The Hiatus is Over

Hi! Remember me? The guy who can’t manage his time well some of you remember as an erotica author. I can’t stress enough how badly I didn’t want to take a break like this, but (sing along if you know the words) life got in the way.

Working full-time and collaborating to create a video game is tough stuff, and by the time I had finished any kind of tangible piece of writing, it was about mid-September and work became longer and harder. I knew for a fact I would just release the piece and go back into accidental hiding for a few months, so I intentionally withheld. As well, I wanted to update the website a little, and ended up overthinking everything, as usual.

The good news is that my financial situation is a lot better. So much better that I’ve begun saving, and am entertaining the idea of going to teacher’s college (if that’s not a thing in the US, it’s exactly as it sounds – a place hopefuls to go train to become a teacher). Me as a school teacher. Wouldn’t that be funny?

One or two people who know the ‘real’ me and know I write this stuff advise me not to, because if it ever comes out, they think I’ll be seen as a pedophile. While I’m definitely not one, I’m really sad that their claims are not absurd. I don’t like how people can not make (or at least attempt to make) more real depictions of the sexual behavior of minors (and yes, high schoolers are having sex, maybe not every one, but it happens) without people thinking the writers must be into kids. At the time of writing, I’m 21, and don’t plan on ever going for anyone under 20 years old. Not because I’m paranoid or anything, but even moderately younger isn’t my thing.

Of course, if I end up in school that will also slow down my writing. I can’t escape it. I’m sure if I wanted to I could attempt to make some kind of living off of Patreon, but I like it better how it is. That way, if I ever take a sanity break, I’m also not impoverishing myself. Plus it’s not like I make too much from this anyway. I apologize to patiently waiting patrons and any perhaps less-than-patient patrons who withdrew from my Patreon. Now that I’m finished BMS and writing stuff containing people over 18, more sites will accept my work again and maybe this stuff can take off, but I won’t hold my breath.

Speaking of, today’s post. I’m not going to talk about it in this blog post – I’m going to save it for next week’s. And by that I mean I’m going to write that post now and withhold it until next week. In case you’re reading this first, I published something today, go check it out. It isn’t GBM 5, which is also done but being heavily edited right now – it’s a short story, one I had in my head for a while. It definitely takes some risks and has a decidedly different tone than the rest of my work. Nevertheless, I hope you all enjoy it.

With this, I hope to get back into some sort of schedule. I want 2018 to be my year so badly. We’ll see how it goes, but for now I have high hopes. I want to get back into weekly blog posts, and monthly story posts, but I can not promise anything. I miss writing stories from you all, and to be honest, I expect my first few pieces back from my hiatus to go largely unnoticed, which I can’t blame on anyone but myself.

Anyway, enough rambling. Go read my latest short story. It’s in the new ‘short stories’ tab, and it’s teased on the front part of the website now – ‘Panopticon.’ Leave a comment, whether it be thoughts or criticisms or even just saying hi. I’m grateful that you are reading this right now. Thank you for sticking with me, it’s great to see you again. I’ll talk with you all next week.

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