them?” she asked, gesturing to them.

Even though I was apparently staring at them, once she called attention to them it’s like I was staring at them for the first time. As with a lot of muscular guardians – dammit, women, her breasts weren’t exactly large in terms of jutting outwards, but they occupied a large space across her chest and they looked… good. Really good. I bet she worked out. I bet to get muscles like that, her workouts would have to leave her flushed and sweaty and-

I looked away. “No, nothing,” I feebly admitted. “I just… think you take very good care of yourself.”

Her tone turned sour. “I do give the people of Great Yield their fair share. Whoever earns their food eats their food.”

I looked back frantically. “No, I mean it! I didn’t mean to accuse you of anything. I just like when people are muscley. I think it’s… aspirational.”

Her face softened. “You wish to gain muscle mass?”

“Uh…” I stumbled over my words. “Not really, actually. I just really like when girls – I mean, when guardians are strong. It looks good.”

She cocked an eyebrow. “Looks good?”

I looked away again, and nervously, downed the rest of my drink. Was there something in the air during this time period that made people here all horny for each other? It was like I was getting my first hormones of teenagerhood again. I could hear her moving, and suddenly, felt a finger on my chin pulling me up to look her in the eye. 

She was looking sternly at me. Instinctually, I bet my lip, and could feel a puppy-dog expression form on my face. 

She studied me for a few seconds. “You’re physically attracted to me,” she finally noted, her expression not leaving her face.

I did all I could not to let a moan escape. My mind became further clouded from the drink. Her finger was still on my chin. Her body was inches from mine. My neck began to hurt from looking her in the eyes. She could snap me like a twig. “I…”

She slowly took her finger away from my chin. “You need some time away from the tavern,” she told me with a dismissive voice. 

I stood there. I had no idea why I was expecting anything else to happen, but the reality of her words came crashing down on me. “What?” I finally managed. 

“There is a whole village out there,” she told me, her back now to me. She was polishing a dish or something. “Leave the tankard on the table and depart.”

I stood for a few seconds longer, before The Vassal turned back around. Anger was painted across her face. “Are you being slow, or defiant?!” she barked.

I stumbled in place, finding my way to the front door and closing it behind me. Okay, so The Vassal didn’t like something I did. She clearly took issue with the fact that I liked the way she looked. I mean, I didn’t even proposition her. I didn’t give her my name or anything like that, so why was she suddenly so angry?

It was probably another question for Kaendeer. In the meantime, I figured there was no time like the present to get used to my new surroundings. Still tipsy, and likely getting tipsier by the minute, I stumbled around Great Yield, taking in the sights. 

“The sights” turned out to be huts and farms, pretty much all the way down. I found The Tower of course, and a few specialty buildings: some obviously meant for farming, others less obvious in their purpose. Maybe in this universe there was another whole type of farming I couldn’t even conceive of, but it would probably be rude to barge in on someone’s home if it wasn’t public property, so I thought against it. 

Eventually, I found myself outside the outpost’s walls, wandering down the very path I had originally come from. The thought crossed my mind to go back to the forest I had first come from, but before I could, I realized there was another path, and if I didn’t mistake it, it looked like in the distance, there was some kind of body of water. Too small to be a lake, but certainly some kind of large pond.

Excitedly, I wandered over towards the pond, down the path. Great Yield shrank as it got farther and farther away from me. I wondered what The Vassal thought of me. If maybe I should have been bolder with her. Ask her her name instead of letting her figure it out. 

I was adapting to this world a little too quickly. I should have cared more about Kaendeer. She was my first love here after all. Well, not love… or, well, love was apparently like friendship in this world, so, yeah, love. I wondered what Kaendeer thought of me too. If she’d come back to the tavern tonight and give me a long kiss. If she’d have missed me as much as I’d missed her. If I’d get to see what an elf’s pussy looked like. Or rather, a Love Instrument of the Gorigae. What beautiful words they used.

My feet hit water, and I looked down. Emma Howell stared back at me. Just a few days ago, she was a nobody, desperately vying for the attention of boys that listened to Roosh V and drank Rockstars instead of water. And at most, they might give a reaction to her memes before playing Valorant. 

Now, she was someone the most beautiful guardian in the outpost wanted to please. Kaendeer moaned for me and called me beautiful as she fingered me, and I swear even The Vassal looked at me with hunger. Though, I suppose I was drinking dirty ale instead of water, so I was on the boys’ level somehow. 

I splashed some of the water on my face. I was desired. I mean, maybe I was misreading things with The Vassal, but with Kaendeer, it was pretty clear. I was wanted.

I stared at the water for a bit. It stared back at me, looking so clear and inviting. Slowly, I formed my hands into a bowl shape and leaned down, collecting some of the water in my hands and bringing it to my lips. 

Pond water tasted as good as I remembered from my childhood, but to be fair, I was just a bratty kid running around some reserve, not a wanderer from another world taking in the fresh untouched air of the wilderness and gazing upon the forests. We really thought we knew what nature looked like in Toronto by having a few parks. We were dead wrong. There was something completely different about the Earth when virtually all of it was untouched. Some kind of peacefulness. Some kind of harmony. 

“You must be very brave,” a voice projected at me from a distance. I looked up from my drinking and saw another member of the Gorigae dressed in fair clothing, something properly spun. A far cry from the people I had met thus far.

