[Piece Extended!] Not Right


So perhaps this month’s piece comes a little unexpected. When In Toronto has been extended to be about twice the length it was before.

When In Toronto was the first piece in ‘Season Two’ that was voting to be written. It was based on an idea I had when I was watching a certain music video (I will genuinely give a shout-out to anyone who can figure out which music video). I had fun writing it but I was also battling with some difficulties in Real Life(tm) while writing it, and it took way longer than I thought to write. I wanted to get it out by the end of the month, so I decided to not write everything I had pictured by the time of its release.

This hasn’t been sitting well with me for a while, so this month I decided to just write and release the second half of it anyway. My apologies if you didn’t care for he story or were eagerly awaiting my next one, it’s still coming, I just had this weird attack of guilt, something to the effect of, ‘if I’m cutting corners on my writing to meet deadlines, and I sell myself as making the stories I want to make without worry of pandering… am I really living up to what I believe in?’

It just felt… not right to leave it at that. Even if no one else would have known, the story would have remained mediocre and unfinished to me. I always want to deliver the best product I can to my readers, and this story was no exception.

So while you won’t see a new piece listed, check out When in Toronto again. I’ve added the equivalent of a ‘chapter two’ to it, right after Ken asks, ‘What happens now?’ I hope you all enjoy it, and I’ll be definitely writing my next story in this coming month. Thanks for understanding. I’ll talk to you all next week.

7 thoughts on “[Piece Extended!] Not Right

  1. I watch a shit load of music videos, so your challenge intrigued me. After reading this post, the image of a woman quitting her job and walking away in frustration was stuck in my head. Intuition killed me…I felt like I was soooooo close to the answer.
    I went through my music collection, which has most songs of the music videos I’ve ever watched. “Most” is not “all”, so I’m worried that I’ve seen the music video, yet have forgotten it, because there’s no way to keep track of those. Anyway, I went through the titles of my music collection and pictured the music videos in my head.
    There were 4 songs for which the videos followed the theme of “Having a boring life and breaking away from it spontaneously”. I think a writer could see any of these videos, and write a story like, “When in Toronto”. So here are my best guesses:

    1. Delicate by Taylor Swift
    2. Ignite by Alan Walker
    3. Sweet Escape by Alesso
    4. Red Lights by Tiesto

    I’m burning and itching for confirmation. Please say Yes or No, if your inspiration was found in any of these music videos.

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  2. I’ve gone insane and thus post haunts me. Every music video I see, I try to see if it’s somehow related to When in Toronto.
    I thinj I’ve been seeing the “Having a boring life and breaking away from it spontaneously”angle too much. Maybe it’s just the, “Fuck random strangers” angle.
    I swear, if it’s Turn Down For What, first I’m going to die laughing, and then I will kill myself, cause it’s my favorite music video of all time and I’ve contributed at least 200 views.

    Yeah, you probably forgot this post even existed. 😂

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    1. I wish I could forget anything I’ve ever written. It would be convenient.

      You’ve clearly thought about this for a while. If you ever give up, shoot me a private message and I’ll tell you.

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