Oh Right, This Isn’t Real

The best possible explanation in terms of why certain fetishes that the psychological world would deem abnormal and unhealthy (incest, bestiality, exhibitionism) are clearly more popular in stories is the idea that people write them as escapism, because they know that this wouldn’t happen in real life. They like the ‘what if’ and taboo factor, maybe fantasizing about themselves in that scenario because they know that they would never in real life. That said, the comments some anonymous people leave on those types of stories exclaiming that they boned every family member in the vicinity or 12 horses or something else absurd is my favorite thing ever. Did anyone else notice how all of those comments on sexstories.com disappeared as soon as the anonymous commenting system was disabled? I wonder why.

Sometimes I find myself getting annoyed at certain stories for being clearly absurd with the lack of any reality in the story, but then as I scroll down to find comments that agree with me (because my self-worth is fragile and I need other people to validate me), I find comments that point out that the whole point of porn is fantasy.

I have to admit, that’s a really good point. I’ve talked at length about the difference between fantasy and fuckery in stories, but there possibly does come a point when an author intentionally messes with fuckery. Perhaps they can’t write a character with the depth of a Jane Austen novel. Perhaps they don’t want to, that’s their right. Just as people can introduce an Egyptain God character with two functional dicks and wings that breathes aphrodisiac, so too could someone write a flimsy story about a brother and sister that never wanted each other before the events of a story but just… sort of have a quickie out of nowhere.

Now I haven’t had an epiphany, that kind of structure is still garbage unless it’s explained well. That said, if you find yourself overthinking your plot to try and overcome that hurdle that you invented for yourself (like I have for myself) I will concede that you can just continue the marathon as if the hurdle isn’t there. It all depends on what kind of audience you want. I’m currently writing for a few dozen watchful eyes on these blog posts because over the past four years a decent number of people have affixed themselves to my longform writing style of erotica. But that’s not a huge audience. Some people don’t care about the real in stories – erotica isn’t real.

I hope this doesn’t sound like a humble brag or anything – I’m mentioning this purely for the point I’m trying to make here – but I remember one particular reader once called Nicole “the single best character ever written in erotica.” I’m happy people like her, but is she all that great? Imagine if she was just written into a John Green young adult novel or anything. She’d be kind of run of the mill. Just like the phrase ‘the times make the man,’ sometimes these things are just situational. In order to capitalize on these situations, you must analyze these situations. I inserted reality into a space not accustomed to it. It bought me fame but it’s also, frankly, exhausting to write. You could also accrue a following by fbaileying it and writing an abundance of paper-thin stories because people don’t want real a lot of the time – they want the escapism, they want the unreal. As several commenters have pointed out over the years about my stories – “this is a sex story site, if you want to write a book go write it somewhere else.” Each time we write a story that caters to mindless sex or contextualizing it, we’re making a conscious decision and it has implications on our audiences and the overall feel of the site for having it be accepted, read and potentially popular. I feel like that’s something we generally overlook. Maybe these unreal stories are now real because the site is flooded with unreal ‘poorly written’ characters. What does that make real stories? New, fresh, potentially seen as ‘better writing’ (perhaps that’s the reason why my writing style initially blew up, people saw the fluffy exposition-heavy writing as ‘good’).

Whether you’re a writer, or a reader, think about what types of porn you write/read. Think about what you want. If you’re a writer, capitalize on that. After all, you’ll want to think carefully about the following your stories create. I know I have a bunch of smart cookies following my stories as evidenced by your well-thought-out, ambitious, and creative emails – I’m seriously so proud of all of you who emailed me going, “I want to write,” then later you send me a link to your first posted versions, even if I suck at getting back to them in a timely fashion. Whether you’re writers or readers, you’re all wonderful and I wouldn’t trade you for anything in the world. I’ll talk to you all next week.

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