Everything Happens to Everyone

I’ve probably covered this topic in a blog before but it’s nice sometimes to go over ideas again in more detail, or after you’ve had a chance to grow a bit. People who read Breathe or GBM Chapter 12 have reached out to me and asked me if I’ve experienced the events I write about. […]

[New Chapter Posted!] Sexual Content

SPOILERS AHEAD What kind of strikes me about the newest chapter of GBM is that it might have the least actual sex in any of my chapters/stories purely by word count, and yet has a lot of sexual content in it. More than half of the chapter is dedicated to sexual situations and yet the […]

The Most Taboo Sex Story

What’s the most taboo sex story you’ve ever read? Isn’t that a tough question? For me, I immediately want to ask questions to clarify. What do you mean by, “Taboo”? The most illegal? The most shocking? The most degrading, or the stuff the fewest people are into? Unsurprisingly, my most recent story sparked a lot […]