Probably my Worst Blog, Ever

I sure know how to sell myself. This week’s blog will kind of be a mixed bag. It’ll also, most likely, be very short. In short, the good news is that because classes are now winding down for the semester and my finals load is pretty small, I’ll have a lot more time to work […]

Love and Passion

Random point before I begin, for some strange reason on Veteran’s Day (though it’s referred to as Remembrance Day here in Canada) the traffic on my site quadrupled. I mean hey, I guess we all show patriotism in different ways. If anyone reading this has ever enlisted, I just want to say thank you for […]

Purposeless VS Pointless

So a couple days ago I made a blog post on purposeless elements of stories, particularly erotic stores. Firstly, thanks to those that emailed me about it and extended their thoughts on the topic. It was cool to hear your thoughts on the topic. I wanted to highlight something one particular person emailed me, which […]

Purpose In Writing

Hello, everyone. My apologies for missing the last week of blogs – my goal is to write a second one this week to make up for it. School has, as was predicted, taken me into its trap, and my writing has unfortunately crawled to a standstill. I’m still trying to make the most out of […]