Clumsily and tipsily, I just stared at them as they walked over. “Brave?” I murmured.

“Yes, brave,” they clarified as they walked over. “I shall have thought a guardian of the Herd such as yourself would have come from our ranks with garments like yours, but we’d all been taught not to drink still water.” She had a lighter yellower tint to her skin, and a gentle more innocent expression on her face, like she always had a soft smile. Her smile, right now, was concerned for me. “Drink like that and you’ll end up incapacitated for days. Come now. Even serfs know not to drink from still water. I shall have thought you’d earned your clothing.”

“…Who are you?” I eventually asked.

“I am responsible for overseeing this area, from the forest to the fields beyond Tall Huts,” she answered. “I answer to the Lordship, and should your outpost fall within my jurisdiction, you of course answer to me and those like me.”

“You’re a Hand,” I realized. 

She gave me a quizzical look. “Are you attempting to play stupid?” she asked. 

I gave up looking good in this world. “No, I’m a traveler from a far-off land,” I replied. “For all intents and purposes, I just am stupid.”

“I see,” she replied slowly. “Well, no. I but serve the Hands. A Hand would never travel the field on their own, not without a purpose. I am but a Finger, but a Finger’s higher than thee.”

Thee. Okay. Her soft expression was changing, clearly not liking my lack of appreciation for her status.

“Well… thank you, Finger, for letting me know about the water,” I replied, attempting to weave my words together gracefully. “For where I come from, the water is clean and fit to drink, even the still water.”

“The still water is fit to drink?” she asked, perking up her ears. “Where do you hail from?”

I stared at her for a bit. “Toronto.”

“Toronto… I see…” She became flustered. “I… forgive me, you see, I am not such a learned individual… I had only learned to read last year. But yes, Toronto… you must have been a noble from Toronto, judging by your clothes, yes?”

A noble from Toronto, huh? AKA a landlord. Or I guess a member of Doug’s cabinet. But a joke like that would be lost on an American, let alone an elf-beast from a different dimension. “Something like that,” I replied, feigning admittance. “But in this world, I’m but a commoner, so I serve the Hands like anyone else.”

“Oh my! A noble, yet humbly submitting?” She was blushing. She had ‘just got this job’ energy for sure, and wasn’t sure how to respond to me. “Well, yes, of course, naturally, yes…” She fidgeted with herself for a bit. “Well, I had approached you to reprimand you for tainting resources of the forest, but I think we can… rather, we shall… make an exception for a noble from Toronto, yes?”

Trying to lighten the mood, I added, “Well, I guess it would depend on just what we’re talking about by ‘reprimanding’ here. I mean, if I did something wrong, I could take it.”

“I would take two of your fingers off of your hand.”

My mouth hung open for a second. “Uh, yes, let’s make an exception,” I woozily replied, getting out of the water immediately. “Should I ever return home, I shall tell Toronto of The Lordship’s understanding.”

She blushed. “Oh my!” she instinctively said. “Well, I could never be used to represent the will or views of the Lordship, I of course have never even met the Eyes, but I…” She looked away. “You’ll have to forgive me, I’m not normally of such a hysterical nature. I…” she trailed off and looked away again.

I stared at her, something clicking. This was how I sometimes talked to the boys when they showed me attention. It was… attraction. What was going on? I had just met this person. With The Vassal, it was at least a bit more understandable, we clearly had some kind of back-and-forth going on, but this guardian and I had barely exchanged titles, and already it was like there was some kind of electricity between us. 

Was this how boys felt? Like, tall, muscular boys? I had… power. I kind of liked it. Maybe everyone was just incredibly easy in this world or something, and only I had the outside perspective to see it. Maybe knowing psychology whereas everyone else in this world was a half-millenium away from discovering it gave me a huge boost. But whatever it was… I was allowed to take advantage of it, right?

I walked closer to the Finger. “Are you nervous around nobles often, or… should I be flattered?”

If I thought she looked flustered before, she looked out of sorts now. She turned a new color and attempted to form words, even though none were coming out of her mouth.

I didn’t let the space between us get bigger. “Do you come across nobles from other lands often during your work? It’s okay, you can ask me anything.” I stretched the last word. This was super experimental ground, but I also woke up in a fantasy world, so why couldn’t I make it my fantasy?

“I would not know what to ask,” she murmured. “You are not a serf under my jurisdiction, so I would guess that my authority over you does not exist…”

“Ah, so you’re used to being in control, huh?” I took a step forward. My fingertips brushed along the back of her hand. “Well, how about this: if you have anything you wanted to ask me, not for work, but for… personal curiosities, I can do that…” I had never talked like this before in my life. And now I was, to a guardian that outranked me and didn’t know it. This was exhilarating. 

She finally got the courage to look me in the eyes. Our faces were quite close, I could practically see the heat on her face, the nervousness in her eyes, some kinds of new sensations enveloping her. “…Who are you?” she asked.

I’d hoped she’d ask that. “Are you asking me for my name?” I purred.

Her breath caught in her throat. Her lips moved to answer, but just as she did, I heard footsteps rapidly approaching me. I turned towards the forest and saw Kaendeer running towards me.

