Outside of Reality

I’ve talked in previous blog posts before about my writing’s relationship with reality and non-reality. To abridge what I’ve previously said, I enjoy making realistic situations so that dialogue and emotions carry actual weight and can possibly have relatability, but I also like flirting with improbable situations, such as the genius intellect of Nicole or […]

A Character by Any Other Name

It’s going to be interesting to see whether Only If You Want ever wins a poll before I finish GBM. I wonder which full story is going to see the light of day first, since OiYW is a standalone piece (but a long one at that, well over 10k words). There’s an interesting paradox to […]

Reliving – Part Two

Two weeks ago, I pointed out that I have to relive my old memories and revisit my own past self in order to accurately understand the feelings of a high schooler, even though I’m still in my early twenties at this point. There’s another uncomfortable kind of reliving that comes with writing though, and it’s […]