Editing and Revising


So, the graphic for this week’s work isn’t entirely accurate – for the past two weeks, I’ve been editing Being More Social in order to have a fully edited and annotated version done for the end of January, absolute latest. This will be for $5 patrons, and will not only improve spelling mistakes etc, but serve as a ‘definitive edition,’ so to speak, with extra bits of dialogue here and there where I feel it necessary.

Given I’ve had that set up as a Patreon perk for a while and now I’m starting to get more traction, this is the morally right thing to do. Those who have been patrons with me for a while know I hired somebody to be an official editor for the story, but after editing two chapters he admitted the story was too lengthy and took a partial pay instead. I spent a bit of time looking for other editors, then realized the only thing stopping me from editing my own work is the whole “the author already knows how it’s supposed to be read” adage and quite frankly, the story began more than four years ago. I don’t remember how it was supposed to be read at all.

So about two weeks ago I decided to be the editor too. Odds are I might still miss one or two things. Hopefully this isn’t the case, hopefully it isn’t too terrible. I will admit, even so far I’ve found some errors that made me think, “Wow. If I read this, I’d think the author was an idiot.” This goes double for my readers from Stories OnLine, who have to read my stories without italics, which means they have to guess where text messages in the stories begin and end. Have fun with that.

So far I’ve edited about eight chapters. Each chapter takes me about three hours to edit, so I promise I’m going as fast as I can. As mentioned, I’m also annotating these chapters with little bits of information, such as how certain characters connect to my own life or a difficulty about writing a certain part, hopefully those will be interesting as well. as far as I know, you need Adobe .pdf reader to read those, and I think they can be turned off if people just want to read the edited version in peace without me popping up every few pages. I just hope readers will be satisfied and happy.

I’d also like to take the time to thank everyone, once again, for the amazing support. I can’t remember the last time I got multiple emails daily when it came to my erotic work, and my patron count has doubled in December alone. I’m actually getting somewhere, and there’s a possibility that I could be doing this full-time down the road. That fact absolutely overwhelms me emotionally, and gives me so much joy. Genuinely, thank you all. Whether you’re an amazing patron, or even just give me your time, you’re very kind and I appreciate you. I’ll be sure to keep hard at work for you all. I’ll talk to you all next week.

3 thoughts on “Editing and Revising

  1. I really enjoyed Being More Social it had a great story. I’d like to see a sequel eventually or something to keep up with the 2 main characters let me know something it would be great. Thanks

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    1. I’m not ruling out the possibility of a sequel! We shall see what the future holds.

      Was that ambiguous enough for you? 😉 I’ll be focusing on other works in the meantime but in the not-so-near future I may do a sequel.


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