“Kae- The Huntress!” I shot an embarrassed side-eye towards The Finger, hoping she didn’t notice my slip-up.

Kaendeer hesitated when she saw who I was talking to. At once, she stopped in her run, giving The Finger a distrustful look. “And I suppose you think this is within your borders,” she commented dryly. “What business have you with The Stranger?”

I looked between the two of them. They clearly knew each other. The Finger quickly recovered from her flustered state and gave Kaendeer a cocky stare. “So, you know this noble from afar? She’s a little outside of your normal social circle, isn’t she?”

Kaendeer gave me a look filled with confusion. Someone else telling her I was a noble so confidently after I’d finished convincing her otherwise was the last thing I needed. 

The Finger was less patient with Kaendeer than with myself. “A Finger has addressed you: speak!”

“She had only come to Great Yield today, having not known how she had even come here,” she murmured, a blush on her face. “We’d barely the time to truly understand her situation ourselves.”

“Great Yield!” The Finger exclaimed, as if it were a joke. “A noble has come to our lands and you think to take her to perhaps the one outpost in the area that contests the will of The Lordship. This is hardly a good look for Great Yield, and yet, hardly surprising.”

Kaendeer was clearly getting nervous. “It was the closest outpost in the area. Tall Huts is nearly twice the distance by foot from the forest. You know that as well as I. She needed accommodation.”

The Finger moved her tongue around in her mouth, then gave Kaendeer a mischievous grin. “Perhaps this is not something we should discuss in an open field like this.”

Kaendeer’s blush deepened, but she held fast. “Then perhaps The Stranger and myself shall take our leave. The Hands have no interest in a noble whose lands they can not even identify.”

“Toronto, is it not?”

A silence crept between them. Kaendeer shot me a look, then looked back to The Finger. “Bringing the attention of The Hands for any reason to Great Yield will escalate tensions to a fever pitch. We had an understanding between us.”

“Perhaps we shall say it is now a personal matter,” The Finger replied, closing the distance between them. “The Stranger and I are developing quite the rapport. In my military opinion, The Hands should know of her presence. And in my personal opinion, I shall know of a bit more.” The two were now inches apart. “Of course, this may lead to complications, so a revisiting of an old deal might be a wise choice…”

They were talking in riddles, but it was abundantly clear that they knew each other and something was going down. Kaendeer looked at me again and sighed. “I need to do something now,” she told me. “And I need you to trust me and not contradict anything I say or do. Say one thing out of turn, and it is not a danger for you with me to protect you. My own life will hang in the balance. Do you understand?”

“…No,” I replied, shaking my head. “I don’t understand any of this.”

“Just do as I say,” Kaendeer replied weakly as she started to walk off towards Great Yield. The Finger followed, and gestured to me. I was meant to follow too. Wondering if something big was my fault, or if I stumbled into something I shouldn’t have, I followed the two, parroting their silence the entire way.

The walk was long but wasn’t spent entirely silently. Taking up the rear, I saw The Finger occasionally rough up or lose a piece of spare clothing, or even stop to intentionally dirty up the clothes she was left wearing. I was starting to piece together why.

When we arrived, the farmers that were still outdoors weren’t staring at The Finger despite the outpost’s proud separation from The Lordship, even though they were still staring at me. Most of them, on account of the evening time, were seemingly heading indoors anyway. I tried to ignore them as we headed to the tavern.

Once we were in, I saw a familiar sight; The Vassal, preparing some form of food. At the sight of us, she got up from her table and approached the front. “Ah, the Huntress!” she greeted Kaendeer. “Congratulations on the discovery of a rare specimen.”

I narrowed my eyes. She was staring at The Finger. The Vassal hated the Lordship. What was going to happen?

“The Lazy Farmer,” The Vassal greeted her, smiling openly as if at an old friend. “When was the last time you graced our outpost with your face?”

The Finger smiled. “It has been a great while, dear Vassal,” she greeted. “I had meant to visit earlier, but the taxes levied on me by the Hands had kept me in shackles.”

“Yes, what a shame it would be if Tall Huts were to revolt and join us. There is great strength in numbers,” The Vassal noted, going back to her work. “Do you need a room?”

Kaendeer looked at me, uneasily checking for my reaction. She knowingly let a worker for The Lordship in, multiple times it seemed, and The Vassal was none the wiser. Was the Finger a spy, was Kaendeer a spy? What was going on?

The Finger and The Vassal talked a little more while Kaendeer and I remained silent. I tried to look nonchalantly in other directions until the conversation slowed and the two began to head upstairs. Not sure what I should have been doing, I followed. 

No doubt due to her high-status career, The Finger had a much softer body than Kaendeer, and it showed. Kaendeer had a huntress’ toned body, even though no one was more fit than The Vassal. It looked like her body was actually hard. But The Finger probably had the closest body to mine – less toned, even some actual fat in some places. Neither The Finger nor myself were overweight, but Kaendeer had a slim body and The Vassal was jacked, so it was kind of nice to see someone have any kind of fat on their body at all.

The two quickly holed themselves away in the room The Vassal gave to me, and had I not been quicker, they would have shut the door in my face. As soon as the door was closed, with hushed voices, they began to speak.

“How did you come to meet The Stranger?” Kaendeer asked in a low whisper.

