[New Chapter Posted!] The Spookiest Update

Boo! Happy Halloween. Nothing’s scarier than the unexpected, so what could be scarier than me actually finishing a chapter that I promised I’d finish? It’s finally here! Mutual Benefits, chapter one. As is the case with a lot of multi-chapter stories, especially from me, this one has a lot of buildup in it, so ye […]

From Dumb Title to Dumb Title

To any patrons that read these blogs, sorry for not posting on Patreon for a while – despite my blog post saying “I shall not be apologetic,” I can’t really escape my guilt-ridden nature and after a while, didn’t want to keep posting to Patreon empty-handed, and so, held off until I had something of […]

Freedom and Gratitude

Once you read enough stories from an author, it becomes decently clear that they have a certain style and will default to writing from a certain perspective. In my opinion, erotica is where this kind of predictability bleeds through the most. Usually, after going through around three of any writer’s stories, you know the basic […]