No Kids Allowed

After reading up on a Canadian ex-politician who was convicted of possessing child pornography today, it made me realize that, hey, there’s a distinct possibility that I should be very aware of those laws, for obvious reasons. Because I also happen to be Canadian, I looked up the legal definition of and ramifications for kid diddling, which can be found here if anyone’s curious:

I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw article number 6, under defences. Long story short, under Article 1a(ii) Being More Social is technically CP. However, because it is made for the legitimate purpose of telling stories and advocates against hasty attempts at emotionless sex and therefore does not encourage or pose a risk of replication with younger people, my work is untouchable and I am safe.

I find the whole thing just a tad silly. I mean, I was reading sex stories since before I was thirteen, AKA before I was even in high school, but I can’t depict the very real reality that not only can high schoolers get it on, but usually it causes drama and uncomfortable side effects. I know a lot of high school movies use themes related to teen drama, but usually it’s tame stuff related to kissing. The big climactic moment when Thom is cheating on Jessica the head cheerleader is kind of undermined when it’s just him kissing another cheerleader when the real-life equivalent was probably a Thom swimming in a sea of hormones giving it to some starry-eyed freshman in the back of his Dodge Caravan or something. A lot of high school movies/stories like to pretend sex never existed. It also likes to pretend prom was the pivotal moment where everything happened as opposed to an overblown overhyped dance. For goodness sakes, more happened at my prom’s afterparty than the prom itself.

I’m under legal obligation to tell you that if you’re under 18, go away and don’t read my stuff. And yet, I’m pretty aware that a predicted near half of my audience shouldn’t be on sex story sites, although my blog posts probably attract an older audience. It’s interesting that we close our eyes and plug our ears, giving this ‘no kids allowed’ approach to legally save our own asses and simultaneously ignoring the real problem – kids are going to look at this stuff no matter what so shouldn’t we be under obligation to depict sex honestly?

This is why I respected the older movies like Fast Times at Ridgemont High. It too included scenes where teens would get into implied sexual situations (and honestly, I’m fine with leaving it at implying, you don’t have to show sex to get the message across, just don’t pretend teens only want to kiss) and the consequences of such, including, spoilers, an abortion. This was in the 80s, and it’s done a better job at revealing high schoolers’ base instincts and wants than almost any high school movie since.

Even if you’re one of the many people who lost their virginity after high school (and there’s zero shame in that, by the way, all you missed out on were underage people who really didn’t know what they were doing anyway), you can at least admit it was on the minds of people, often. In my upbringing I missed out on a lot of social conventions – notably, I didn’t really have a friend circle that talked about anything other than class and video games. I honestly thought that the group of guys that talked about who they wanted to sleep with or who blew them at a high school party was a stereotype of high school stories. That was until grade 12, when I for whatever reason got popular enough to become friends with a few of the more popular kids and I heard their conversations. To me, having sex with a girl and bragging to my friends about it was alien. If nothing else, we were both minors. Wasn’t it… bad to talk about it?

I will say with confidence that apart from using the fact that someone was thirteen as a plot twist to induce feelings of disgust and shame in a protagonist, I will not be writing anything involving anyone younger than 14 anytime soon. I honestly think that rushing to sex is a mistake and that depicting minors having sex purely because them being younger is somehow ‘hotter’ is morally wrong. I wrote the story to reflect on how minors react to sex in high school. When I started, I wrote it to reflect on how I felt about sex in high school, considering I started Being More Social before I even received my certificate to prove I was done with high school. I’m not done writing stories that take place in high school either, but it’s very important to always ask myself why. I don’t think I deserve to be penalized for depicting minors getting it on in the same way that I don’t think whoever wrote A Clockwork Orange encouraged violence in the streets. But you have to always be thinking of why, in the back of your head. Even if you’re writing about consenting adults, why are you writing erotica? Are you just horny? Or is there something about your story that comes to life when you examine sex as a part of your world, something that induces feelings and causes consequences?

I’ll talk to you all in a week.

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