Oh Right, This Isn’t Real

The best possible explanation in terms of why certain fetishes that the psychological world would deem abnormal and unhealthy (incest, bestiality, exhibitionism) are clearly more popular in stories is the idea that people write them as escapism, because they know that this wouldn’t happen in real life. They like the ‘what if’ and taboo factor, […]


I’m gonna cold open this blog post by saying that editing is difficult and for those of you out there that do it for all of your works, hats off to you. Have you ever been reading my work and seen a really obvious spelling mistake or continuity error, then wondered how I could possibly […]

The Patreon Problem

It’s become very apparent since my publishing of the most recent chapter that like all forms of internet entertainment, online erotica has kind of ‘settled.’ I remember being a kid when YouTube was just sort of ‘that one website where you could see videos of some things.’ I remember that Google Video was a big […]

The Battle for Relevance

Given I published GBM’s newest chapter to AFF, SOL, SS and Tablo this week, I thought I would unpack the process of publishing writing, at least from my perspective.¬†Especially with the new revival of what was essentially a dead story for two whole years, staying relevant has to stay at the forefront of my mind […]