“I thought of her as naught but a commoner,” The Finger simply answered. “I was making the rounds and saw what I thought to be some desperate serf drinking from the still water of the pond.”

Kaendeer gave me a sideways glance. “She was trying to drink water from the pond?”

The Finger nodded. “And of course, her clothing had given her away. I asked and lo and behold, she’s a noble, from some land called Toronto, a land so unknown to ours that the thought of still water being a danger does not even cross her mind.”

Kaendeer sighed. “Her situation is a complicated one. She is not even a noble in truth.”

The Finger gave her a weird look. “And so, her intricately woven clothing, fair skin, unblemished fingernails and clear disdain for the way I even had to feign dirty clothing on the way here was all, what, an act? Is she a thespian? The world’s most convincing thespian?”

“She believes it the work of magic,” Kaendeer fired back. “It would be hard to explain.”

“I’m right here, I can explain it myself,” I cut in.

The two of them looked at me as if for the first time. The Finger spoke first. “So… are you not a noble?”

I bit my lip in embarrassment and guilt. “No, I’m not,” I admitted. “I had a lot of fun doing a back-and-forth with you…”

“Back-and-forth?” Kaendeer asked, shooting a look towards The Finger.

“…But truth be told, I’m someone from your future… well, a world that’s set in your future… and I’m just a wager. I guess a serf when everything is… yeah. A serf. I just liked the attention. I woke up in this world one day, and I couldn’t even tell you how I got here. Even the languages were weird, like even what K- what The Huntress called English. If it hadn’t been for the Loquiroot she gave me…”

The Finger piqued her interest when I mentioned that. She turned to Kaendeer, who immediately hung her head. “The Loquiroot? A stranger comes in speaking a bizarre foreign language and you used a valuable Loquiroot?”

“It’s harvest season, some was available nearby,” Kaendeer said to the floor. “I didn’t use any from any reserves, nor did I steal any.”

“And yet,” The Finger replied with disappointment. She turned her attention back to me. “So you knowingly lied to A Finger?”

“To tell you the truth, I had to guess what a Finger even is. I still kind of do,” I replied honestly. “I would not be able to tell you literally any laws around here.”

“You seemed to know exactly what you were doing when you asked me for my name,” The Finger noted. At this, Kaendeer looked up from the floor at me – not with any kind of jealousy, just slight shock – and The Finger noticed. At this, she sported a large smile.

“Ahhh,” she murmured, putting the puzzle pieces together in her mind. “I see that The Huntress has already given you a few ‘introductions.’ I can’t say I’m surprised. Those in her inner circles don’t see her hunt as much as…” She trailed off suggestively while Kaendeer’s cheeks burned.

The Finger saw fit to continue anyway. “Well, I daresay, Stranger, this has been a rather interesting day. I’m sure you’ve given Kaendeer and myself a lot to think about, haven’t you?” Her first-day-on-the-job vibes were long gone. I had to wonder if I had an effect on her with my confidence and the spell was broken now that The Finger knew who I was, or she was just a very good liar who had a gift for making others think they had the upper hand.

Kaendeer looked at me. “Please understand, The Finger has had a hold on me for a very long time,” she pleaded. “It was never my intention to do anything against the interests of my people.”

“Oh, come now, no need to beg,” The Finger dismissed her. “I reckon even The Stranger knows that if she divulges that information, her friend will surely die and the outpost itself will escalate its tensions with The Lordship, which means war, which very much means no room for her. It is in her best interests to stay quiet.” The Finger stared meaningfully at me. 

“And if no one talks, you have a perfect way to spy on the one outpost that has completely rejected the ways of The Lordship,” I noted. “Which means should they ever plan anything, you have the upper hand.”

“I should say nothing of the sort,” The Finger replied diplomatically. “Kaendeer and I are just very good friends.” Her finger trailed down Kaendeer’s front. “In fact, Kaendeer and I have been friends since before I got my life position as a Finger, and she left hers.”

I raised my eyebrows in surprise at Kaendeer. The Finger smiled. “Do not let on. The people here are not aware of Kaendeer’s past, nor her age. Even that would complicate matters for her.”

“Then why the hell are you telling me?!” I asked, the first thing any of us said not in a whisper.

Kaendeer, even as The Finger slowly groped her over her clothing, shushed me. The Finger merely thought to herself.

“I actually do not know,” she mused. “Because it is fun, I suppose. I have not had the chance to gloat to anyone about this situation, as the fewer people who know, the better it goes for me.” She paused. “Oh, and because I very much would like to tell you my name, though I imagine the feeling has passed for you, so this is how I choose to get my thrill instead.”

“Don’t hurt her,” I replied. My tone fell to a hushed whisper again.

The Finger gave me a weird look and began to laugh. Even Kaendeer gave me a ‘you’re sweet, but what?’ smile, which I wasn’t suspecting. 

“Stranger, lying to her friend may hurt, but this? What would be the fun of partaking in this pleasure together if it were to hurt her?” She stroked her fingers up and down Kaendeer’s thighs, bringing her close. “This is her reward for all the hurt. And this is a bond we’ve shared since before you may have been born.”

