[New Chapter Posted!] Sexual Content



What kind of strikes me about the newest chapter of GBM is that it might have the least actual sex in any of my chapters/stories purely by word count, and yet has a lot of sexual content in it. More than half of the chapter is dedicated to sexual situations and yet the actual sex is still taking a backseat to the story. How deliciously ironic that this chapter’s theme appeared to be teasing.

I’ve been running a lot of polls on Twitter lately, for two reasons. One, I felt bad for never using the damn thing, and two, I wanted to see what people’s tastes and preferences are. It’s why I enjoy writing stories that range from story-heavy to simple to downright weird.

The particular flavor of sexual content is a fascinating subject to me, and as an erotica writer, you can choose either to keep experimenting or discovering what people like and only going for that. I definitely lean more into the former, if only because I don’t like the look of that “only” in the sentence I gave. I don’t ever want to stop finding new ways to tell stories, or new ways to write, especially since I already mostly write sarcastic and/or anxious characters as it is.

At any rate, a new chapter is out and I don’t have much more to say other than this: Go read it if you haven’t, I hope it brings you joy. I’ll be continuing to write and hopefully am as you’re reading this. I’ll talk to you all next week.

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