Editing and Revising

So, the graphic for this week’s work isn’t entirely accurate – for the past two weeks, I’ve been editing Being More Social in order to have a fully edited and annotated version done for the end of January, absolute latest. This will be for $5 patrons, and will not only improve spelling mistakes etc, but […]


Once again, I would like to say that I am incredibly grateful to the new surge of readers, Patrons, and emails. You all have been so amazing to me in the past couple of weeks and I can only hope that I continue to bring you all joy with my stories. Kind of funny that […]

[New Chapter Posted!]That Moment

Finally, I get to use a new graphic for this week’s projects. I was getting sick of using the same one over and over. Exams are over and with my newfound free time before family-oriented stuff takes over, I was finally able to finish The Good, the Bad and the Molly, Chapter Seven. honestly, I […]

Under an Influence

Though perhaps not the influence you were thinking of. I’ve often wondered how valid the idea of ‘seasonal depression’ is. It seems like a copout to me. Maybe I’m just ignorant, who knows, but whenever I got really sad and fell into a slump around winter, I chalked it up to not enjoying the sights […]