So thanks to an increasing amount of life-halting things happening to me over and over and, let’s be honest, my own obliviousness, I missed out on the fact that 100,000 readers have stopped by this site as of the past month or so. So in a quick blog post, I’d like to say thank you very much! I greatly appreciate the support.

The more perceptive of you might notice I didn’t write a blog post last week. Not quite in the spirit of celebration of moving forward in terms of this site, is it? As mentioned, I find myself falling into a lot of real-life traps, mainly trying to create too many projects and do too many things and ending up with about half a million unfinished things strewn about my desk. As my friends have confirmed, this is apparently a common thing for millennials (although it’s possible I am actually Gen-Z, being born in 1996 apparently means statisticians refuse to categorize me as one or the other as they can’t agree on a Gen-Z ‘origin year,’ so I guess I’m a Schrödinger’s Cat of both). As well, a few difficult real-life questions have to be answered, usually with the answer being to give up a few more of my creative endeavors. It’s rough to know that a game project I’ve been working on for about a year or so now with a few friends is now actually taking off, and yet I may have to bow out of the project and thus not be allowed to have my name in the credits, all because life has gotten a bit too difficult. It’s really annoying to have responsibilities.

This responsibility (being Bashful Scribe) has brought me a lot of joy and I don’t ever plan to leave it anytime soon. Sometimes as well, I take commission work that is done for one person’s enjoyment, not being allowed to display it on my website for all to see (so if you ever wonder why I haven’t posted in around 6 months, odds are those two reasons are why). I don’t actually like doing it, but it pays the bills and my more public stuff just doesn’t, as of now. That puts me in an interesting trap of not being able to grow my public work, which means it’s less and less profitable, which means I need to take commissions over public work more often, which means I can’t grow my public work, etc.

It doesn’t mean I don’t have ambitions, God knows I do. I keep a notebook on me which contains every story idea I’ve had – for erotica alone, the amount of stories comes in at thirty-two. I wish sometimes that I lived in a plain white room with a simple chromebook (because chromebooks are amazing, this is a hill I’m willing to die on) and no distractions, so that I could finally let the stories out of my head. I also have ideas for the website – I want to overhaul the design, I want to add things to it, I want to have more time in the day, and I don’t really want to work retail. So, I have two important things to tell you.

One. I’ve raised enough money to go back to university for one last year, starting in September, meaning I’ll have finished my education. Hopefully this will open new opportunities for the future, but for the next year, it’ll mean even less frequent updates, most likely.

Two. I’ve always hated the idea of gating content behind a paywall, something I’m still vehemently against, but I think I’ll be starting to do the next worst thing – I may look into releasing pieces for Patrons before it goes on the website (for those keeping track, that means work goes out to Patrons first, then to the website, THEN to other websites).

Needless to say, that system doesn’t sound perfect. Then there’s the issue of plagiarism – if I release a standalone piece then someone else immediately publishes it, I have no way of proving I made it first aside from my original Google doc, and that would get tedious to prove. So there’s a few bugs I’m working out with it. Maybe I won’t even do it at all and I’ll come up with other ideas. Hell, I’d be open to hearing ideas from anyone in the comments if you wanna tell me how to run my life (and please, feel free to tell me how to run my life if you have ideas). For now, I need to think smaller-scope and just get the next written piece out – I’m overdue. I’ll talk to you all next week.

One thought on “100,000

  1. Hey Bashful Scribe, I wonder why there are no advertisements on this site. Most of us wouldn’t mind it, and it would mean more money to pay the rent.
    It may take a little from the cool design of the website, but ad revenue would still be decent.

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