Kaendeer was blushing more and more now, and lightly panting with the way The Finger’s clear expert touchings were affecting her. There was a great and possibly creepy irony to her name right now, but given everything I knew, and everything I thought I was beginning to understand, I sure as hell was not going to ask for her name.

Not that it mattered. The Finger was stroking Kaendeer between her legs as if I wasn’t even there. Whether this was culturally normal or a power game to her, I couldn’t tell. Either way, I cleared my throat. “Um, I’m right here, you guys,” I weakly protested.

The Finger looked at me and smiled. She knew my resolve was thin. I’d been craving Kaendeer every second of the day since her hand last left my love instrument. Even The Finger was someone I was wanting to explore. Was there something in the air in the Middle Ages or something?! I had gone from not wanting to do anything with women to drooling over two guardians groping each other over the course of a few short hours. 

“If you are bothered, simply give me your name and you are free to stay and watch,” The Finger purred. “And you can even do anything to yourself as you do. Otherwise, you may leave if you do not like it, or if you see your name as sacred in your lands. Kaendeer and I have much to discuss in the realm of… diplomatic relations, given our new guest’s presence.”

“You’re using sex and me to take over Great Yield,” I accused. “How dare you.”

The Finger stopped her efforts on Kaendeer and rolled her eyes. She moved away from Kaendeer to face me, causing Kaendeer to whine in frustration. She was totally under The Finger’s spell. “Kid, listen to me,” The Finger nearly barked. “I was being polite and tight-lipped about it before, but I want a solution that works for the Lordship and for this little village. The Lordship’s resources are innumerable. If we wanted to raze this place to the ground, we could have it done before luncheon. As for Kaendeer and myself, I do not know what sick cultures they have in Toronto but around here intercourse is an act between friends, not enemies. Kaendeer is right here, and she is also the best hunter in perhaps the whole region. No one could do anything to her that she does not want. Is this understood?”

I stood there, taking in her words as she did not wait for an answer and walked back to Kaendeer. “Your name, or the door,” she reminded me as she wrapped her arms around Kaendeer and started to kiss her. 

I was still a little tipsy (though the water helped a lot) and in a haze, and the little game of “is the enemy lying to me or is this just the world” The Finger was playing with me was enough to make my head swim in uncertainties. It was true, my cunt was on fire and I would have loved to watch this scene play out and give myself a little relief, but instead, I found my way to the door.

The two broke the kiss and watched me leave. “What a pity,” The Finger replied hungrily. “How is she?”

Kaendeer stared at me. “Her love instrument sang to me like the Voices of the Beyond itself.”

“Intriguing,” The Finger murmured in response. Before I left, she addressed me again. “None of what I said at the pond was false. You do make me feel flustered. If you ever think about your offer to me again, know I accept. Ask me again for my name anytime,” she practically moaned. I looked down and saw Kaendeer kissing down her body, starting to remove The Finger’s shirt. Her beautiful curved body started to reveal itself to me. I gulped and closed the door, breathing a few times.

Even though the smell of hormones was still no doubt wafting from under the door, the lack of a visual helped clear my mind just a little. Plus, the smell had always been intercut with the smell of the shit candle, although I was beginning to worry I’d develop some kind of scat smell fetish or something by so heavily associating the two. Maybe the Vassal had ought to invest in some oil lamps after all. 

Like a zombie, I walked downstairs and sat at a circular table, resting my head on my arm. I didn’t know what to do. Was The Finger an active danger to the village? Whose best interest did she have at heart? Would telling someone help us or hinder us? Was there even an ‘us?’ Annoyingly, they weren’t even quiet, and they were clearly getting into it. I wanted to believe I could go with the flow and not be monogamous, but I was also feeling kind of jealous. Like, this one government lady comes by and suddenly Kaendeer wants to bang her more?

I felt a heavy presence sit down next to me and could figure out who it was without raising my head. “Am I doing something else like a Hand now?” I asked grumpily. “Just correct me and go away.”

I felt a strong hand on my back. “I have this tavern only because I settled down in this area,” the Vassal began gently. “In the beginning, I was a traveler who went on many pilgrimages. I was very dissatisfied with seeing little of the world. And as such, I know that this place is not the whole world, nor all of our cultures.”

I raised my head and looked at her, if nothing else, to see where she was going. Her face had lost its usual cocky look, and gained one of concern and support.

“I have met people without our values before. Old-value people. Monogamous people, who tend to hurt whenever those they love will spend their time loving other people.”

I paused, and so did she. Filling in the silence was the now-loud lovemaking going on upstairs. I scoffed and put my head on the table.

I felt the hand on my back rub me supportively. “Is it fair to say that your world is one where monogamy is the accepted standard?”

“Yes,” I admitted into the table.

“And you loved Kaendeer, and now do not like the fact she can give love to another.”

“Thank you for letting me know how I feel,” I grumpily replied. 

“I would suggest lightening your tone with me,” The Vassal replied seriously. “You may be talking to the one guardian in the whole of Great Yield who has some sympathy for monogamy. Including the one you wish you were with at this moment.” she paused, then got close to my ear. “Kaendeer.”

I raised my head again, though her words may have had the opposite effect. “Jeez, even you, huh…?” I asked.

She chuckled. “What is this, ‘even you?’” A few hours ago, you had to look down at the floor to prevent yourself from looking at my body in wonder!”

