Addiction to the Unreal (Sexy in Theory Pt. II)

Porn addiction is an interesting topic to discuss, given a fair number of us question if it’s really real. Using my own anecdotal experiences, I would say it is – my fascination with porn videos and erotica cost me the majority of my grade 9 and 10 years in high school, and I started to […]

Sexy (in Theory)

Last week was incredibly busy for me, and I didn’t have an opportunity to even visit this site to post a blog. (I normally have one in reserve so I can post one early, but I don’t want to pre-publish them in case I release a chapter last-minute and want to make the week’s blog […]

Let Me Tell You Something

It may seem obvious, but only to a reader, less obvious to a writer – the beginning is the most important of any story you put up, especially any story you put up on public websites. At that point, you’re actively competing for attention. Titles will grab attention, but views mean nothing if readers drop […]


So, 2018 is here. By the time this blog comes out I’ll have roughly 25 days to make good on having something out this month. I think I can do that. I’ll have to rebuild this year. To a lot of past viewers, I’m either dead or irrelevant, which is of course understandable. I don’t […]