Purpose In Writing


Hello, everyone. My apologies for missing the last week of blogs – my goal is to write a second one this week to make up for it. School has, as was predicted, taken me into its trap, and my writing has unfortunately crawled to a standstill. I’m still trying to make the most out of what I have though, and I still want to make sure I don’t go radio silent even when the going gets tough.

The other week I was reading this bizarre story called ‘small town troubles, part 1’. Of course, there was no part two, as there usually isn’t with free online erotica. The plot was kind of nonsensical – A boy wakes up, his sister is excited because they get to go to the fair, they take their ‘vitamin pill of the day’ then go to said fair, do fair things, then he goes home and throws up. The boy then naps, gets awoken by his sister just staring at him sleeping, then once she’s shooed out, discovers his dick and libido have grown incredibly. His girlfriend bursts through the door as he jacks it, comments on how the whole town has a bunch of big dicks and boobs now, and the two then kinda just go bang the dude’s sister, as you do. The girlfriend also grows a dick, y’know, normal stuff.

The story isn’t terrible but not good either, but I can’t help but notice the amount of irrelevant events thrown into the story that didn’t influence the sex. If the writer practiced precis writing, the story wouldn’t need to have the fair there at all. The boy could have just taken the pill and had the effects happen immediately. Hell, the story opened with the notion that the story was going to be about the fair that the brother and sister were going to. They went there, went to the petting zoo, got food, and left. That’s all the fair contributed to the story.

If one were looking at this story with an academic lens, the fair and everything that happens at it is fluff. It at most informs the reader of how the protagonist reacts to the fair (with cynicism) and how that might inform his personality. But it has no real purpose, especially to a stroke story, when the sexual events of the story could have happened without it.

Does that make this story worse? Should the fair parts have been removed? After all, it’s only taking away from what readers were coming for. At the same time, from reading that story, it’s really clear that the non-sexual content creates the atmosphere for the sexual content to take place, especially given the story has unusual/unreal events, such as a girl growing a dick in a matter of minutes from taking a pill. If the story opened with those kinds of events, the unreal parts would have no punch, the sex would feel normalized in the story as opposed to special.

Every so often, I get an email from someone asking why I included something in a story. Most recently, someone emailed me to ask why Alex was polyamorous in Amy’s Fantasy and has a girlfriend. They asked specifically what purpose that served since Alex’s girlfriend was never part of the action.

A snooty pretentious writer could just scoff and go, “Tch! They just don’t know character development when they see it.” but it’s still a valid question. Why did I put it in? The best way to answer is that I am honestly incapable of just writing two characters boning. The visions I see that I write down are whole events, not just sex between people that are fleshed-out enough to pass as real characters. I like to write about the reality that I see. The way I see it, it’s all connected. Alex’s polyamory is another way of his to tell the world no one owns him and he’s going to do as he pleases. Amy’s attracted to that kind of independence. If it weren’t for Alex’s girlfriend, maybe Amy wouldn’t have been so attracted to him.

I love writing the situations in which characters have sex. I don’t like writing about sex itself without knowing the connection the two characters share. Even if it’s casual or loveless, sex is about the people sharing it. Honestly, if you’re the type of person that can get off to sex without having to know the backstory, I envy you. I probably could get a lot more done in a day if that were the case for me. In many ways, it’s an impediment. But I also know it’s what makes up my writing, and I’m happy to write what I do, so I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’ll talk to you all in a couple days.

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