[New Essay Posted!] Are Ratings That Important?

So, before we get into things, I published an essay this week, but then something more important that required more immediate attention came up. So I made this blog post about that instead. Honestly, the themes I’ll reflect on here aren’t too dissimilar to the essay itself, so this is all kind of fitting. Anyway, […]

For Three Days My Writing was in Jeopardy

Is the title of this blog post kind of clickbait-y? Enh, fuck it. After posting the blog on Friday, for three days something interesting happened. Sexstories.com, the place where I first became an erotica writer, suddenly and without announcement of any kind, shut down views for anyone without an account on the site. It may […]

Music to Write Smut By

I guess this is more of a universal topic than one limited to just writing smut, but whatever. Hi! How’s your week been?  I hope it was good. I took a week off last week – I realized that I can write up to 10,000 words in a single day, but usually if I write […]

Folks Love a Long Sex Story

I’ve noticed that over time I’ve stopped being compared to my compatriot, Jashley13. For those that don’t know (and that might be over half of you at this point), Jashley13 was an author that got started on sexstories.com, like me. In fact, he was the reason I got into erotica writing. To make a long […]