From Dumb Title to Dumb Title

To any patrons that read these blogs, sorry for not posting on Patreon for a while – despite my blog post saying “I shall not be apologetic,” I can’t really escape my guilt-ridden nature and after a while, didn’t want to keep posting to Patreon empty-handed, and so, held off until I had something of substance I could present (hence also this late blog post). Good news though, finally I’ve posted the edited version of Only If You Want to Patreon. It’s a downloadable pdf file that comes with a title page (and I’ve changed the format so the title page looks a lot better on the document now) and, due to popular request, comes in the easy-on-the-eyes Georgia format.

This new change to my edited files will be coming soon to my existing edits as well as future ones. If that sounds good to you, once you become a $5 patron of mine on you can download all of them, and hey, if you’re feeling stingy, you don’t need to stay as a patron to keep these edits; once you’ve downloaded them, they’re yours to keep (though the continued support is appreciated).

I don’t plug often. That felt weird. I should get better at marketing. Anyways, I also got some writing done on the new story this week and realized that “A Deal’s a Deal” was actually kind of a bad title for the story. Without giving too much of the plot away, the story definitely starts with a deal, but the events that transpire from then on kind of grow from the deal. It would be like if I titled Being More Social, “That Time I Tried out for Student Council.” Seems too limiting, you know?

Based on the content of the story, I mulled around a few ideas in my head, and the one that spoke to me the most was, “Mutual Benefits,” so I’m going with that for now. At first I felt it was too cheesy and porn-title-y, but then I realized, so was, “A Deal’s a Deal.”

So for those that only look at the image of these blogs and are wondering where the heck “A Deal’s a Deal” has gone, don’t worry, it’s still in the works, under a different name. Of course, if the new name is way too cheesy and you think I’m making a big mistake and should name it literally anything else, please let me know – I’m dumber and less aware than one might think. The comments section is open if that’s the case. I hope my patrons enjoy what I’ve released, and I hope all of my viewers will enjoy what’s coming soon. I’ll talk to you all next week.

2 thoughts on “From Dumb Title to Dumb Title

  1. Well, that (Only If You Want) started slow and ended … pretty full-on. It seems like you’ve been getting more and more interested in Phil – and less and less keen on Nicole – since BMS finished. Can we still hope for a Senior year for Nicole and Sophomore for Adam and friends?

    Also bears out my point, some weeks ago, that your stories are to a great extent built around the issue of consent. Which of course is a thoroughly good thing. More please.

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    1. It likely won’t be a permanent ‘less keen on Nicole’ shtick. I mostly wrote in that way because BMS’ tone was sympathetic to Adam and Nicole, wheras OiYW had a tone that was sympathetic to Phil, who grew to hate the two. If I get things my way, we’re definitely not done with the adventures of Adam and Nicole.


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