No Kids Allowed

After reading up on a Canadian ex-politician who was convicted of possessing child pornography today, it made me realize that, hey, there’s a distinct possibility that I should be very aware of those laws, for obvious reasons. Because I also happen to be Canadian, I looked up the legal definition of and ramifications for kid […]

Using Suspense and Tension in Erotica

A lot of my titles are kinda vague attempts to be mysterious so I thought I’d be blatant for once. I thought that after a couple of years my stories (and hell, my brand overall) would only wither. A fellow writer wrote me yesterday to tell me that for some reason, Panopticon is listed on […]

When to Apologize

Firstly, I’m very sorry for missing last week’s blog post. I appreciate the few of you that made good on my request and hounded me for it. I had to help a friend move and other end-of-spring stuff, and I ended up stressing myself out a lot and forgot. Again, I’m sorry. It’s interesting that […]