[New Chapter Posted!]That Moment


Finally, I get to use a new graphic for this week’s projects. I was getting sick of using the same one over and over.

Exams are over and with my newfound free time before family-oriented stuff takes over, I was finally able to finish The Good, the Bad and the Molly, Chapter Seven. honestly, I didn’t even know that I would have finished it today, but I had a burst of free time and felt kind of sad, which was appropriate, I feel, for what I was writing here.

**From here on in I’m going to be talking about the chapter, so there are spoilers ahead. Ye be warned.**

We all knew that a moment like the ending of this current chapter was coming. I think I played a bit with the doubt of ‘is Aaron a bad person or not’ but with Daisy’s outburst, I think my dedicated readers could tell this would be more a ticking clock scenario than just a situation where the wisest character in the book happens to be wrong about the most important thing.

I think a big theme of my written work is “there’s going to be consequences for this, but when are they going to happen?” At least, it’s a pattern I’m seeing with my longer stories. I don’t think I do it intentionally. Also, writing a main protagonist where they don’t do wrong things that negatively impact the lives of others is just going to be downright boring anyways.

That said, it is important to note that what Aaron does is not morally okay here. I’m not in the habit of telling readers how to think or feel concerning my work, but here it’s of the utmost importance. Chris is correct, what Aaron does is essentially taking advantage of his friend as if she weren’t even a person to him. That moment, the moment where he confronts Aaron and gets him to admit is was wrong, is crucial. I can’t write a story where a guy does something like this and she’s okay with it. I feel like that would be morally dishonest of me, since it’s clear I want to write more real situations than power fantasies. If I had to put it to a ration, I’d say 80-20, 20 being the power fantasy.

The question, of course, is what happens now. And I have ideas. I’ll be writing them soon. I’d like to get ahead of the upcoming classes I’m taking in January, because they’ll be a doozy.

I’d also like to take the time to say thank you to the amazing amount of support that I’ve gotten over the past week. I get that 90% of it is because I finally reposted Being More Social to XNXX, but still, I’ve never seen so many new Patreon patrons at once (which warms my heart and tells me that maybe I can in fact write erotica for a living, thank you so much) and the amount of lovely emails, including emails that challenge me on my more negative traits in writing (which I love as well) just overwhelms me. Truly, I’m blessed to be with you all.

Gonig forward, my goals are twofold – I’ll be working on an edited version of Being More Social for my followers, and I’ll be trying to keep the momentum up with my writing. thank you all once again so much for everything you do, and everything you are. I’ll talk to you all next week.

3 thoughts on “[New Chapter Posted!]That Moment

  1. “That said, it is important to note that what Aaron does is not morally okay here.”

    Granted – and kudos for writing in such a way that the question even arises. BUT, assuming that Aaron is not a totally unreliable narrator, there’s something that doesn’t add up. Specifically, how ‘up’ Molly appeared after the first, and even the second, ‘sleepovers’. I’m fairly sure, from what you’ve written, that had Molly seemed depressed and out of sorts after the first night, even with no overt memory of what had happened, Aaron would have been enough of a ‘good person’ to leave it as a one-off (and probably never mention it to Daisy either – which was a BIG mistake, as she herself pointed out). So, what should Aaron have done?

    Probably, and this is easier to say from the ‘outside’, he should have taken the first sleep event as an opportunity to ‘man up’ and start to let Molly know that he has real feelings for her. If that led to awkwardness, then so be it, but he might well have hoped that such a confession, combined with the affection that he believed she was subconsciously, at least, demonstrating, might have led their relationship to a new, more honest, footing. At the same time, of course, he should have wound things down, indeed broken them off, with Holly. Now? It’s hard to see things ending well: indeed the best Aaron may hope for is a relationship with Holly but as he will be blaming her for his failure with Molly, and she will very probably see him as weak and damaged goods, I don’t see much hope there. So back to the singles events I suppose.

    Finally, I do rather have the impression that Chris is a bit ‘up himself’ as we sometimes say. I’m certainly not sure that his past or present are as straightforward as he would like to suggest: there’s a mysterious reference to a ‘her’ in his drunk scene that hasn’t, as far as I remember, been followed up.

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    1. You’re a very perceptive reader.

      I have a solid plan for where this series is going and I’m glad to see a lot of the things I want to address are the same things that readers like you are picking up. Thank you very much for the feedback, this really helps.


  2. Honestly this series is one of the most intriguing things I’ve read in a long time and captivating in a multitude of levels. It’s 3 am here and I’ve literally spend the last 6 hours or so reading all 7 chapters. Sad to say to have to wait for the end of this story is gonna be hard.
    With that I’m interested to see your plans for how Molly finding out about it plays out. I actually had a serious Gf of mine that had sex with me on different occasions in her sleep with no recollection of the events other than having a “sex filled dream”. It’s hard to not want Aaron and Molly to not work out but he’s also screwed it up pretty fantastically.

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