The Present and the Future

Originally, the title of this blog post was ‘how to stay relevant in erotica’ that began with the punchline of ‘don’t be me’ and talked about how you need to have a steady stream of content in order to accrue a following but number one, that theme is consistent across the internet and I’m hardly an authority on the matter, and number two, it was an overly bitter blog post that essentially played out like a weird ‘I wish things were different’ post. It kind of was uncomfortable for me to read, so I thought I would talk about the longevity of what I do.

So, despite its lack of popularity as guaranteed by my slow updating as opposed to the days I was actually popular with my persona and my story I updated borderline weekly, the type of work I do is important to me at this point. I really enjoy creating characters and exploring worlds, and erotica is an opportunity for me to tell stories with sex in them where the sex doesn’t have to be censored or anything. The only catch is, I have to overplay the sex and know that a good number of readers will have their fun with them, but odds are they’ll still read that scene about the character having to deal with their own insecurities or something. The inclusion of sex is worth the necessity of overplaying its value to the story for me. To me, it’s about the story and the erotic sex scenes are the bonus, similarly to how Frank Darabont pitches The Walking Dead as a story about humans where the zombies are “the frosting on the cake.”

That’s one big component of why I’m not really scared of how little popularity I have now as opposed to the past. Yeah, it was nice having six-figure view counts on new posts and have daily emails as opposed to weekly, but that’s something I ultimately did to myself and am very comfortable with, despite my trashed blog post I was originally going to do today. Another big component is the knowledge that I have more ideas and want to continue doing this, and inevitably that’s going to include points in my life when I’m less busy than now and will spent hours at a time hashing out the latest chapter of something.

Interestingly, even just a few months in, a pattern in my writing began to develop. It would take about an hour of steady work for me to really get into the story I’m writing, but once I was into it, it was hard to take me back out. Ultimately, that is what has stopped me from writing a lot lately – if I have an hour at a time to myself, I don’t want to sit down with a writing project knowing that once I really get into it and can actually start truly writing, I’ll have to immediately stop. As a result, I can’t write my more serious  or big pieces often. I have several scrapped pieces, maybe some I’ll even share with you all some day (though believe me, they were scrapped for a reason). That said, I really don’t mind the slow burn approach to my writing for now, and I thought I would lead with that before making the commitment I’m about to, especially knowing I will lose any reputation as reliable whatsoever if I flub this. That said, I’ve been putting off a good number of things I’ve wanted to do for a while, so hopefully this will help me.

I will be releasing chapter 6 of The Good, the Bad and the Molly sometime in March. I have a lot to do this month so I have no idea how I’ll do it yet, but I’m locking in my commitment to this.

I don’t have a lot else to say, and I’m not quite feeling the best today (but I knew I promised to update this weekly so I wanted to write something today), so I think I’ll leave it there. I’ll talk to you all next week.

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