Multiple Personality Order

I met my yearly quota for blog posts that seem like blog posts and not preachy essays, right? Well, whatever. By the time I pump out my next blog post, it’ll be 2018 anyway. I strategically posted Panopticon around the beginning of December so that I could make sure that I’d have another piece ready […]

My First Experience with Lushstories

Sometimes I flat-out forget that this blog can be used as a… blog. Instead of doing a preachy “let’s teach y’all a lesson” post this week, I thought I would just recount a cool event from last week. is one of those big name contenders you hear about concerning online erotica, alongside, storiesonline […]

Erotica’s Weird Numbers Fetish

On a whole, I wouldn’t say I’m proud of my new story. It’s a risk I took, and a new format, but on a whole taking a risk and trying something new doesn’t justify the end product as above average, and I recognize that. I’d say the story is okay – not amazing, but not […]


So my new short story has been out for a week by the time this has been posted. True to my word, I don’t know how anyone reacted, if at all – I wrote this blog post right after last week’s, and just kept it in reserve for a week. So, it’s called Panopticon. Largely, […]

The Hiatus is Over

Hi! Remember me? The guy who can’t manage his time well some of you remember as an erotica author. I can’t stress enough how badly I didn’t want to take a break like this, but (sing along if you know the words) life got in the way. Working full-time and collaborating to create a video […]