“No no, yeah, you’re really attractive…” I gingerly admitted. “It just… cheapens the feeling when she’ll do it with anyone, you know? I thought what we had was special.”

“You have been here for under a day,” she reminded me. “The Huntress and The Lazy Farmer have a history that spans to before you may have been born. She and I have known each other for years. Trust me when I say, you likely are special.”

“Hmm,” I replied, losing my grumpy tone but not feeling all that better. “It sure just feels like people are looking at me and going, ‘sure, why not?’ I feel like in some ways, things are too easy, but on the other, there’s not enough of a connection.”

The Vassal stared at me for a bit, mulling something over. “Actually, yes, I had considered something along those lines,” she replied, reaching for a rucksack she had carried with her. 

“For me or for you?” I asked.

“For you.”


She pulled out some kind of blend of leaves and pulled over a bowl from the center of the table. “Do this for me.” She threw the leaves into the bowl then produced a pestle from her bag, mashing up the leaves in the bowl until they became a powder. “Sample this. They’re completely harmless.”

“…What are they?” I asked.

“After our interaction earlier today, I had grown curious about you, and wanted to find out something. I have a suspicion. So I had asked The Wise Woman and she gave me this blend, plus instructions. I want you to tell me what the blend tastes like. To tell you how it ‘should’ taste would be to make the test dishonest.”

I looked at her for a bit, then back to the powder. “And it’s not gonna kill me, or make me hallucinate, or…”

“It will only taste of something,” The Vassal confirmed. She motioned to the bowl. “Please.”

Well, she asked nicely. Gingerly, I grabbed a bit of the powder with my thumb and forefinger and leaned my head back, sprinkling it into my mouth. I ran the powder around in my mouth and waited for the crazy side effects to begin.

It wasn’t like flavor exploded in my mouth. It was sweet, but ultimately, flavorless. It had even less flavor than sugar. It was just sweet. I opened and closed my mouth a few times, trying to get the most of my taste test.

“It’s… sweet, I think,” I replied slowly. “It doesn’t really taste like anything.”

“But not bitter, correct?” The Vassal pressed.

“No. Definitely not bitter. It doesn’t really have a flavor at all.”

“Fascinating,” The Vassal noted, taking some and sprinkling it into her own mouth. She winced almost immediately.

I noted the taste difference. “I’m guessing it tastes different for one of The Herd?”

“No.” She shifted in her seat. “There is a burgeoning theory in our world, that intercourse is a lot more biological and less divine than we have conceived. Of course, some – many of the monogamous types – see this as sacrilege. They believe that intercourse is a call to destiny, but there is a working theory of this phenomenon called – well, what is the point in telling you, the word will mean nothing – although, you have the Loquiroot and come from a different time…”

I had never seen her babble like this. “What’s the word?”

“Pheromones,” she said slowly. “Biological secretions that prepare a guardian for intercourse. It also makes her more sexually charged, to want it more. The Wise Woman is attempting to do her own work into this phenomenon. According to her work, should the blend taste like nothing, your pheromone secretion is of a lesser nature. If it tastes bitter, one is particularly receptive to these pheromones. And, though she had not found a subject of yet, should someone find the blend sweet…”

“They’re like a pheromone factory,” I finished her sentence in realization.

“A ‘pheromone trading post.’ Well done using the word, but I do not understand what you mean by this.”

“Oh, sorry,” I replied slowly. Metaphors got me as far as French did in this world. “Guess I was wrong. If someone finds the blend sweet…?”

“Mm, right. If someone finds it sweet, they secrete pheromones to a noticeably higher level, and another guardian, particularly one who finds the blend bitter, would find it hard to resist this person.”

It was pheromones. It wasn’t my imagination. I was plopped down into a world of elf-creatures with the north end of a magnet in my pocket, and all of the guardians in this world had south magnets in their pockets. Holy shit. 

“I had thought that perhaps the way I easily took an interest in you was Lordship trickery, like they had mastered these pheromones,” The Vassal admitted. “But The Wise Woman believes strongly that this is not something a living being can control.”

“You took an…?” I felt my cheeks get hot. Even throughout this conversation, my poor vagina hadn’t calmed down fully, and hearing this muscular guardian talk about me like that made my cunt throb. 

“I do not mean to imply that it can only be the hormones you produce, you are of course a very intriguing person, if at times a bit untrustworthy…” The Vassal kept going. “While interrogating you, I was overwhelmed once or twice by the idea of abandoning my line of questioning and taking you against the wall.”

I shuddered. “Fuck,” I moaned. Maybe the world was making me exude so many pheromones, or, knowing my masturbating habits back home, maybe I was always like this and the boys just never took notice. I thought about Kaendeer, and the way I just wanted to be hers, and the way I could now hear muffled moans echoing throughout the tavern, with no one but myself reacting to it at all. 

“So do not hold sex in such a high regard, not with the effect you have on people,” The Vassal replied, getting up. “It will only lead you to hurt. The people here have their culture. You have your right to yours, but they have their right to theirs.”

If I needed to blend into the culture, perhaps I should have a trial by fire. As The Vassal’s hand left my back, I grabbed it with my own. “I’d like to know your name,” I whispered. 

A smile slowly spread across The Vassal’s face. “Very well,” she admitted in a low voice. “Would you care to step into the room again?”

