[New Chapter Posted!] Initiation

Tada! The latest chapter of Mutual Benefits is now posted! I hope you all enjoy it. From this point forward I’m going to be talking about the chapter, which includes spoilers. Go read it before reading the rest of this blog, this is your only warning! So, in this chapter specifically, there was a bit […]

Weird Shit

As I’ve mentioned twice now, Mutual Benefits is based on events that happened to me. I was a white version of Quinn and Taylor was a popular girl I knew that asked me to be her tutor. To be honest a lot of stuff in the story is pretty faithful to our experience, even right […]

Tropes and Crutches

The results from the Patreon poll are in, and to nobody’s surprise, I’ll be working on the next chapter of Mutual Benefits next. As well, speaking of, thank you to each and every patron I’ve either maintained or gained in 2021. The recent outpouring of support has meant the world to me, and once again […]

[New Chapter Posted!] Let’s Go, 2021

Hey, everyone. Sorry for the silence for the past month. Coincidentally, I’ve been posting more than ever on my Twitter (@Bashful_Scribe) but that’s been more of a social media challenge for me than anything. Good news, the silence hasn’t been everywhere. Mutual Benefits Chapter 2 is now out! Honestly, I was a little worried where […]