Molly’s Back!

Two years. Two entire years. It has been about two years and eleven days since I last updated The Good, The Bad and the Molly. How did you all manage to care that much about a story for two years? Whatever you did, keep it up. You all make me feel like the luckiest and happiest writer in the world sometimes.

I’m happy to say that Chapter 5 is done and even happier to see the feedback. A, people enjoy it, which is always what I strive for, and B, people are okay and apparently well-adjusted at this point to the darker themes I tend to weave into my stories. This story in particular was a lot more blunt and on the nose in comparison to my other ones (actually facing not just a character, but the protagonist, and calling him upfront a rapist). As well, for the record, no matter what happens in the story, I do not endorse or encourage, in any way, anyone doing what Aaron has done in the past two chapters. Consent is a huge and important topic with me, and it’s of the utmost importance that both parties consent before any sex happens.

If anyone has any thoughts, notes, etc. on the newest chapter, please feel free to comment below and/or email me. I always love the feedback – as well, if you notice any spelling or grammar errors, nothing is too small/petty. Please, by all means, feel free to be all “um actually, you put this quotation mark here and it wasn’t supposed to be there” or something. I’m not above reproach.

Given I’m almost more famous for my radio silence than my actual work at this point, I’ll outline my plans for the future. Tonight, I will be updating my list of patrons, as I’ve gained and lost one or two people along the way (completely understandable on the ‘lost’ end). Next Wednesday, I’ll be publishing this chapter to other sex story sites (I need to keep this site relevant somehow). After this, over the course of April (as well as the little bit of time left in March) I’ll be editing and perfecting Being More Social and Panopticon as ‘polished’ copies and distribute them to my 5$ tier patrons as pdf files (or whatever type files they prefer) so they can read them on their computers without internet or their ebook readers or something. I may also include little goodies in the eBook version, it all depends on how well I do time-wise. During April as well, I’ll try to get out another short story – I have a small idea in the works, but don’t hold your breath in terms of substance, it’s not an out-there idea like Panopticon. I project to work on and finish GBM chapter 6 in May.

That’s my schedule for the next little bit. I’ll also be sure to keep up with updating these weekly. Thank you all for being so amazing, and I hope you enjoy the chapter. I’ll talk to you all next week.

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