I nodded, slowly getting up and walking into the room. For the second time today, I was heading towards the back room with my heart pounding, albeit for an entirely different reason. A lot of thoughts were swirling around my head, but one was louder and filled me with more kinky glee than the rest:

That room didn’t have a bed.

Once again, The Vassal opened the door like she was SWAT and was breaking down the door to a crack den. It was terrifying before to watch; now, it was both terrifying and kind of sexy. I bit my lip watching her saunter inside, knowing that thanks to some kind of genetic lottery, I made her just as horny for me, perhaps even more so. 

She lit the candles and looked from the now-closed door to myself. “Aejerla.”

I smiled slightly. “Is that your name?”

She nodded. “It is. May I know yours?”

“My n-name is Emma,” I said, wanting to say it confidently, but stammering once Aejerla walked slowly to approach me.

“You seem nervous,” she noted. Her big, muscular hand stroked my cheek. Her hands were tough, yet her touch was a lot softer than I would have expected.

“You’re really strong,” I noted, hesitantly touching her muscley arm. I stroked her tougher skin.

She pulled her arm away and sighed annoyedly. “It is not the most pleasing trait for intercourse, I am aware,” she replied as if she had to say it a thousand times. “These arms are used for other means and as such, I have given up a body solely for the guardian’s gaze.”

I raised my eyebrows in surprise. “Being strong is a turn-off here?”

She paused. “It is not in your world?”

“No!! Your huge arms and ripped body are exactly why you’re so sexy to me!” I all but shouted.

Aejerla studied my face for a few seconds, then broke out into a sheepish smile. “I… see,” she replied slowly. “So, you like this body?”

“Yes,” I replied instinctively. 

She looked me in the eye, as if testing me, as she removed her belt, then her shirt. “So this excites you?” Now completely shirtless, she flexed for me. 

She looked even more muscular without the inhibition of clothes. I was starting to rub myself over my pants as I watched her, knowing she wouldn’t mind. “Fuck yes, aboslutely,” I replied with enthusiasm. 

“You look that good, secrete pheromones and you actually like my body,” she murmured. “I may just have to keep you.”

“Fuck yes, please,” I moaned, then realized something. “Can I ask a favor?”

“You may ask,” she replied, stopping her gun show.

“This is a cultural thing that I can’t explain, but could you call yourself ‘mistress’ during intercourse? Like, make me call you mistress?”

She smiled in surprise. “I certainly can,” she replied. “Is that – very well. Cultural. I will not question it.” She lowered her pants-loincloth-thing and posed before me. “You are still very much clothed.”

“Ah,” I breathed, taking in the look of her vagina. With a look like that, I could see why they called them ‘love instruments.’ Her vagina was puffy and engorged, visibly around with her clit nearly visible at the upper edges of her folds. I was going to have fun playing with it. I could also see why they liked my hair – no such hair on hers, and it looked like there couldn’t be any. 

Her breasts were everything I’d hoped they could be – large and wide, but nothing huge and intrusive coming out of her chest. Her nipples were rock-hard and also a fair amount wider than I’d expected, which only served to turn me on more.

As I removed my shirt, she spoke up. “I suppose pectorals are also valued sexually in your culture,” she told me. “You can’t stop looking at mine.”

“Yes… mistress.” My cheeks burned. She was so fit. She even smelled like someone who regularly worked out. My cunt was practically leaking. My nipples were so hard they practically hurt.

She noticed. “Do your people enjoy the way they show arousal?”

I nodded. “We even like to play with them, with our mouths.”

“Like an infant?” she asked with a quizzical expression. “Intriguing. Show me.”

I bit my lip. My heart pounded in my ears. The Vassal – no, Aejerla was asking me to suck on her nipples. I quickly approached her and looked her in the eye as I slowly grabbed her by the waist and latched on to her nipple. She was so tall, I had to angle my head with her standing up. 

Of course, I’d never done this with a girl before, but I thought a lot about what I’d want done to me if a guy was servicing me before, so I just did that, and Aejerla seemed to appreciate my efforts. She closed her eyes and softly hummed while I moved my tongue around her rock-hard nipples and occasionally gave a suck or a gentle nibble. 

“I see why your people enjoy this,” she murmured. “Keep going.”

I took my mouth off of her. “Yes, mistress,” I replied obediently, before continuing my efforts. Her breathing quickened as I rolled my tongue around her deliciously fat nipple, and soon she was moving her chest back and forth and holding my head in place with her strong hands. Her naked form was grinding against me, and soon I felt the wetness of her love instrument starting to form a wet spot on my lower stomach. 

Her hands were not content to stay on the back of my head for long. I felt her hand snake its way down my body, finding my ass and giving it a squeeze. Taking that as a sign, I unlatched. “You have taught me something new,” she told me in a low, husky voice. “And it was quite the journey, but I want to show you more now.”

I could have sucked on her nipples for hours if she ordered me to, but I was also excited to see what else she had in store for me. “Yes, mistress,” I complied.

“Pants off,” she ordered, reaching down and playing with her own love instrument. 

Blushing, I quickly complied, taking off my pants and standing before her like she was doing for me, only with slightly less confidence. She grinned as she reached her hand around to the back of my one thigh, then got down on her knee. I was naked and completely at her mercy, although I was oblivious as to what she was doing.

