Maybe I Should Hate Sex Again

Around a month ago, I got an amazing email from someone that detailed their growth from hating sexuality to embracing it, and the kind of stories they enjoyed. They also outlined that they believed a bunch of sex stories and sex authors just get entangled in their own fantasies of either knowing all about sex […]

How to Make People Care

I think one of my favorite moments of my entire erotica-writing career was when I was at arguably my most popular when I wrote into Being More Social that¬†*Spoiler Alert*¬†Nicole had been sexually assaulted in the past, and readers of Being More Social responded. Some with shock, others with disgust, and some with such ferocity […]

Amy’s Fantasy – New Short Story!

Hello, everyone! Great news – A new short story has been added to this website! It’s called ‘Amy’s Fantasy,’ and you can find it under the ‘Short Stories’ section. Weirdly, one of the biggest complaints I get overall is how I write a lot of story to go with the sex in my stuff. I […]

Get To The Point

I originally wrote this whole blog post about one particular author, then scrapped it. It kind of felt like I was needlessly taking a shot at someone else instead of speaking about erotica as a whole, and I’m not sure if I can preach about always becoming a better person if I’m needlessly railing people […]


So thanks to an increasing amount of life-halting things happening to me over and over and, let’s be honest, my own obliviousness, I missed out on the fact that 100,000 readers have stopped by this site as of the past month or so. So in a quick blog post, I’d like to say thank you […]