The Erotica-Writing Community

These past few weeks I’ve had the privilege to start and moderate a subforum on, ‘The XNXX Author’s Lounge.’ The goal of the place was to be an open forum for people to come to when they wanted to talk with other writers, to ask for advice, to offer advice, and even to do […]

Quality and Quantity

First and foremost, I’m sorry about this being the only blog post for two weeks. I was going to justify it as a late post on early Monday, but then a work obligation appeared and I had to prioritize my real life. As I’ve mentioned, sometimes that’s not my favorite thing to do. Also in […]

[New Essay Posted!] My Last Essay for a While

Hello, all! While writing my newest piece, I was entangled again in yet another one of those juicy mini-scandals that happen on (although thankfully I wasn’t at the center of it this time) and kind of snapped. Not like in an ‘I’m going to yell at someone’ way, but in a ‘something needs to […]