I quickly became aware. She hoisted me up off the ground, earning a yelp from me, and maneuvered us so that I was almost sitting on her neck. Her big strong hands supported both of my buttocks so that I’d rise a little higher, and crucially, my pussy would be at mouth-height. I gasped in realization and thanked my lucky stars the ceiling was so high in this room as Aejerla slowly stood up, set my body against the wall, and started to eat me out.

I had craved a skilled tongue on my clit since I first became aware of Kaendeer’s sexaulity, and Aejerla was certainly skilled. She’d definitely traveled the world for sure. My back hit the wall with Aejerla’s movements, and my legs wrapped around her neck. She was holding me against the wall and eating me out, and crazily, the position wasn’t even that uncomfortable. I wondered if I wasn’t the first guardian of The Herd that Aejerla had seduced in this tavern. She said she had a lot of travelers come in.

Her tongue moved like it had done this a million times before. The tongue of a Gorigae seemed slightly thinner, or at least more pointed; more agile. It felt like it could snake around my clit and dance to stimulate every nerve ending, and massage every possible area. It moved skillfully and seamlessly through to my vulva and teased at my entrance, stroking my folds and lapping up what was inside. It knew everything. It felt like her tongue somehow intimately knew me; every inch of me. It was like seeing an old friend, or feeling like I was home. Except sexier, and like I always wanted more. 

At first, my moans were muffled and quiet, but then I realized that Kaendeer and The Finger weren’t exactly being quiet, and no one in this world seemed to care, so to properly show Aejerla that she was pleasing me well, I closed my eyes and let my moans shake the building. 

She seemed not to mind that it was all about my pleasure as long as she was in control, and selfishly, I kind of liked that. I liked being helpless and hoisted in the air, yet my love instrument was the one being licked. I liked how she held me in place and dove in, and I liked how occasionally my eyes would flutter open and if I was lucky, I’d see her eyes open too, and she’d either wink at me or just stare, if she wasn’t already staring at me down there. Aejerla was a woman in heat, a muscley slutty domme. I was putty in her hands, although in her hands I bet nothing turned to putty.

She could feel every contraction my body gave, and could tell exactly when to keep going, when to slow down, and when to speed up. She was like a magician. I had to stop myself from moaning her name more than once – it was a good thing we’d decided I could call her Mistress. And she earned that title – she made me feel like my orgasm was approaching well before anything I could have done. Her expert touchings even made Kaendeer look like a shy virgin. 

“Oh… fuck, Mistress… you’re going to make me…” I moaned. It was extraordinary. Until this day, I’d never cum that hard, not until Kaendeer fingered me, and yet here I was, an orgasm just that powerful quickly approaching me. “Keep goingggg… please… I’m gonna…” My beggings came out as little more than pants and wheezes. It was like all of the energy in my entire body condensed into one area, then spread like a supernova across my entire body. Every inch of me, every nerve ending, practically glowed with my climax. Aejerla knew even through my orgasm when to pause, when to keep going with dulled movements of her tongue, and when to stop and cockily smile at me.

I forgot that I was still suspended in the air. “Oh my fuck…” I panted.

“You were quite fun to please,” Aejerla said as she slowly lowered me to the ground. “If it should come to pass that you’re working with the Lordship, I might even be sad to kill you.”

I laughed, then nearly fell right on my ass when my feet made contact with the floor. Aejerla turned my legs into jelly. “Holy shit,” I moaned, finding my footing. “I never came as hard as that.”

“Never?” Aejerla asked, clearly liking what she heard.

“It’s… a two way tie, I guess,” I replied sheepishly, thinking of the couple upstairs. It still stung, but knowing I could be with Aejerla and how she was attractive in an entirely different way did actually kind of help distract from the bitterness a little. “So, did you want me to return the favor?”

“Return the favor?” Aejerla asked, almost innocently.

“You know, if you wanted me to… uh, tongue your love instrument the way you… tongued mine.” I turned pink. Saying it out loud made it almost silly.

“Oh!” She seemed shocked I would even offer. “I… hmm. If you wanted to, surely. Most members of The Herd seem to not want to, particularly with someone like me, but…”

Whether ‘someone like her’ meant muscley or one of the Gorigae, it was unacceptable. “Of course I want to!” I protested.

Aejerla almost seemed shy and vulnerable as she considered. I suppose I had my pheromone factory to thank for that. “If you would like to try… I certainly would appreciate your efforts.” She flipped one of the chairs around from facing the table and sat down in it, spreading her legs. “This doesn’t intimidate you?”

“I’ll be honest. You intimidate me, and it’s hot as fuck,” I replied. “I want you to pull my hair and order me around. And more than anything, I want to eat you.”

“‘Eat me.’ How animalistic,” Aejerla admired. She spread her legs farther. “You’re quite the freak.” She began to play with her clit. “Come here, Emma. Eat your Mistress.”

I moaned and quickly got on my knees for her. A brief flash of Kaendeer upstairs with a spy flashed in my mind, but for now, it could wait. I was about to serve my Mistress Aejerla, and after the orgasm she gave me, I was sure to make my first time eating pussy one that my Mistress wouldn’t forget. 


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