Themes VS Characters

This week I’ve been writing and rewriting a lot of Only If You Want, as patrons voted on. That said, I don’t really want to spoil what I’ve been writing about in these blogs until it comes out, so I’m going to return to a point about GBM that’s always kind of bothered me. A […]


So, I’m not very good at writing. I genuinely hold this belief. Perhaps my stories are entertaining, but I never received a high grade in an English class my whole life. Perhaps I could be regarded as a decent storyteller, but I can’t edit for crap and my sentence structure is weird. As well, I […]

Chapters of Life

Sorry about the missed week and then being late with the blog post this week, especially given my last blog post was so early in the week. Hell of a time for me to leave a 14+ day period between blog posts, shortly after I confessed my suicidal tendencies online. Well, hey, for better or […]