Writer’s Block VS Democracy


I think I’ve written two blogs posts before titled ‘writer’s block’ and ‘democracy’ respectively. Pure coincidence, I promise.

So the graphic telling you what I’m working on this week is a tad misleading. Primarily I’m working on A Deal’s a Deal, but as I’ve mentioned too many times to count, I don’t really make up my stories consciously as much as see them in my subconscious mind and write down an account of what I see. In that way, I see myself more as a ‘journalist’ of stupid erotic stories that ‘happen,’ rather than ‘making up a story.’ Am I using ‘quotes’ enough here?

Because of that, I don’t really get traditional writer’s block. Once I start writing, I don’t really stop. The only thing that makes me pause is word choice, rather than not knowing what I should do next with the characters or anything. In my mind, I already know what happens. However, I get another type of writer’s block, and it can get annoying.

I work based on my passion. When I was writing Being More Social, I cared deeply about the characters and what happened to them. In fact, I think the times I cared the least about my characters, you could feel it in my writing. Odds are, your least favorite chapters of BMS, that was when I cared the least. That’s my writer’s block now – less passion and investment in the story. When that happened while writing BMS, I’d power through it, but now I have another option – write another story I care more about.

Because work and other factors have made my life incredibly complicated right now, my mind is a haze and I’ll find myself randomly switching from one story I’m passionate about to another. Sometimes it switches daily. So now that I have multiple stories on the go, instead of powering through one when I get ‘writer’s block’ I instead turn to another. To me, the story I care the most about in the moment is the one I write. As a result, even though I normally don’t like to, my ‘recent writing activity’ section of my computer is flooded with about six stories.

This has started to become a problem. One of those stories is near finished, but it isn’t the one people voted on. When I finish it, what should I do? Publish it immediately and subvert democratic vote? Hold on to it and focus primarily on the story people voted on? This isn’t a rhetorical question, I would like for people (especially my patrons) to comment, email, etc, and give me their thoughts on this. After all, it’s you all I write for. I don’t want to represent your patronage, whether it be time or money. I want to give you a good product for your investment, even if that investment is your time. IT’s still incredibly valuable to me, as is your opinion. (It’s why I wanted to make the stories a voting matter to begin with.)

So again, as I said, either comment here, email, send me messages at my Twitter (@Bashful_Scribe), and let me know. Your voice is important to me, and as I get closer to finishing a short story, I want to hear from you all what you’d prefer I do with it. I’ll talk to you all next week.

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