Molly’s Back!

Two years. Two entire years. It has been about two years and eleven days since I last updated The Good, The Bad and the Molly. How did you all manage to care that much about a story for two years? Whatever you did, keep it up. You all make me feel like the luckiest and […]

The Present and the Future

Originally, the title of this blog post was ‘how to stay relevant in erotica’ that began with the punchline of ‘don’t be me’ and talked about how you need to have a steady stream of content in order to accrue a following but number one, that theme is consistent across the internet and I’m hardly […]

Real People and Imaginary Characters

At some point these posts are going to have to stop being ‘here are my opinions on how to write well’ and become normal blog posts. I’m running out of opinions to have on writing, especially for someone who gets tragically low free time to write. For now, let’s keep up with the theme of […]

Revising My Memories

When I’m working to create stories but also try to have everything remain as consistent as possible, a few things are important to me. One is making sure that I always try my hardest to know what I’m talking about. That would be why during my older essays I included things like ‘that’s how I […]